Worldwide Property Transfer Review

Worldwide Property Transfer Review

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Worldwide Property Transfer is a timeshare cancellation company that can assist you in exiting your timeshare contract. Worldwide Property Transfer is owned by Dharmeshkumar S. Patel and was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Given the time, the company has acquired the necessary expertise to assist you with the timeshare exit process. Worldwide Property Transfer is a Florida-based corporation specializing in the resale and renting of timeshares. The company was founded in 2011, giving them a decade of experience in the industry.


On the website, there needs to be more information about the company and its proprietors. By examining, we can determine that Patel, Dharmeshkumar S, owns Worldwide Property Transfer LLC. This individual also owns Worldwide Vacation Properties, LLC, which has a No Rating (NR) and no reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) platform, as revealed by a fast Google search.


Additionally, Worldwide Property Transfer offers beneficial advice to timeshare owners who need help selling their timeshares. The company also asserts it has the optimal solution for customers who have recently purchased timeshares but have decided to terminate their contracts. We will analyze the Worldwide Property Transfer Review and its mode of operation in the following section.


Worldwide Property Transfer Website Review

The website of Worldwide Property Transfer has a vibrant, professional background view. The website’s homepage is well-organized, with Timeshare Solution, Our Process, Free Consultation, and Invited Guest listed in the header menu. On the opposite end of this page, the company logo and phone number are also visible on this Header.



Worldwide Property Transfer employs an enticing marketing strategy to keep potential clients glued to its website by posing the question that every client seeking to cancel their timeshare wants to hear: “Feeling stuck in your timeshare ownership?” The precise selection of words that any Timeshare proprietor desires to hear. Worldwide Property Transfer affirms that it can assist Timeshare owners in getting clear of their timeshare after being duped by sales presentations. There is an instantaneous “Get Started” icon for clients to take action. This button leads to a page for a free consultation.


There is a consistent pattern of how timeshare owners are enticed into the industry and informed that they would be locked into it eternally. While most people have various motivations for wanting to terminate their timeshare, a personal survey on the homepage of Worldwide Property Transfer reveals that:


i. 35% of the proprietors of a timeshare cannot afford the maintenance fee.

ii. 25% no longer use it.

iii. 22% of customers are unhappy with the product.

iv. 5% sell the home to someone else

v. 5% cannot afford the mortgage.


We do not know how accurately this survey represents all Timeshare owners or Worldwide Property Transfer customers because it needs to be backed by a credible source.


Worldwide Property Transfer explains its Timeshare Cancellation Strategy in concise detail. The company assures its clients that a thorough cancellation procedure is in place to assist them in getting rid of their timeshare. These procedures include ‘Our Solution,’ ‘Our Process,’ and ‘Your Timeshare Freedom.’


While ‘Our Solution’ explains that after a thorough look into all your options, the best option that suits your need will be used, a Learn More button redirects you to the ‘Timeshare Solution Page.’ The ‘Our Process’ page explains how Worldwide Property Transfer has been safely and effectively exiting timeshares, and the ‘Learn More’ link leads to the ‘Our Process’ page. ‘Your Timeshare Freedom’ is a convincing appeal to choose Worldwide Property Transfer for your timeshare exit; a ‘Learn more’ button redirects you to the Free consultation page.


Worldwide Property Transfer’s office addresses and phone numbers are listed in the footer of the homepage. Additionally, ‘Do not sell my Personal Information’ is displayed in the footer. The context in which the word ‘sell is used is unclear, as we understand that if you click on it and submit the form accordingly, the company will not contact you, and any changes made replace the previous submission. We suggest that clients pose questions to ensure that proprietors of timeshares are not profiting from their personal information after selling their timeshares.


This site needs a chunk of information typically of timeshare exit companies on their site; there is no ‘About Us’ page, no staff photo or job descriptions for clients to familiarize themselves with when in need.


Timeshare Solution Page

The Timeshare Solution Page explains in detail how clients who have fallen victim to timeshare fraud can advertise on large platforms for resale or contact the company for assistance exiting the timeshare safely and legally. On the reverse side is a consultation form that clients can use to contact the company immediately.


Our Process Page
‘Our Process’ page contains the Worldwide Property Transfer Timeshare Cancellation guide. The company asserts that it can assist you in getting out of your timeshare contract “depending on your unique situation.” However, Worldwide Property Transfer will take the following steps to help you resolve your timeshare issues:


  • Free Consultation: The initial step in terminating your timeshare agreement is to provide a free consultation. There are two fundamental approaches available. You can contact them by filling out the contact form on their website. You may also reach them via the telephone number listed on their website. During the consultation, the status of your timeshare will be evaluated, and the firm will determine how to assist you. Most timeshare exit companies offer free consultations to determine whether a case will be approved or denied; this event is fantastic because both parties will benefit from this program.
  • Documentation: After considering helping you terminate your timeshare contract, the documentation process will be explained to you. “All you need to do to ensure the cancellation of your timeshare goes smoothly is return the necessary paperwork on time.”
  • Choosing a Strategy: After completing the paperwork, the business will thoroughly understand your timeshare situation, allowing the company to devise an exit strategy.
  • Staying Updated: Next, you will be kept informed as the company works to release you from your timeshare contract. The company asserts you will receive the confirmation document promptly after the transaction, demonstrating you are legally free of your timeshare issues. Because the process depends on the specifics of each case, the cancellation could take anywhere from 9 to 18 months or even longer.

The organization asserts that its approach has helped them resolve thousands of cases in the past. The company’s approach appears legitimate, including the most optimal steps for a timeshare cancellation procedure. In addition to the Consultation form on the opposing side of the page, there are also hyperlinked phrases and a phone number for clients to click on to initiate a consultation with the company.


Free Consultation Page

The free Consultation page’s footer contains the consultation form, the company’s phone number, and the company’s address, allowing clients to choose the most convenient option.


Invited Guest
The Invited Guest Page is not explicitly described, as clicking on it redirects the user to a new landing page that requests Login information, including Email Address and Order ID. This page’s footer also contains the company’s logo and phone number.


FAQs Analysis

There are no frequently asked questions on this website.


Worldwide Property Transfer Cost

As with almost all other timeshare termination companies, the Worldwide Property Transfer cost is not listed on the company’s website. Searching BBB reviews for a company’s price is sometimes possible, but we couldn’t find any for this business. Usually, the expense of your timeshare contract is determined by its complexity. And how much you still owe on your mortgage is a significant factor. Because it is more difficult to terminate these contracts, your fees may increase.

Depending on the circumstances, the normal range for all exit organizations, according to our research, is $2,000 to $15,000. As we repeatedly emphasize, if the Worldwide Property Transfer cost varies, you can negotiate a better deal. We recommend that you always utilize companies offering the escrow payment option, regardless of the price; this safeguards you against timeshare fraud.


Worldwide Property Transfer Rating

The Worldwide Property Transfer review has an F and a 3.8-star rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the company is not accredited. There are numerous unanswered customer complaints on BBB, Worldwide Property Transfer has yet to respond to these complaints on BBB, and the company has received more negative than positive feedback; this is extremely concerning for a 10-year-old business.



After operating for over 10 years, we expect high professionalism and improvement; this company has yet to prove to be professional, responsive or reliable from this Worldwide Property review. Timeshare owners working with this company are advised to be vigilant to avoid being victims of timeshare exit scams, as there is no mention of an escrow payment option on the website. You can browse our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or submit a contact form or live chat on the right side of the page if you are looking for the best Timeshare Exit Company.