Fastest Exit Review

Fastest Exit Review

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Fastest Exit is a timeshare exit company. John Cobb is the owner of the Scottsdale, Arizona-based exit company. Mr. Cobb is not prominent in our internet searches. The company was founded in April 2019, indicating that it has only been in business for about four years and was accredited in 2021. 


Choosing the correct exit company for your timeshare cancellation may appear daunting, but it is essential to note that you must ensure the exit companies you work with have experience and a track record of delivering results. Employing a timeshare exit company with little or no industry experience is alarming. Owners of timeshares who intend to sell their timeshares must exercise utmost caution and vigilance to ensure everything goes smoothly and they save hundreds of dollars. However, a fraud company could dupe you into paying if you’re not vigilant. 


There are certain red flags to look out for in the timeshare exit company of your choosing. Any timeshare exit company desperate to work with you is a significant red flag, as this is typical of fraudulent timeshare exit companies. This article will examine the benefits and drawbacks of Fastest Exit if you decide to engage them. Every timeshare owner should know a few guidelines before working with an exit company.


Fastest Exit Website Review

Aside from the homepage, there is also the Exit Your Timeshare Page, Learn Page, Contact Page, and Search Engine.



The company’s homepage guarantees its clients a ”Guaranteed Timeshare Cancellation.” While some may view it as a mistake to make such a promise so soon after a visitor lands on the page, others may view it as a strategy to pique the visitor’s interest so they remain on the site and learn more about the timeshare exit company.

Next, we discover a Maintenance fee link that leads to a landing page containing a Maintenance fee calculator that allows timeshare owners to estimate their annual expenses. There is a section for COVID-19 Assessment/Exchange Fees as well. 


Fastest Exit encourages its customers to contact them promptly if the cost estimate provided by the calculator needs to be revised; this is commendable on the part of Fastest Exit, whose calculator proactively reminds clients of the urgency of selling their timeshare.

 Immediately following the Maintenance link, a brief form is presented to collect the necessary fundamental information, including Full name, Email, Phone, and Resort Name, to initiate a consultation section with Fastest Exit. There is an immediate call to action for the consumer to contact the company.


Exit Your Timeshare Page

There are three links in the drop-down menu on this page. Initially, we have Our Process, Countries, and Resorts. Fastest Exit explains how it accomplishes its objective of quickly and effectively removing clients from their timeshares. This process comprises Consultation, Strategy, Management, and Exit.


  • Consultation: After receiving a phone call from an Exit consultant, the consultant will request all the necessary information to investigate your case by designating a senior consultant specializing in terminating timeshares in your resort to provide an update on the available options.
  • Strategy: Fastest Exit collaborates with numerous outsourced law firms to ensure that its clients’ timeshare obligations are legally canceled. Fastest Exit is one of the timeshare exit companies that outsources its work; this could cause a delay in the cancellation of timeshare obligations, as Fastest Exit relies solely on these third-party legal firms to assist its clients.
  • Management: Account administrators keep clients apprised of the status and development of their timeshare exit, while Fastest Exit’s employees oversee the exit procedure. Fastest Exit asserts that it can terminate most timeshare contracts within 60 to 365 days.
  • Exit: After completing the exit procedure, Fastest Exit will send proof that you are no longer responsible for your timeshare. In addition, Fastest Exit or one of its partners will provide you with an official letter from your resort confirming that you are no longer a member. You must have formal, written evidence of a successful timeshare exit.


‘Countries’ is the second Exit Your Timeshare background menu item. According to Fastest Exit, it is the only U.S.-based company that can terminate a timeshare anywhere in the world. This page contains an alphabetical listing of nations. There is a duplication of explanations on this page because selecting a country leads to the same paragraph with the country’s name inserted at the beginning.


The ‘Resort’ is the third option on the Exit Your Timeshare backdrop menu. Similar to the repetition of the same paragraph in countries, there is the repetition of wordings in Resort, with the only distinction being the various names of resorts; this lacks professionalism and could be considered redundant, as none of the selected countries or resorts contains any new information. Scrolling down, you will find a “Get Help Now” icon that leads to the Contact page.


Learn Page

On the Learn Page, there are three drop-down menu items. The first is the FAQ page. Below are a few that we can evaluate.


  • How Much does it cost to exit my Timeshare?

Every situation involving ownership of a timeshare is unique. Even at the same resort, various ownership situations can exist. Consequently, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to obtaining a timeshare release, which extends to the fee structure. Fastest Exit will


evaluate your unique ownership situation and determine the required exit fee to free you from your timeshare obligation.

  • How long does the process usually take? 

Depending on your unique ownership circumstance, most exits take less than a year. If your timeshare is free and clear without a mortgage, selling could take as little as three to nine months. Keep in mind that resort exit times vary. They will implement delays to prevent owners from canceling their timeshare. If you have a fee or other financial obligation that is past due, the procedure will take longer.

  • What are the terms for your money-back guarantee?

Every client who commits to Fastest Exit to discharge their timeshare receives a commitment in return. The customer is responsible for expeditiously providing the necessary information. Fastest Exit must honor its money-back guarantee if it fails to obtain an exit offer within 12 months.


While the answers provided above reflect Fastest Exit responses, we believe that ownerships vary, and with a deedback, you can exit within 3-14 days. Since the company’s name is Fastest Exit, 365 days is a long period for them to exit a complex timeshare. Regarding money-back guarantees, we only recommend timeshare exit companies that allow their clients to pay via escrow, as relying on money-back guarantee assurances can be detrimental to your finances.


Second, the Maintenance Calculator’s landing page is on the Learn page’s background menu, as described previously.

Common Timeshare Myth is the third item on the Learn page background menu. On this page, Fastest Exit explains six timeshare myths clients should not believe, although we disagree with some.


Myth 1: Never work with a company that charges an upfront fee.


We only recommend working with companies that utilize escrow because it allows you to pay the timeshare exit company as soon as the company delivers its services, thereby protecting both you and your money. Thus, the initial Myth is not a myth.

Myth 2: You need a lawyer to cancel your timeshare.


Yes, it would help if you had a lawyer. However, it is best to work with timeshare companies with expert attorneys, as this prevents delays caused by third parties, which is common among timeshare exit companies that delegate their work to legal firms.

Myth 3: You should only work with a company that uses escrow.


Yes, you must pay only through the escrow payment method; do not fall for a money-back guarantee, as there is no assurance that the company won’t vanish after receiving your funds.



Only three articles are displayed on the blog page explaining the timeshare experiences of others; there is no way to confirm whether these stories are true or whether the individuals in the stock photos are who they claim to be. Video testimonials and linked evaluations are the

most credible means of showcasing satisfied clients and demonstrating how the exit company assisted them.


We discovered a “Scholarship” link at the bottom of the page. On the Scholarship page, Fastest Exit recognizes authors who respond to two inquiries. Fastest Exit’s innovative approach to assisting young, hopeful undergrads is unprecedented in the timeshare cancellation industry.


We discovered that the company did not offer escrow services. Unfortunately, this indicates that the company requires advance payment, which we never recommend. Numerous timeshare exit strategies include substantial up-front costs. It puts timeshare owners at risk. Exit schemes for timeshares are explained on this page. Prepayment for timeshare exit services is not a service guarantee; the company may never intend to end your timeshare agreement. Nevertheless, escrow payments motivate the company to complete the project. 



Here you will find the consultation form, and on the opposing side, you will find several methods to contact the company if you wish to proceed with the free consultation. The company displays the types of credit cards it accepts for payment below.


Fastest Exit Cost

Like other timeshare exit companies, Fastest Exit costs are not disclosed online. After completing a complimentary consultation with one of the company’s trained timeshare exit consultants, fees are typically assessed. The company will work with you to devise an exit strategy for your timeshare contract.


Due to the sparse number of online Fastest Exit timeshare reviews, obtaining a quote in advance was challenging. Depending on the complexity of your circumstance, a typical range we have observed in the company ranges between $2,000 and $15,000, Timeshare owners are expected to consult the company for an accurate Fastest Exit cost.


Fastest Exit Ratings

The  Fastest Exit Reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page has an “A” rating with a 4.4-star rating. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and in the past year, it has received eight complaints. Some negative comments include: taking money and not delivering, sending constant emails, and having poor communication. 



While this Fastest Exit Review seems as though the company has a vast knowledgeIf you want to locate a timeshare exit company, check out our list of timeshare exit companies, phone us at 619-354-2362, or fill out the contact form or live chat on the right side of the website.