Newton Group Transfer Review

Newton Group Transfer Review

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Newtown Group Transfer is a timeshare exit company headquartered in Michigan. It has been operating since 2003 and employs approximately 75 individuals. According to the company, timeshare owners who want to terminate their contracts have two options.


It offers a service that transfers the possession of a timeshare from one individual to another. The firm also provides legal counsel and assistance to proprietors who require it.
Newton Group Transfer was not founded as an exit provider for timeshares. When the company was established in 2003, it developed software for timeshare recapture companies to use during the transfer procedure. It soon realized that its software could be used to assist customers. 2005 it transitioned from a software vendor into a timeshare recapture company.
Newton Group Transfer claims to have helped tens of thousands of consumers transfer out of timeshares in the past decade and a half. It also professes to be among the oldest in the industry.


Newtown Group Transfers founded DC Capital Law in 2017 after realizing that the timeshare resale market was saturated and that many timeshare owners were being misled by businesses professing to assist them. If clients of Newton Group Transfer require legal assistance or counsel, DC Capital Law may be able to assist. Newton Group Transfer promises to provide customers with a well-rounded and comprehensive timeshare exit plan by providing two services.


Newtown Group Transfers Website Review

The homepage image is a professional compilation of customer testimonial videos that zooms out as the number of video testimonials increases. The montage is complemented by a scrolling bulletin at the bottom of the homepage that shows a few positive news items influencing the company.



You can find the company’s logo and phone number for a free consultation from the site’s header. On the opposite end of the page, a well-organized menu consists of About, Reviews, Scam Alerts, Contact, Guest Login, and Frequently Asked Questions. The website for Newton Group Transfer is incredibly comprehensive and has a menu that most timeshare exit company websites need to include.


Since 2005, Newton Group Transfer has consistently assisted Timeshare owners according to an enticing and eye-catching marketing strategy featured on the homepage. The company adds ‘No Money Upfront’ and ‘Low Monthly Payment Option’ as a second alluring sales strategy. Most timeshare exit companies do not have such an offer on their agenda. Most of these companies require advance payments and money-back guarantees, which are red flags; we later understood that the company did not mean what it posted on the homepage. A ‘Learn More’ icon follows.


Newton Group Transfer has no qualms about displaying its positive reviews on reputable websites such as Google, the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, etc. The company puts forth its best effort to demonstrate that it delivers as promised. The company then describes its accomplishments to date, which include:


i. Twice a finalist for the prestigious Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Award For Ethics (2019 and 2022).

ii. “The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit” has been written and is available to customers for free; over 50,000 copies have been downloaded.

iii. There are nearly one thousand five-star reviews on Google, Sotellus, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau.

iv. First-ever large-scale Timeshare Exit Study based on more than 9,000 timeshare owner questionnaires – FREE for clients.

v. Assisting timeshare owners with undesirable leases AND investigating legal claims.

vi. In 2017, Newton Group Transfer owners and experienced attorneys established the nation’s preeminent timeshare consumer rights law firm.

vii. Unparalleled services that combine timeshare exit expertise with personalized legal counsel.

viii. The oldest timeshare exit provider in the nation, with an unmatched track record of success since 2005.

ix. AARP, US News, Forbes, Quicken, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, among others, have highlighted the company as a timeshare exit specialist.


On the opposite side of the list of its accomplishments, a form is strategically placed for a free consultation and a phone number for clients to call. The homepage was designed to inspire instant confidence and trust in prospective consumers. Some may perceive it to be a “brag sheet” of sorts. Newton Group Transfer is aware that most website visitors are potential victims of fraud; therefore, the company has gone above and beyond to dispel any concerns. Newton Group Transfer also displays on its homepage credible publications and news outlets in which it has been featured, such as Forbes, Fox News, NBC, etc.


The company provides a summary of its survey of Newton Group Transfer customers on its homepage; this demonstrates that the company has diligently communicated with its customers over the years to identify their pain points and to prevent people from falling for timeshare scams through educational and informative means; there is a free e-book titled “The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit.” Some very informative information includes “Donate Your Timeshare” programs and other details on “why you can’t sell your timeshare.” The foresight of Newton Group Transfer in planning this relocation is commendable and beneficial for timeshare owners. There is a tab that leads to a more extensive, comprehensive analysis of the survey.


The Home page’s footer is also organized. There is an accreditation section where logos of brands accrediting Newton Group Transfer can be viewed. There is also a Reviews and Ratings section with logos of sites where reviews and ratings can be found. In the final section, Feature, you will find brands that have featured Newton Group Transfer on their platform. However, we advise you to be wary of endorsements because they can be deceptive. Especially since no supporting links were provided to back up these claims, the ability to provide links to these media features would increase prospective customers’ confidence in the company and its claims. Even though the company was mentioned in the media, this does not imply its claims are true or reliable. Typically, these are sponsored endorsements.


About Page

Each background on the About page provides additional information about Newton Group Transfer and its services.


Our Company
This page provides a comprehensive overview of Newton Group Transfer services, administered by The Newton Group ESA, a software corporation specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Newton Group has a location in Chandler, Arizona, and its headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Our Best-In-Class Service

On this page, Newton Group Transfer describes its service delivery priorities, which include:

  • Clients.
  • Trust.
  • Experience.
  • Justice.
  • Authority

With its experience, the company aims to be the voice in the industry that helps it obtain the trust of its clients while assisting them in pursuing justice for their fraudulent timeshare obligations.


Timeshare Exit Study

This page contains a comprehensive report of the company’s survey of over 9000 customers. This survey provides insight into the plight of Timeshare owners who wish to sell their timeshare and why they need to do so. It is obvious from the results of this survey that timeshares are not investments, contrary to popular belief; this information can educate and prevent future debt for anyone who comes across it.


Our Law Firm
As a third “part” of this corporation, Newton Group Transfer co-founded DC Law Firm, specializing exclusively in timeshare termination legal issues. Gordon Newton is the president and co-founder of Newton Group, while Theo Panagiotou is the company’s CEO.


Customer Guide
This page describes the e-book Newton Group Transfer offers clients and includes the contents schedule.


You May Have a Claim
On this page, the company encourages timeshare owners to contact them if they have legitimate claims. The company could help them obtain justice and terminate their contracts if they were sold timeshares fraudulently.

Master Idea
The company uses this page to remind clients what the company is all about and to remind them that Newton Group Transfer has alternative solutions to their Timeshare ownership problem, with the intention that they make the correct choices.

This page contains Timeshare-related news and updates regarding the Timeshare Industry.


Each subpage under the About Page contains a consultation form, a phone number, customer testimonials, and a footer that reflects the company’s reputation. We could not find a page describing the company’s employees and roles so that consumers can become acquainted.


Review Page
A customer review and an employee review are on the review page. We advise you to visit credible websites to view these testimonials in person. The majority of employee evaluations are written.

Scam Alert Page
This page provides clients with a warning and strategies for avoiding Timeshare scams and staying safe; they should not hesitate to contact Newton Group Transfer. We do not concur with Newton Group Transfers’ stance on Escrow on this page. Escrow is a credible way to pay for services, and you will be fine if you choose to use this payment method.


Contact Page
This page contains all the contact information for the company. The company’s office addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are well organized on this page, which also contains a consultation form.

Guest Login
There is a page for guest authentication that requires individual login credentials.


FAQs Analysis
On the FAQs page, the following are some of the most frequently posed concerns.

  • Upfront timeshare Exit fee?
  • Does a money-back guarantee protect you?
  • How long is the timeshare exit process?

Most frequently asked questions at Newton Group Transfer are answered in detail, and the company encourages payment in advance. We disapprove of the possibility that you are a victim of timeshare fraud. Never trust a money-back guarantee promise; it’s a significant red flag for timeshare proprietors. Although Newton Group Transfer states that the process varies and typically takes less than 45 days, we estimate that it will take between 3 and 14 days if you are still within your refund period.


Lawsuits Regarding Newton Group Transfer

No lawsuits have been lodged against Newton Group Transfer. The company has been involved in its fair share of customer legal disputes. The company is no stranger to the courtroom or the criminal justice system, whether dealing with timeshare developers, resorts, or clients. According to prior court documents, DC Capital Law has filed many timeshare withdrawal cases for Newton Group clients. Newton Group sent a cease-and-desist letter to Wesley Financial Group, a competitor timeshare exit company, in August 2020. In the letter, Wesley was accused of plagiarizing the Consumers Guide to Timeshare Exit by Newton Group.


In recent years, Diamond Resorts has filed multiple lawsuits against Newton Group. In 2020, however, Diamond Resorts attempted to file a lawsuit against Newton Group Transfer for allegedly deceptive advertising. The court ruled in favor of Newton Group and dissolved the litigation after the company provided evidence to support the claims made in its advertisements.


Newton Group Transfer Cost

The Newton Group Transfer cost depends on your timeshare situation. After you submit your information, the team will contact you to discuss the specifics of your case and provide you with an accurate quote; this is standard procedure in the exit market for timeshares. Before presenting you with an estimate, the specialist will ask numerous questions to comprehend your circumstances and provide an accurate price completely. If the price is acceptable, you must submit a deposit to initiate the exit procedure.


According to the numerous reviews examined by our team, the cost to terminate your timeshare using their attorneys or the transfer procedure ranges between $2,000 and $15,000. You must call before you can anticipate the Newton Group Transfer cost. Some consumers asserted that they were told they would be charged less than what they were eventually charged; this is a fairly standard price point within the timeshare exit market. Do your research and communicate with them to receive an accurate estimate. We advise you to negotiate the cost of timeshare exiting with any provider. Many timeshare exit companies will plan with you to reduce your costs so that you can continue to operate, Some even offer flexible payment options to help spread out the costs. Lastly, obtaining the best possible price guarantees a seamless deal closure.


Newton Group Transfer Rating

Newton Group Transfer reviews have a BBB rating of “A+” and 4.4 stars out of 170 user reviews, It is also BBB-accredited. Despite the number of complaints, we commend the 100 percent response rate. All consumers who requested resolution were reached out to. Newton Group Transfer has received positive ratings on Google. Despite a few concerns, 88 customer reviews have awarded the Newton Group a rating of 4.4/5 stars.



Based on this Newton Group Transfer review, the company is recommendable owing to its professionalism and credible feedback from verified clients. However, the company does not use an escrow payment method to protect its clients’ funds, which is a huge timeshare red flag. If you are searching for a reputable timeshare exit company, please peruse our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, give us a call at 619-354-2362, or submit a contact form or engage in a live chat on the right side of this page.


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