Can You Get Rid of an Avalon Vacation Club Timeshare?

Can You Get Rid of an Avalon Vacation Club Timeshare?

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The Vacation Store of Miami is the company in charge of the Cancun, Mexico-based timeshare scheme known as the Avalon Vacation Club. It was formerly associated with Avalon Resorts and its distinctive hotels, including Avalon Grand Cancun, Avalon Grand Panama, and the Official Exit Program for Avalon Vacation Club.


 Avalon Vacation Club provides timeshare vacation deals to its customers. It is an appealing option for those trying to find a way to save travel costs. However, the Avalon Vacation Club timeshare has several shortcomings that make it unsuitable for many individuals. Members of the Avalon Vacation Club may buy a certain period at a particular resort or location as part of a vacation package. The package consists of lodging, food, and entertainment. To utilize the timeshare, the member must first pay an initial charge and a yearly maintenance fee. The member also has the choice to generate money by renting out their timeshare to other individuals.


The cost of the Avalon Vacation Club timeshare might be its biggest drawback. The initial cost may be in the thousands of dollars, and the yearly maintenance costs may be in the hundreds. Additionally, the member is committed to the timeshare for a certain period, often 10 to 15 years, making it hard to terminate the agreement if the member changes their mind. In addition, and this may be expensive, the member is liable for any harm done to the property while using it.


The Avalon Vacation Club timeshare’s inability to be easily rented out to others is yet another drawback. Because the timeshare rental market is often crowded, it may be challenging for members to locate tenants and generate income from their timeshares. The member is also financially liable for any harm while the timeshare is being leased out. Due to its high initial and ongoing fees, lengthy commitment, and challenges in renting out the timeshare, there may be better options for many individuals than the Avalon Vacation Club timeshare. For these reasons, prospective purchasers should carefully weigh all their options before deciding whether or not to acquire a timeshare.


Customers Feedback on Avalon Vacation Club

Refrain from surprising if you realize that others are attempting to get out of Avalon Vacation Club timeshare; below is some customers’ feedback on their patronage.


Better Business Bureau

“We bought their program even though we are timeshare owners. The speaker said we could get hotel rooms and condos for a 50% discount. My spouse travels for business and was looking forward to using this benefit. When we actually tried to get a hotel, we found it was the same price has or They had mocked those sites during the presentation saying their program was so much better. Also we were unable to verify information at the time of the presentation and weren’t able to access the member site until 5 days after we bought–too late to cancel. These folks are bad news. We paid $6000 as well.”

“We went to their presentation and signed three attendance documents. We were supposed to get certificates for airline tickets in the ****, certificates for 2 days in hotel, and $200 gift certificate to We have not received any.”


What Are Timeshare Resale and Timeshare Exit?

A timeshare being sold as a resale is already owned and is not offered by a developer, resort, or other third party. Eliminating the developer results in pricing for the timeshare resale being considerably cheaper than many would anticipate. A timeshare that has been sold again might be considered a used or secondhand timeshare. However, You shouldn’t assume that these timeshares differ from those offered by resorts or developers.


Owners may be assisted by timeshare exit teams and companies to leave or cancel their timeshares. Usually, they have a team of attorneys working just on your case. Both the outcomes and the price of services might be quite different. Companies that guarantee “exits” from timeshares also provide cancellations. However, regardless of the small or huge transactions, timeshare owners are advised to cooperate with only timeshare exit companies that employ the escrow payment process. Some of these companies often portray timeshares as a fraud when many exit companies are true scammers.


Lawsuits Against Avalon Vacation Club

  • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. MICHAEL E. KELLY No. 06 CR 964 Violations: Title 15, United States Code, Sections 77q(a) and 77x and Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1341, 1343 and 2.

Michael Eugene Kelly, a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico, ran the Avanti Motor Corporation and many other bogus resort businesses. He was charged in 2007 by the FBI, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office charged him with running a massive Ponzi scheme that robbed over a thousand senior citizens and older people of their retirement funds, along with 23 other people. It was ultimately revealed that more than $342 million was lost by 7,000 victims from around the United States.


On December 22, 2006, Kelly was taken into custody at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. At his detention hearing, he offered a private plane, four boats, and a racetrack as collateral, claiming to make $55,000 a year and having just $48,000 in assets. His entire wealth was outside of the United States. He was sent to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago after being refused bail.


Kelly set up a plea deal that involved compensating the victims to avoid being charged. He was remanded in jail after entering a not-guilty plea to 14 fraud charges on May 14, 2008.

A judge permanently barred him from breaching the Securities Exchange Act 1934 on April 14, 2009. He stayed in jail on June 30, 2012, while the court partially liquidated assets to redress Ponzi scheme victims. To get house arrest for colorectal cancer treatment, he was sentenced to 5 years in jail with a $10-million bail in December 2012. Kelly passed on December 22, 2013, in South Bend, Indiana.


A comment on TripAdvisor entails that.

 Michael Kelly, the former proprietor of the Avalon Grand and other properties and businesses named Grupo Kelly, was arrested and jailed for a massive fraud scheme in the U.S. He, however, died, and a Federal Trustee (Special Master) for the criminal courts liquidated his assets to provide some restitution to his victims.


 Grupo Kelly’s biggest Cancun hotel was the Avalon Grand Cancun Hotel (“Grand”), a 119-room oceanfront hotel in the hotel zone. The Grand had a 51% occupancy rate, a $67.70 average daily visitor fee, and a loss in 2009. The Special Master launched the hotel in early 2011 during a slow pace commercial real estate recovery in Mexico. The Grupo Kelly Restitution Trust Company that operated the hotel, Corporativo Nola, S.A. de C.V., had been sued by numerous former workers before the Special Master was appointed, which worried investors. The Special Master and the buyer established an escrow account for the buyer to resolve the pending labor litigation after a lengthy negotiation.


Grupo Kelly exploited the “vacation club” model. Over 7,000 people bought pre-paid timeshares. The criminal prosecution alleged universal leases, but these timeshares were different. These vacation club memberships allowed buyers to stay at hotels for a certain number of years for a flat price. The Special Master discontinued the “vacation club” due to low sales. Before the Special Master vacation club, memberships have to be fulfilled. Thus, the purchasers of each hotel received these holiday club contracts.


Deedback for Timeshare Owners at Avalon Vacation Club

If you want to cancel Avalon Vacation Club timeshare membership with the resort, you have various choices. These include calling the hotel or resort’s customer service department or looking into third-party services that may assist with the leave procedure. According to experts, directly checking with the resort is the first step. Refrain from speaking to just anybody when you phone them. 


When returning your property to the company, maybe for a few hundred dollars, ask particularly for the staff member who handles “deed-backs” or “surrenders.” A resort may have information about surrenders online; some resort programs have some deed-back programs, but a search for an official exit program for the Avalon Vacation Club did not turn up any results on the websites of the Hotel NYX Cancun or the Vacation Store of Miami. For most hotels and resorts that provide such programs, it is typical not to have an official exit program.


Avalon Vacation Club Rescission Laws

For timeshare buyers, rescission is important. Rescission involves terminating a contract and returning its property. The rescission period might vary depending on your Avalon Vacation Club Rescission agreement and state. Most importantly, rescission periods are brief. Most timeshare rescission periods last 3–14 days after signing.


Write a letter to utilize your timeshare rescission period. Even if your contract allows oral rescission, write it down. Check your rescission period and acquire your information in writing. Check whether your resort offers a business center to type the letter while on vacation. Try a library or café with computers and printers. Check your timeshare documents for further details. You don’t need to provide a cause for canceling, but you must state your intent to retract the contract. Your documentation may also specify letter delivery. 


Find out what you need to do and follow the instructions, each agreement is different, and state legislation may vary on the distribution method. Some demand certified mail, while others allow in-person delivery. Choose a reliable delivery option to get your mail in on time.


Using Escrow to Protect Your Payment

Escrow might be helpful while searching for a timeshare exit company. During the timeshare cancellation process, a third-party company will hold your funds in escrow. If everything goes as planned, the escrow company will release your money to the timeshare exit firm. When using escrow, a timeshare owner may be certain that their contract will be terminated without hiccups. Escrow is still used, but now a third party (in this case, an attorney trust account) holds your funds until the completion of the transaction. With escrow, both the customer and the business are safeguarded. The price will go up.


Advantages of Canceling Timeshare

  1. Timeshare owners are often surprised by yearly maintenance costs in their mailboxes. Distracted purchasers often need to pay more attention to these contract costs. It might become a bothersome expenditure instead of a beneficial contribution.
  2. Selling a timeshare contract is often the most discouraging part. Timeshares have little resale value, even in desirable locations. Too many customers think they can sell their property if they no longer desire it. Owners often waste money trying to sell their timeshare. After exhausting all options, they decide to call a timeshare cancellation company. Trying to sell something no one wants isn’t worth it anymore.
  3. Despite the previous issues, many timeshare owners can’t handle the push to upgrade. Timeshare sales funnels never stop, surprising many buyers. Every worry or want may be exploited against them. Timeshare firms realize that signing a contract is only the beginning. Features, upgrades, entertainment, and excursions are utilized to upsell; this is initially exhilarating, but many timeshare owners feel overwhelmed. They are weary of presentations and unforeseen costs. From royalty to number may be shocking. Some dislike this and want to terminate the contract.


  • Can you get out of a vacation club contract?

The ability to cancel the agreement is often given to timeshare buyers within a certain time window. Most states and certain international nations have rules that provide timeshare purchasers with at least a few days to terminate the agreement, typically between 3 and 14 days.


  • Can I sell my timeshare back to the resort?

You may sell your timeshare stake back to the resort developer via deed-back schemes. A deed back technically results in no monetary compensation for you. However, it might result in some savings on your future mortgage payment and maintenance costs.


  • Can you just walk away from a timeshare?

Most timeshare providers won’t accept returns unless you’re still inside a brief “cooling off” period. You may be eligible to break your timeshare agreement if you just recently purchased it.

Choose a company that has been around for at least five years if you decide to go this way, and then check the BBB website to see how the company resolved complaints. The company probably received complaints if their company had been operational long enough.

If you want to exit Avalon Vacation Club timeshare, read through our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, phone us at 619-354-2362, fill out the contact form, or use the live chat feature on the right side of the website.


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