Timeshare Help Source Review

Timeshare Help Source Review

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Timeshare Help Source is a Colorado Springs, CO-based company that offers potential assistance in navigating the complexities of timeshare ownership. Since its founding in 2018, the company has amassed significant expertise in the field and may be a dependable resource for individuals seeking to terminate their timeshare contracts. We highlight Timeshare Help Source Review and Timeshare Help Source Cost in this article.


Timeshare Help Source Website Review

It is evident from the Timeshare Help Source website it has invested in establishing a strong online presence. The website’s design is aesthetically appealing, with a clear layout and straightforward navigation. It consists of several sections, such as the Homepage, a detailed explanation of their processes, a blog, and a Contact page. In addition, their participation on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Medium demonstrates their dedication to maintaining an active online presence. However, contradictions become apparent upon detailed inspection of the website’s content. Particularly notable is the Process section, which describes Timeshare Help Source’s measures to assist individuals with their timeshares. However, it is still being determined whether their services are limited to assisting individuals with selling their timeshares or whether it covers a broader scope of timeshare management. Among the stages listed are the following:


i. Discovery:

Every timeshare owner is different, just like every timeshare deal is different. Your needs wants, and goals for your family are all different. The essence of this research method is to find out what clients want.

ii. Education:

Timeshare Help Source qualified speakers will talk about all the new and important information about the rental business right now. Here is where you can write down notes and even ask questions at the end.

iii. Seminar Result:

The company ensures you leave the session with more information and a plan. A plan for how to get what your family needs from your timeshare, not what your timeshare needs from your family.


The existing choice of words needs to be revised in describing the timeshare exit procedure. Individuals who wish to exit a timeshare are informed that their circumstances are unique and are familiar with the nature of the timeshare industry. Regarding exiting a timeshare or resolving contractual obligations and fees, the utility of attending a seminar needs to be clarified. It appears to be a circumstance that could necessitate additional payments without a distinct objective or desired outcome.
On the ‘Contact Us’ page, we were dismayed to discover a need for more information about the company’s client process and team members. Except for a link to a contact form at the bottom of the page, there were no obvious indications of who to contact or how to contact them. The contact form, however, left us with more questions than answers. The only relevant information we discovered was a message from the owner, Charles Hearn, encouraging people to contact Timeshare Help Source if they have any questions regarding their services. While this demonstrates an ability to assist customers, we had hoped to learn more about Charles Hearn’s background and what makes Timeshare Help Source distinct from other companies. Unfortunately, our Google search yielded similar results. We found an article that referred to Timeshare Help Source as an expert in assisting individuals in eliminating unnecessary timeshares. However, the article needed more specifics and provided only fundamental information, making it difficult to determine whether this company was superior to its competitors. In addition, we discovered that Charles Hearn is a businessman with no legal background, but there is a claim by Yelp that he has over 6 years of experience in Timeshare and Title service arena; This increased our reservations regarding their ability to rescind timeshare contracts. In addition, no mention was made of any attorneys or lawyers on their team or whether they are involved in the company’s process; This raised concerns, particularly when we discovered another article extolling Charles and the Timeshare Help Source team for their high success rate and expansion plans in fifty states.


Due to the insufficient information on the Timeshare Help Source Review, we cannot recommend their services. We could not locate any testimonials, evidence of their previous clients’ experiences, or any information about their history of canceling timeshares. Due to these factors, we chose not to recommend them. The video testimonials on the company’s website could have impressed and inspired confidence; they were brief, disjointed, and needed more information regarding the business’s services. It showed that one of the initial recordings was recorded in Charles Hearn’s bedroom during a Zoom meeting with another client. This unprofessional presentation called into question the accuracy and trustworthiness of the claims made in the videos. In addition, the client testimonials featured on the website appeared to have been extensively edited and needed more specifics regarding how Timeshare Help Source assisted them in effectively exiting their contracts. It also needed to be clarified why these clients believed Timeshare Help Source to be a superior option to other companies with a demonstrated track record in the industry. There is a high likelihood that the majority of these testimonials were supplied by the company rather than actual consumers. Unfortunately, we could not locate a method for validating the genuineness of these testimonials. It took time to discern whether the individuals featured in the company’s promotional videos were actual consumers or actors engaged for promotional purposes. In addition, it was unclear whether or not these individuals attained the desired outcome due to Timeshare Help Source’s services.
Considering these factors, it is challenging to rely on video testimonials as a trustworthy source of information when assessing the company’s credibility and the efficacy of its services.


Timeshare Help Source Cost

Timeshare Help Source provided no information about their prices or pricing structure on their website. Before determining a reasonable price for their services, companies in the timeshare exit industry frequently prefer to conduct consultations to evaluate the scope of a client’s contract and examine their unique circumstances. After this evaluation, the company can provide an accurate Timeshare Help Source cost estimate. Therefore, we recommend calling one of their representatives to comprehend their operations better and inquire about the costs associated with your situation.


Reputable industry companies typically charge between $2,000 and $15,000 to permanently remove a timeshare from a person’s name. These companies may recommend additional costs, such as attorney and administrative fees, based on the circumstances of your case. Unfortunately, some companies in the industry attempt to maximize profits by charging additional fees. Conducting an extensive investigation and locating a company with transparent, honest, and equitable pricing is essential. When attempting to get clear of a timeshare permanently, spending only what is necessary is essential.


Timeshare Help Source Rating

With several review sources, Timeshare Help Source’s web presence continues gaining visibility. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated Timeshare Help Source an F with a 2.3-star rating from 48 customers and has received several negative reviews there. The company has a 2.5-star rating from 7 reviews on Yelp and a 3.0-star rating from 57 reviews on Google. However, below are some Timeshare Help Source’s few complaints with the BBB include:

  • “My husband and I met with an anonymous group of people in a hotel with representatives from Timeshare Help Source. The representative prepared paperwork to take care of our two time shares via $10,000 to ************ I paid $1529 until I learned that no monies nor paperwork had been received by this company. I attempted to call and text the representative and receive no answer. I called phone numbers provided on his card and received no answers. I called and wrote to the main office in ******** and received no response. The website is not available. *********** did not resolve my dispute request. I have submitted a scam report to the BBB.” 


  • “Timeshare Help Source should be avoided at all costs. They are completely useless. After paying them a large sum of money for their “services,” all we got in return was a letter to our timeshare company stating that THS would be acting as our power of attorney in ending our timeshare obligation. In spite of repeated phone calls to THS, they did nothing else in the way of additional contact with with our timeshare company. Even after we acted on our own to get approved for a deedback that would end our timeshare obligation, THS did not pay the escrow fees necessary to complete the deedback process from the funds we had paid them, nor did they offer to refund any of our original payment to them. Their failure to do so, we believe, cost us an additional year’s worth of maintenance fees. We ended up paying the escrow fees ourselves and, after some effort, were at least able to get those fees refunded by THS . Of course, when I asked THS for copies of all correspondence they had allegedly sent our timeshare company, they refused to do so, claiming that doing so would compromise their ‘trade secrets.’ This is complete ********, according to the *** and ***************** of our timeshare company, there was NO additional correspondence from THS. From all appearances, THS simply took our money and ran. We are strongly considering starting legal action against them to recover whatever funds we can, but I’m not sure how successful that would be. I suspect there are any number of other people who have done so, and I’m sure this company is just as good about paying court judgments against them as they are in providing the services they claim to provide in their sales spiels. I’m sure that, like the cockroaches they are, THS will show up again somewhere, under a different name, to continue preying on unsuspecting people like myself”.

Once again, These testimonials demonstrate that you should only do business with timeshare exit companies that use the Escrow payment method to protect you from fraud. After receiving a Timeshare Help Source cost, ensure that there is provision for Escrow transactions before paying for anything.



After thorough research on the Timeshare Help Source review, we do not recommend working with this company, We urge timeshare owners to make due research while searching for the right company. If you are still seeking a genuine company, please review our list of trusted timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or use the contact form or live chat on the right side of this page.