Timeshare Defense Attorneys Review

Timeshare Defense Attorneys Review

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Timeshare Defense Attorneys is a fully operational Las Vegas law firm. Their professional legal team delivers high-quality legal services to people and organizations in various practice areas. Timeshare Defense Attorneys believes in giving each client customized attention, taking the time to understand each client’s specific requirements and problems, and working relentlessly to accomplish their objectives. The team is dedicated to offering fast and cost-effective legal solutions without sacrificing quality. Because the organization recognizes that legal matters may be complicated and daunting, there is a provision for customers to get clear and concise counsel customized to their unique case. 


Timeshare Defence Attorneys is devoted to delivering great client service in addition to legal knowledge and takes pleasure in being available, responsive, and active in approach. Clients may be certain they will get the best customer service possible throughout the legal procedure. If you were duped into purchasing a timeshare, you could get rid of it by bringing a lawsuit. Timeshare Defense Attorneys assist clients in getting out of contracts by using real estate, contract,  and consumer protection laws. Timeshares will no longer be a financial burden in this manner.


Richard Fonbuena, Esquire, is the Managing Partner of Timeshare Defense Attorneys. Richard Fonbuena, Esq. ‘s founder, earned legal expertise in various fields, including immigration, family law, criminal defense,  commercial litigation, and personal injury cases. Mr. Fonbuena graduated from Brigham Young University’s famous J. Reuben Clark Law School and was admitted to the state bars of Nevada and Utah.


Timeshare Defence Attorneys Website Review


A photo of Attorney Richard Fonbuena is in the front. A call to action for a free consultation will direct you to a form. Fill out and submit the form. The Timeshare Defence Attorney main page provides information on various kinds of timeshare contracts and timeshare defense lawyers. Goes on to list three stages to freedom, which are as follows:

i. Booking a free consultation.

ii. Answering a few questions

iii. Getting your case started with an attorney.

Timeshare Defense Attorneys take pride in their diligence and experience. The company has been active in the exit game for three years and has an excellent record thus far. There is also additional information regarding how timeshare owners can sell their timeshares on the same page.


Trusted Partners

These logos are not hyperlinked, so it is unclear how Timeshare Defence Attorneys is affiliated with these entities.


How It Works

This page contains a comprehensive version of the step to freedom mentioned previously and three individualized FAQs. 



  • How long will it take? Anywhere from 3 to 36 months to be free of your timeshare.
  • How much will it cost? Far less than your maintenance fees. Of course, but can you give us a definitive answer?
  • How do I get started? Book a free consult.

Next, we see three testimonials from satisfied customers. Naturally, we always exercise caution when perusing reviews that lack source citations. However, this website’s Reviews page contains numerous reviews rated and linked to the source; this is the kind of business transparency we expect from any timeshare exit company.


Our Team

In addition to seeing each team member at Timeshare Defense Attorneys, there is an icon next to the profile that allows us to email them.

Here you will find all departments, not just the Attorneys’ office. The staff comprises a managing partner, two attorneys, eight client services specialists, seventeen new client onboarding specialists, seven exit consultants, one operations manager, and a marketing manager.


FAQs Analysis

The FAQ page lists a list of queries that Timeshare Defense Attorneys has addressed. Most responses are accurate, but the range of 3 to 36 months to get owners out of their timeshare stands out. Most timeshare exit companies estimate a 12-month exit period, which is significantly longer than usual.


Reviews Page

You can peruse verified Google Reviews on the Review page. Although the reviews on the website are not hyperlinked to Google Review Page, in other words, you cannot click on them; the source (Google) and star ratings are displayed. A ‘Write a Review’ icon at the bottom of the page allows you to contribute your honest review to their page; this is complete transparency.



You can either complete the form on this page, which requires your personal information and reason for contacting them or call their toll-free number to get started. It is essential to assemble your timeshare-related documents and wait for the company’s response. This page also contains the company’s address and a map to identify its location.



This page contains two educational articles accessible to timeshare owners and website visitors.



There are three distinct locations for timeshare defense attorneys: 

  1. Timeshare Attorney Las Vegas.
  2. Scottsdale, Arizona.
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Deed Back Program of a Timeshare Developer vs. Timeshare Exit Company

Deed-back programs enable you to transfer your timeshare interest back to the developer of your resort. Technically, you do not receive any cash in exchange for a deed back, but it can save you money on your mortgage payment and maintenance charge in the future. This program can be implemented by timeshare proprietors on their own.


Usually, timeshare owners who do not understand how the deedback program operates or who are in such significant debt require a counsel’s assistance to negotiate their debt contact exit companies. While most timeshare exit companies do not disclose their service fees, Timeshare Defense Attorneys utilize a fixed fee structure, which is commendable; this is contrary to the practice of the majority of timeshare exit companies, which charge a lower fee at the beginning of the procedure and a higher fee before contract termination. We prefer to recommend only businesses that use the escrow payment method, as we refrain from companies that offer money-back guarantees.


In House vs. Outsourced Attorneys

Whether an exit company and its attorneys successfully terminate a timeshare is subject to their methods, aggression level, and a resort’s desire to keep its owners in their contracts. Some exit companies are law agencies. Others retain outside counsel to deal with resorts. Customers may need to learn who precisely is carrying out tasks on their behalf or who is responsible for completing them, which can be perplexing. When there are lengthy delays, exit companies will sometimes blame their law firms, who will then point the accusation back at the exit companies.


Typically, exit companies will not disclose their techniques, claiming trade secrets. At Timeshare Defence Attorney, timeshare owners work directly with attorneys with experience negotiating their way out of debt rather than outsourcing the work.



There are several essential qualities to look for in a timeshare exit attorney, but the most important is the availability of a free consultation. The procedure of terminating a timeshare contract can be difficult and expensive. It would help if you acted swiftly to defend your liberties. It is also essential to remember that time is paramount and that the deadline for filing a complaint may be short. If you do not act immediately, you may be sued.


First, the lawyer must have experience. A competent timeshare attorney will not charge excessive fees but must be honest about your situation and ensure you comprehend everything. In addition, if you do not vacate your timeshare within the stipulated timeframe, it will be recorded as a foreclosure and negatively impact your credit. Another essential characteristic to search for in a timeshare attorney is familiarity with vacation ownership law. While some lawyers may claim to have extensive expertise in this area, the vast majority do not. These attorneys lack the necessary skills to represent timeshare owners effectively. If you seek counsel with this specific skill set, locating the ideal candidate may take some time.


Although the website of Timeshare Defense Attorneys does not specify a fee, you should be aware that the company can provide you with an affordable remedy at just a small percentage of what it would cost to keep your timeshare; Timeshare Defense Attorneys can also manage mortgage balance cases.



Additionally, it is essential to note that respectable timeshare exit lawyers do not guarantee a complete refund. According to a recent analysis of timeshare contracts, timeshare exit lawyers are not permitted to offer a money-back guarantee. There is no mention of escrow or credit protection options anywhere on the website. Given that they are a law firm, we expect them to offer both options. Please inquire about the following services during your complimentary Timeshare Defense Attorneys Cost consultation. An escrow account is necessary to safeguard your funds until the hired exit team fulfills its pledge to help you terminate your contract.


Timeshare Defense Attorneys Cost

Timeshare Defence Attorney offers free consultations, but the cost of services rendered depends on the type of timeshare exits a timeshare owner desires; a Timeshare Defense Attorneys Cost is provided to any timeshare owner following consultation; This is understandable given that the majority of timeshare exit companies do not publish their prices online.


Timeshare Defense Attorneys Rating

Timeshare Defense Attorneys review has an A+ BBB Rating and Accreditation, a 4.5-star rating, and a 4.4-star rating on Google Review, with most reviews expressing satisfaction with Timeshare Defence Review. These Timeshare Defense Attorneys reviews demonstrate that the company’s services are responsive. Suppose you’re interested in selling your timeshare. In that case, you can explore our list of credible timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, submit a contact form or engage in a live conversation on the right side of this page.