Client Protection Group Review

Client Protection Group Review

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Michael Cromie, Jr. founded Client Protection Group in 2013. The corporate headquarters are in Costa Mesa, California, with an additional office in DeLand, Florida. Client Protection Group utilizes information regarding timeshare contracts to aid clients in escaping this financial burden. Owners of timeshares are advised to be extremely vigilant to avoid falling victim to timeshare schemes, even though getting rid of their timeshares is essential.


Client Protection Group is a full-service Timeshare Consulting firm that specializes in assisting individuals with escaping timeshare contracts. The timeshare relief staff has provided knowledgeable and devoted services for many years. The company has effectively voided hundreds of customers’ timeshare contracts and mortgages. Client Protection Group is one of the numerous timeshare exit companies that has developed a procedure that enables clients to choose a solution tailored to their unique circumstances. The company claims that its procedure is straightforward, legal, and transparent. Today, we shall evaluate the Client Protection Group website.


Client Protection Group Website Review

The website contains a condensed rendition of all menu drop-downs. This secure website contains some useful information, although it is a bit dated. This website’s banner could be better to appear professional to potential clients. This website’s navigation menu comprises the Homepage, About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Services, and Contact pages. There is also a call to action for the client to call or select for a consultation, along with a phone number. However, the header needs to be properly organized.



There is the impression that the Timeshare Elimination Team is a subsidiary of Client Protection Group due to the use of the tagline Timeshare Elimination Team by Client Protection Group on the website’s homepage. Again, there is a lack of coordination on this page, as the writings are not professionally organized and contain grammatical errors. We observe a repetition of ‘Timeshare Elimination.’ next to it is ‘Done right’ as opposed to ‘Timeshare elimination done correctly’; or it was no longer necessary to repeat ‘Timeshare Elimination’ in one location, as it is superfluous.


Client Protection Group asserts it can legally and expeditiously release you from mortgage and upkeep obligations. The term “quick” is a relative term. Some BBB reviews indicate that Client’s Protection Group required 14 to 18 months to resolve their timeshare. On this page, Client Protection Group lists its three pillars: Total Credit Protection BBB Accredited, A+ Rating, and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. A short form on the homepage will result in a contact from a Client Protection Group representative.


Client Protection Group’s three foundational elements include:

i. Transparency: The company does not specify how it is transparent but claims to be trustworthy.

ii. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: The company offers a money-back guarantee.


Instead of delineating this promise for everyone to see, it simply states See contract for further details, which appears vague. However, Timeshare owners are advised to shun any money-back guarantee, as it is an empty promise.

iii. Always Available— The company claims to respond to requests via mail, email, telephone, and in person.


You need an attorney to review any contract you are contemplating signing to ensure its language is understood. Client Protective Services emphasizes the impossibility of marketing timeshares but does not elaborate. After that, we see the logos of several prominent timeshare companies. A PDF of Client Protection Group’s effective exit letters appears when you click on them. However, anyone can generate a letter and distribute it as a PDF file.


Client Protection Group then provides relevant feedback from clients. It is approximately halfway down if you scroll down. You can read reviews in snippets or select the BBB link for more information; This is the definition of transparency.

This page contains logos for the Better Business Bureau (verified accreditation) and the California Secretary of State. An arbitrary license number is displayed on the page, but its significance is unknown.


About Us
There needs to be detailed information about the company on the About Us page. There are no photographs of staff members, job descriptions, or contact information, making it difficult for clients to become familiar with their staff members and their roles in the organization.
Under the About Us section, a call-to-action instructs visitors to “Click here to learn more”; the link takes you to the website’s services page.


The company makes no mention of working with third parties to assist timeshare owners in selling their timeshares, nor does it identify itself as a law firm specializing in selling timeshare resorts. The company’s office and mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers can be found on the About Us page. On this page, we also see the Timeshare Elimination Team logo and the Client Protection logo; this signifies that both logos represent distinct companies.


Visible on the footer head of the About Us page is the logos of three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. While these three platforms are functional and responsive, there are many cobwebs on these platforms, as the platforms have not been updated in more than three years.


FAQ Analysis
While doubts may overwhelm timeshare owners, they also have unanswered questions. Client Protection Group has attempted to answer frequently inquired questions on this page.


  • Is there an upfront cost for the service?

A small deposit is required upfront to begin the procedure.


  • Do you offer any type of guarantee?

Client Protection Group promise to continue working on your case until it is finished.


  • Why choose Client Protection Group over other exit companies?

Client Protection Group is not a reseller, so you can rest assured that our procedure is straightforward and, most importantly, lawful.


The above responses are the reflective response of Client Protection Group; it is important to note that all frequently asked questions are vague. While the company requires a small upfront payment, an escrow payment method is not mentioned. Regardless of the size of the funds, we recommend that you secure them with an escrow payment. Escrow payment enables you to release funds to the exit company only when it has fulfilled its commitment to terminate your timeshare.


Secondly, the only guarantee the company claims to provide on this page is to terminate your timeshare; the money-back guarantee mentioned on the homepage has been removed. Thirdly, the fact that a timeshare exit company is not a resale company does not necessarily mean it is straightforward and legitimate. Next to the Frequently Asked Questions is a contact form for consultations. Owners of timeshares must exercise caution when working with timeshare exit companies.



Client Protection Group has various services it renders, The service page also has a contact form for consultations. Below is an analysis of the services:

i. Timeshare Elimination: After reviewing this information, Client Protection Group explains what all timeshare exit businesses must do. Finding false or deceptive information in your timeshare presentation can provide grounds for contract termination.

First, we appreciate how Client Protection Group states, “Once your case is closed, the timeshare company will send you a letter of termination outlining the closure of your account.” Good. It is ideal if, in particular, your developer writes the exit letter.

ii. Mortgage Cancellation: If you feel divided between what the salesperson told you and the terms of your mortgage, you may have a case.

iii. Credit Protection: It involves advising you on the most effective ways to protect your credit. the company advises timeshare owners to refrain from communicating about their timeshare with anyone, including their timeshare developers. Client Protection Group emphasized that you will not need to discuss your timeshare with anyone once you employ them. Suppose your timeshare company threatens you in any way. In that case, Client Protection Group will send a cease and desist letter to prevent further contact while it attempts to terminate your contract.

iv. Fraud Recovery: The company focuses on timeshare resale scam recovery. Assume you’ve been contacted by a company offering to sell your timeshare in exchange for thousands of dollars in advance for photographs of your property, with no guarantee of a sale. However, it is unclear how Client Protection Group determines fraud recovery.


Contact Us
You can submit a contact form or call the office Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, live messaging is available on the website.


Client Protection Group Cost

The website needs Client Protection Group cost information. Client Protection Group does state that it offers prospective consumers free consultations. Client Protection Group also claims to offer a money-back guarantee, which we disagree with because such guarantees typically involve upfront fees. We recommend the escrow payment method for Timeshare proprietors. Averagely, it costs $2,000-$15,000 to exit your timeshare, Clients are advised to consult the company for evaluation and an accurate Client Protection Group cost.


Client Protection Group Rating

Client Protection Group reviews have an A+ rating and 4.5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau and numerous positive reviews from previous clients. There are 21 Client Protection Group reviews on Google with a 3.9-star rating, but one five-star review was on Yelp.



The Client Protection Group appear genuine, even though their process can be lengthy. Client Protection Group executes timeshare exit successfully and meticulously in the end. Are you interested in finding a reliable timeshare exit company to work with? Please look at our directory of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or contact us using the live chat or consultation form on the right side of this page.