What Is the Average Cost to Get Out of a Timeshare

What is the Average Cost to Get Out of a Timeshare

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Canceling a timeshare comes at a high price. However, there are numerous reasons why selling your timeshare is wise. Although the expense of timeshare cancellation is a concern, many timeshare exit companies offer deed-back services for free or a nominal fee. 

In certain situations, canceling a timeshare is the wisest course of action, but the industry is rife with misleading advertising, empty promises, scams, and fraud. There are various timeshare cancellation options, but which is best for you? How do you steer clear of fraud and excessive charges?


What Does Timeshare Cancellation Mean?

When a timeshare is canceled, the exit team often bargains with the resort business to release you from the rental contract. When timeshare owners miss their purchase’s rescission period, cancellation is necessary. Negotiations may be required in place of a simple cancellation letter to terminate a timeshare contract. An alternative like an exit program is a big assistance for struggling customers since timeshare cancellation is still a relatively young industry.


It’s crucial to distinguish between timeshare cancellation companies and timeshare resale companies. The Federal Trade Commission cautions owners to avoid timeshare fraud. Avoid timeshare exit companies who demand upfront payments only to offer your timeshare for resale on the secondary market. Sadly, the exit company could be attempting to take advantage of you. Although a fee is associated with legally canceling your timeshare, you are certain to get expert help. How much is it going to cost? That is a difficult question since it depends on the kind of exit plan you need. Additionally, the related costs vary depending on the client’s needs.


How to Legally Get Rid of Timeshare

Contact the timeshare developer: That first sales pitch looks less appealing once you sign the contract and decide against purchasing a timeshare vacation. Consider contacting the timeshare developers to cancel the agreement. It could include returning the timeshare or waiving the yearly payments, although this is only sometimes possible.


1. Rescind the Contract:

There is a small window during the rescission period to cancel a timeshare. It often starts after the contract is signed and might extend to 14 days, although the specifics depend on state legislation. The Federal Trade Commission does provide timeshare owners with a minimum of three days to alter their minds.

Read the contract carefully since it must have a “right to cancel” provision. If you change your mind about your purchase, you must exit immediately.

Timeshare companies often require owners to submit written cancellation requests. The letter must be carefully written to demonstrate that you have no additional debts owed to the property.


Writing Letters of Cancellation for Timeshares

Included in any letter canceling a timeshare must be the following:

  1. The current time and the date of purchase.
  2. Your name as it appears exactly in the original contract.
  3. Your contact details, including your postal and telephone numbers.
  4. The timeshare company’s name.
  5. The contract’s description of the timeshare.
  6. A formal declaration that you are terminating the agreement.

2. Employ a lawyer:

The fact that many owners consent to modifications for their homes is one of the primary reasons why timeshares turn into a money hole. Even if the change is as little as switching your favorite vacation week, you agree to a new contract every time you accept an offer. Before you realize it, you are bound by many irrevocable contracts.

If in doubt, consult a lawyer to assist you in navigating the legal system. Look for a legal firm with expertise in exit contracts and timeshares. In most cases, these experts may assist you in breaking out of the agreement and dealing with collection agencies over the timeshare’s monthly and yearly maintenance payments and other related expenditures.


3. Hire a Timeshare Exit Company

Hiring outside help, particularly a timeshare exit company, is another successful approach. These timeshare exit companies educate you on the finest strategies to use when dealing with difficult timeshares while assisting you in terminating your undesirable timeshare contract. Engaging with a timeshare exit team has the sad drawback that not all services are helpful. Some target the vulnerable, emailing or making phone calls to elderly travelers who purchased timeshares years ago and wish to sell them for various reasons. It can be because they can no longer afford the upkeep cost or don’t use the house anymore.

Such companies often employ aggressive sales tactics to persuade clients to utilize their tools to break free from timeshare agreements. Ironically, the strategy is the same one that timeshare marketers use first to promote timeshare purchases.


Don’t be duped; there are reputable timeshare exit companies that will devote the time to assist customers. Even with a money-back guarantee, anybody who claims to be able to get rid of your timeshare for significant upfront payments is too good to be true. If a timeshare exit team is shady, you might lose thousands of dollars while still owing money to the timeshare company as the owner. Instead, seek companies that do not want immediate payment before providing services. Choose those with considerable expertise dealing with timeshares and know how to break a timeshare contract lawfully.


Average Cost To Get Out of a Timeshare

The price for exiting a timeshare may differ depending on some factors. Options often cost between a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Even though each circumstance is different, consulting with a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer may help you decide how to end your timeshare agreement in the most beneficial way possible.

The cost of terminating a timeshare agreement will vary based on the contract’s provisions and circumstances. A timeshare cancellation typically costs between $3,000 and $15,000.


Reading the contract carefully and comprehending its terms and conditions is the first thing you should do if you wish to terminate your timeshare arrangement. Many timeshare agreements have a section outlining the charges for terminating the agreement.

Every timeshare purchasing contract is unique. As a result, each owner has a significantly different average cost for cancellation. It all depends on your particular circumstances. The following are typical inquiries that timeshare exit companies use to determine a customer’s cancellation fee:


  • Which timeshare developers did you buy it from?
  • How long have you had your timeshare?
  • Have you completely paid off your timeshare?
  • If not, how much is your outstanding timeshare mortgage debt?
  • What is the cost of your yearly maintenance?
  • Do you need to catch up on any of your monthly payments? Are you dealing with a timeshare foreclosure or a collection agency?
  • Is there anything in your timeshare contract about cancellation?
  • Which method of timeshare exit do you prefer?

Rescission: It is free, depending on the state where the purchase was made; timeshare owners often have 3 – 14 days after the original purchase to rescind their timeshare. It is important to note that timeshare owners can do this by reading their contract and following the rescission instructions to initiate a rescission, as well as crafting out timeshare cancellation letters and mailing them at once and through registered mail, in which the company must sign upon the receipt of the letter.


Deed Back to the Timeshare Resort: This will cost you between $500 and $2,500. If you miss the rescission period, you may contact the Timeshare resort and enquire about returning the property to the company. Most timeshare companies will not let you utilize their deedback scheme if you have a mortgage.


Timeshare Exit Companies with Lawyers: This may cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000, but despite the high cost, it has proved to be the only viable option for timeshare owners who want to break out of their contracts with timeshare companies.


Timeshare Exit Companies without lawyers: the price range for this service is between $2,000 and $15,000. A timeshare exit team that does not include lawyers may occasionally assist timeshare owners looking to cancel their timeshare. On the other hand, these organizations provide victims of timeshare fraud with quick and inexpensive results. Even if it has proven to be one of the ways out, there is still a possibility that it will fail to be successful.


Watch Out For Exit Timeshare Scams

Several companies offer to help you terminate your timeshare agreement, but most are frauds; These businesses often charge an initial upfront fee for their services but are not permitted by law to break your contract. We recommend engaging companies that offer escrow since these businesses often take your money without doing anything to assist you in getting out of your timeshare.


Make extra cautious you complete your homework before working with any business to assist you in terminating your timeshare. Ask for guidance from friends or family, research credible online reviews, and check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine whether the timeshare exit firm is an active member. Some timeshare exit firms have had their BBB ratings revoked, and several have shut down during the last two years.



In light of this, for customers who feel obligated or imprisoned by the weight of their undesirable timeshare contract, speaking with a timeshare legal company with experience in negotiating timeshare cancellation may be one of the most cost- and time-effective options. Have any further queries or worries? We’re here to assist you! If you wish to cancel your Timeshare, go through our database of trustworthy timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, complete the contact form on the right side of the page, or start a live chat with us.