Resort Consulting Group Review

Resort Consulting Group Review

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Resort Consulting Group, founded by  Gerald Stracke and headquartered in Van Buren, Missouri, provides timeshare cancellation services. It states that the company has been in operation since 2007; however, its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile indicates that it has existed since 2016. During our research, we came across Gerald Stracke, a Springfield, Missouri resident who was similar to the person we think to be associated with this enterprise. On LinkedIn, one Gerald Stracke has indicated that he is connected to Wyndham Timeshare Sales. 


Resort Consulting Group is a business founded by veterans and claims to specialize in resolving any problems you may be having with your vacation accommodations. One of the services it offers is terminating bothersome timeshare contracts. To avoid becoming victims of timeshare scams, owners must conduct extensive research on any timeshare exit company with which they plan to do business. We will be analyzing the Resort Consulting Group Timeshare Exit Company below.


Resort Consulting Group Website Review

Because the Resort Consulting Group website could be more appealing, one would think they had accidentally stumbled upon a modeling scouting website. The site’s quality could be better, even though it does not live up to the expectations of its function. The website’s background is comprised of a single black-and-white stock photo of a model, and the use of the colors red, orange, and yellow against the black-and-white backdrop only makes the website appear even more unprofessional. The website needs to be more tidy and have better organization, as evidenced by the usage of stock images and the configuration of the information it presents. Suppose you look carefully by highlighting the webpage of Resort Consulting Group. In that case, you will see that the white background obscures some writing. There are three further pages outside the homepage: the About page, the Services page, and the Contact page. 



There are no educative or informative articles on this page. The only write-up on the page that can keep the interest of potential clients is hidden by the white background; it is in small fonts and contains a grammatical error. The homepage needs to be more professional and keep a client interested in going through whatever Resort Consulting Group has to offer.


The following text on one of the slides can be seen: “Strategies that work, Advice that you can rely on, Experts who’ve been there.” There are no in-depth explanations of how successfully their strategy operates, no forms of advice that imply the company is aware of what it is doing, and there are no specifics on how the company’s experts perform their jobs or the kind of expertise it has accumulated throughout their careers.


Some social media icons should naturally take you directly to the social media platforms of Resort Consulting Group. However, Facebook is inaccessible because there is a notification that the page owners have restricted it to a small group or changed who can see it or that it has been deleted; this is a major warning sign and is not professional. In addition, the Twitter and Google Plus accounts also lead to a blank page that does not respond to clicks. In the meantime, there is a call to action for clients to follow them on these unresponsive platforms, which is one of the ways clients can access the track record of any timeshare exit company. These channels are one of the ways clients can get the track record of any timeshare exit company. The company’s telephone number and address are on this website’s homepage. Resort Consulting Group can be reached at that number.


About Us

On the page titled “About Us,” there is a welcome piece that reassures customers that the company can resolve all accommodation concerns. After that, there is the approach that every customer’s demand is different, and there is a custom solution that can be tailored to fit the customer’s requirements. In addition to that, there is a section labeled “What We Do,” which has subheadings such as “Expert Analysis,” “Strategic Planning,” and “Risk Management.” You can access the Service page by clicking the “What We Do” and “What Does It Cost” links.


Service Page

There is a mention of a timeshare service provider provided by a third party on the page dedicated to services. On this page, you will find a variety of service offers, each with its associated price. On this website, Resort Consulting Group makes it very apparent that the company is not a law practice and cannot provide legal advice because of this fact. The corporation makes it very apparent that there is no such thing as timeshare rental or resale and recommends to customers that they should not sell their timeshares.



On this page, you can find a map showing the company’s location, as well as its email address and telephone number. Users can fill out and send a contact form on the other side of the page. Notably, there is availability for various channels to get in touch with Resort Consulting Group. There are various ways to get in touch with Resort Consulting Group.


Resort Consulting Group Cost

Although it is common practice for timeshare exit firms, the prices of their operations will typically only be made public on their websites after a consultation has been scheduled with the company. The following list of Resort Consulting Group costs is detailed on the site.


  1. Simple Contract Review: It will cost $39.99 to review your contract and ensure that you and the timeshare provider fully comprehend the nature of the transaction.
  2. Presentation Ride Along: If you feel uncomfortable attending the “update meeting” yourself, the company can arrange for a more experienced timeshare owner or someone with deep industry knowledge to accompany you. Prices range from $159.99 to $299.99, depending on the resort.
  3.  Cancellation Assistance: The fee for receiving assistance in canceling a timeshare membership is $39.99.
  4. Perpetuity Evaluation: If you are concerned that your timeshare will put an undue financial burden on your offspring in the future, we can help. It will cost you $39.99 for Resort Consulting Group to evaluate your ownership or any initiative you are contemplating.


Although it is commendable of the company to display a Resort Consulting Group cost on its website, all of these services, except one or two, are standard timeshare exit services; nonetheless, how they have been priced or presented must be clarified for the reader. The only exceptions are the one or two services specifically mentioned as exceptional. Because of this, we do not believe that a potential customer would be able to read into the situation more easily than we have. This is the most important factor. If the customer doesn’t get what you’re selling, you’re not performing your job properly. However, the company emphasizes not being an attorney and cannot provide legal advice; therefore, you should take everything Resort Consulting Group says with a grain of salt.

Additionally, we advise consumers to refrain from doing business with organizations that do not provide escrow payment choices. When you use escrow as a payment method, you have the power to ensure that your work is completed before any of your money is distributed to the other party involved; this is essential because it maintains the integrity of the organizations that help people get out of their timeshares and guarantees that you have a clear understanding of everything involved in the transaction before you do it.


Resort Consulting Group Review

There are thirteen testimonials for the company’s services that can be seen on their profile on the Better Business Bureau. In the past year and a half, Resort Consulting Group review has received 21 complaints, 20 of which have been resolved. Resort Consulting Group has earned a rating of 1.9 stars out of 5 for the quality of its services, and the Better Business Bureau has given them a grade of F, although it is not an accredited company. 

The star ratings mostly reviews found on their Better Business Bureau page are mostly 1-star. You won’t find any other reviews flying around the internet either, which causes us to believe that this organization is the worst-managed timeshare exit service or a hoax.



This Resort Consulting Group review exposes how unprofessional the company works. Its website needs to provide detailed information that will attract clients to hire them, enlighten clients about timeshares on its website, and be more precise about its mode of operation. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee or upfront payment, nor is there an escrow payment method, which is unsafe; it does not state how the company intends to receive payment from client. The company’s F rating on BBB is enough reason why timeshare owners should refrain from patronizing this company or any company that does not offer escrow services. 

Suppose you are interested in selling your timeshare. In that case, you can peruse our listing of reputable timeshare exit companies, call 619-354-2362, submit a contact form on the right side of the website, or engage in live chat with one of our representatives.