Timeshare Legal LLC Review

Timeshare Legal LLC Review

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Christian Highlander founded Timeshare Legal LLC as a timeshare exit company in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Timeshare Legal LLC is another company that strives to provide exceptional customer service for timeshare owners. With a track record that dates back to 2009, the company’s claim was deemed credible.


Timeshare Legal LLC can assist you if you still owe a mortgage debt or are paying recurring annual maintenance fees. Fortunately, We have compiled a thorough assessment so that you can gain a deeper understanding of Timeshare Legal LLC. Before working with Timeshare Legal LLC or any other timeshare exit company, every timeshare owner should consider seeking a Timeshare Legal LLC review or any other timeshare exit company information. Employing a timeshare exit company with minimal industry knowledge is a trump card.


On the one hand, it may go extremely well, and you may save hundreds of dollars compared to employing a larger, more expensive company. However, things could go extremely wrong and become an exit scheme in which you were deceived into paying thousands of dollars in advance. During our Timeshare Legal LLC review, a few aspects stood out.


Timeshare Legal LLC Website Review

Although the website interface does not have a professional appearance, it fits the concept of the Timeshare vacation industry. The page header is arranged precisely; from one end of the header, we can see the company’s name and slogan. The slogan seems to raise suspicions, as the company claims to be “The Original Timeshare Cancellation Company”; however, many other timeshare exit companies also make this claim. The site’s navigation menu follows the slogan: a Homepage, About Us, Testimonials, Resources, Blog, and Contact, followed by a contact number and a BBB logo displaying the company’s rating.



The homepage’s background is an aesthetic resort scene, which is not unrelated to the concept of a timeshare. Timeshare Legal LLC urges website visitors to immediately take the first action toward obtaining liberation from their timeshare on the homepage. It then informs the client that they can liberate themselves from their timeshare obligations by completing a free assessment and a link to a consultation form. On this page, ‘The Original’ is mentioned again, followed by the phrase ‘No Money Upfront’ for a timeshare cancellation. It is important to know that not all companies live up to their claims of “No money Upfront”; some still require a modest upfront payment. Timeshare owners should ensure the company stays true to its word and avoid making any upfront payments outside of an escrow payment option.
Timeshare Legal LLC continues by describing ‘Behind the scenes’ of its No advance payment and cancellation procedure. We realize that only three actions are required for successful cancellation. We will describe it below:


i. Immediate Action: When you contact the company, a service representative is assigned to handle your timeshare cancellation request.

ii. Resort Negotiation: The company will work to complete your project and provide you with all the updates you require.

iii. Finalization of Cancellation: The company will sign and lodge your timeshare exit documentation.


To Timeshare Legal LLC’s credit, the company offers its customer a clear and concise analysis of how it plans to accomplish its timeshare exit commitments to the client. Once again, Timeshare Legal LLC reveals that it specializes in terminating timeshare contracts and provides a variety of payment alternatives. We recommend to owners of timeshares that they inquire about and have a solid understanding of what their various flexible payment choices entail. Because the website’s homepage includes a few favorable customer testimonials that need to be connected to their sources, we cannot verify the integrity of the review posted on the website. To protect themselves from falling prey to timeshare scams, we recommend that owners of timeshares check for comments about various companies on credible websites, even though it is important to investigate what others have to say about a firm.


It is open and honest of Timeshare Legal LLC to suggest you visit reputable sources to learn more about its ingenuity and what clients say about them. Add the company ratings to these sites, which include Google, the Better Business Bureau, Glassdoor, etc. Ratings are updated at varying intervals, as the information displayed on each site may vary. There is also a list of News Networks and outlets that have featured Timeshare Legal LLC on their platform. It is typical for these News outlets to feature the majority of timeshare exit companies. It is important to note that it could be a paid endorsement; therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough research.


The homepage also contains links to Timeshare Legal LLC’s social media pages. Based on our observations, only the Facebook page is active, while the others have been inactive for over two years. It indicates that you can book a complimentary consultation on any platform, including chat, email, and telephone. This page contains two distinct phone numbers, one for new consumers and the other for existing ones.



This page contains Frequently Asked Questions along with company responses.


About Our Company

The ‘About Us’ page provides a chronological account of how the vision of Timeshare Legal LLC’s proprietor, Highlander Christian, came to be. According to our knowledge, Christian began his career in the marketing and sales division of Wyndham Vacation Resorts. He flourished in his position during his tenure with them and was awarded numerous accolades. And as a result of the research and innovation that enveloped the timeshare industry, Timeshare Legal LLC was an innovative solution to timeshare issues. In 2021, the company collaborated with fintech firms to develop an industry-leading, no-money-upfront timeshare cancellation option for qualifying customers. On this page, clients are encouraged to contact the company through any available channels to initiate their complimentary consultation.


We only learn about the CEO of Timeshare Legal LLC and its Director, Jeffrey Neil Forcella; We need information about the company’s staff members, their responsibilities, or how to contact them for the intended purpose. The page needed to be adequately optimized for its intended purpose.


Testimonial Page

The Testimonial page is a combination of video testimonials and written feedback. The BBB accreditation logo and the company’s rating can be found on this page, but we cannot confirm that all reviews are from the BBB platform because they are not linked to the source from which they were posted. This page contains a second reminder to start your free consultation and links to the company’s social media accounts.


Reference Page

The Resource Page is separated into two sections: Careers and Current Clients. This is a commendable page that is absent from the websites of most timeshare exit companies. The Career page solicits applications for open positions within the organization. Current Client Resources is a page where Clients can access the consultation form.

Blog Page

On the “Blog” page of Timeshare Legal LLC, a few articles addressing some of the most common questions asked by timeshare owners are displayed. This page contains discussions of timeshare industry issues and recent developments.


Inquiry Page

The company’s social media platforms, phone number, and consultation form are displayed on the Contact Page.


Timeshare Legal LLC Cost

There is no online access to the Timeshare Legal LLC cost. Like most timeshare exit companies, Timeshare Legal LLC charges after a free consultation with a qualified specialist. In 2021, Timeshare Legal partnered with fintech companies to develop an industry-leading No Money Up Front timeshare cancellation option for qualified clients. The company determines your suitability for their services and devises a plan to release you from your contract in collaboration with you. We appreciate Timeshare Legal LLC because it does not attempt to charge you in advance for its services. The company evaluates any applicable exit fees after determining if it can assist you with canceling your timeshare.


We consistently recommend partnering with non-exploitative companies with a track record of success in the cancellation market. Even though Timeshare Legal LLC cost is not specified prices online, the typical range for departure fees is between $2,000 and $15,000, depending on your situation. We also recommend that timeshare owners pay only through the escrow payment method.


Timeshare Legal LLC Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded Timeshare Legal LLC an A+ rating, and the BBB recognizes the company. The company has received a rating of 4.62 stars from 109 reviews.
Additionally, the group has a significant presence on Facebook, with a 4.8-star rating from 151 individuals and a 4.6-star rating from 138 reviewers. Unfortunately, the company has no Trustpilot or Yelp reviews, but it has a strong presence on Glassdoor with a 3.9-star rating and 46 reviews.



According to our Timeshare Legal LLC review, the company has a good amount of positive feedback from credible sources and is recommendable, especially for its transparency; however, It needs to do better by stating its method of payments precisely, explaining how working with fintech companies to protect clients from Up Front timeshare cancellation payment is beneficial for qualified clients and stating the basic Timeshare Legal LLC cost list. Check out our directory of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or contact us using the contact form or live chat on the right side of this page if you’re interested in exiting your timeshare.