Resort Cancellation Services Review

Resort Cancellation Services Review

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In 2017, Desmond Newman’s Resort Cancellation Services debuted in Orlando, Florida. Desmond Newman managed these services. There is only a little information available or written about Desmond Newman. In light of this fact, the firm has only been in operation for the last six years, although its staff has over twenty years of expertise. It is very important to remember that the number of years of experience and the number of years that a company has been in the business does not indicate whether or not the experience reflects the whole number of years of experience that the company’s workers have. Resort Cancellation Services is aware of the fact that the business paradigm of the timeshare industry creates an environment in which it takes a lot of work for ethical salespeople to thrive. When you engage Resort Cancellation Services, your timeshare developer has two choices: either they can spend thousands of dollars over months or years fighting a battle that they are sure to lose, or they may keep all of the money that was stolen from you and resell the timeshare.


Resort cancellation of timeshares and resale are the two most important services that Resort Cancellation Services offers. The corporation gets out of almost all of the timeshare contracts by terminating them. We will immediately end unwanted phone calls, visits from debt collectors, foreclosures, charge-offs, and additional timeshare payments. In addition, the organization offers refunds for cancellations made from any state. Clients have the right to make written requests for refunds if Resort Cancellation Services does not live up to their end of the bargain if the agreement is violated, or if the service requirements are not satisfied.


Resort Cancellation Services Website Review

The website for Resort Cancellation Services is well designed; nonetheless, the backdrop of the homepage should be improved to be less intrusive. The links to About Us, Cancellation, Resale, Events, Title Company, Reviews, and Calculating the Cost of a Timeshare are at the top of the homepage; the website is easy to use.


Legal Timeshare Cancellation and Marketing are mentioned in large letters on the webpage, along with a free consultation and the need to contact the organization as soon as possible to get out of a timeshare contract. On the other side is a form for requesting a consultation. The first step in the process requires you to provide private information on the website’s contact form, such as your name, email address, and phone number. After that, Resort Cancellation Services will contact you to discuss your opportunities inside the firm. Those who are contemplating whether or not to maintain their ownership of a timeshare will find this to be a very helpful device. A blog is also available on the website, in addition to the calculator, and visitors can read articles the owners wrote about the firm. People interested in buying, selling, or renting timeshares will find these articles helpful and illuminating since they contain recommendations and guidance.

About Us

This page contains no additional information about the company; however, we can view the Orlando, Florida office’s mailing address and phone numbers. This page’s article is more of a reassurance to clients that their timeshare issues will be resolved and that a full refund is guaranteed. Additionally, there are unverified testimonials on the About Us page and the company’s success rate. Then there is the ‘How it works’ section on this About Us page outlines the three actions necessary to cancel your timeshare successfully. 


  1. Free Consultation.
  2. Case Review.
  3. Timeshare Cancellation


Immediately, there is a consultation form that timeshare owners need to fill out and submit; this discourages timeshare owners from putting off filling out the form, which is a smart move for the designers. Additionally, offering many lightning-fast connections to the Resort Cancellation Services website. There are simply email addresses, phone numbers, and a map indicating the location of the business; there are no linkages to the company’s many social media sites; this displays their enthusiasm to hear from clients via whatever medium is most convenient for them, which is another thing that strikes us about the company. Despite this, the website is easy to use and welcoming to users. 

Cancellation and Resale Service

Resort Cancellation Service is an industry frontier when it comes to eliminating timeshare accounts from credit reports and other public records. The firm will give a report based on our analysis of the potential risks associated with your timeshare investment, and it will employ tried-and-true methods to delete and contest any timeshare accounts. If timeshare companies or debt collectors violate federal consumer protection rules, you will receive comprehensive credit monitoring and protection against identity theft.


Resort Cancellation Service boasts that it provides the most effective advertising and marketing campaigns for timeshares and that its customer care professionals will help you sell your timeshare. There is a provision for competent timeshare cancellation lawyers who can assist you in promptly quitting your timeshare property and can help you do so via this provision. The company claims you will learn about your alternatives, strategy, or payment options after your free consultation, even though the appointment is free. Customers who want to know the cost of the service before getting in touch with the supplier will find this to be an adverse circumstance. When you go in for an initial consultation, the service receives your contact information before deciding whether or not you want to employ their assistance; This puts you at risk of receiving spam calls and emails that you did not bargain for, both of which will make the process of leaving your timeshare more difficult. However, Resort Cancellation Services provide legal services that might put potential clients’ minds at rest concerning the service’s quality. It is said that their purported legal staff puts a lot of effort into each contract it gets, and it has a perfect track record. 


The Event Page reveals that Resort Cancellation Services also advertises at Trade fairs, Convention Centers, Nascar, Popular Vacation Destinations, Television, Social Media Platforms, and Radio; this increases the exposure of the company’s client properties, which generates purchase and rental offers for the company. Resort Cancellation Services also incentivizes its international clients to attend various events. There is also a photo gallery of held events on the page. Adding a photo gallery is considerate, as it convinces prospective clients that the company is legitimate, actively working, and meeting their expectations. 


Resort Cancellation Services also provide a timeshare cost calculator so that you know how much your timeshare currently costs and will continue to cost you. The company also has a small blog and a frequently asked questions section that responds to queries such as how much Resort Cancellation Services costs and whether the process will affect their credit. Resort Cancellation Services do not provide a definitive expense estimate for their services. 


Resort Cancellation Services Cost

Although Resort Cancellation Services do provide a free consultation, there needs to be more information on the costs of their services can be found on their website. This strategy is used by the great majority of timeshare exit firms as part of their overall marketing strategy in the hope of attracting new clients. The company generally hides the bulk of information about Resort Cancellation Services costs and payment plans from potential consumers until they initiate a free consultation; this makes it possible for companies to collect information about their customers before delivering a service. Because of this, prospective customers are more likely to get fraudulent phone calls and unwanted emails, making it easier to cancel their timeshare. Another reason why we choose to suggest escrow payment firms is because of this particular benefit. 


Escrow payments provide some comfort and the confidence that your issue will be fixed before your payment is completed if you are not fully satisfied with the firm you are doing business with.


Resort Cancellation Services Rating

The Better Business Bureau does not recognize Resort Cancellation Service as a certified business. On the BBB platform, the firm does have a good number of customers who have left bad feedback, but it also has a good number of customers who have left good feedback. On the Better Business Bureau’s website, the Resort Cancellation Services review has received an average rating of 3.6 stars with an A- rating and is not BBB accredited. On Google, where the firm has received an average rating of 3.6 stars out of 5, there are reviews about Resort Cancellation Service that are both favorable and bad. 



While Resort Cancellation Services reviews show that the company has been exiting customers’ timeshares, there is no mention of an escrow payment method on the website. Timeshare owners are advised to tread cautiously when dealing with Timeshare exit companies to avoid being scammed by fraudsters. Check out our directory of trustworthy timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or use the contact form or live chat on the right side of this website if you’re interested in selling or transferring your timeshare ownership.