Linx Legal Review

Linx Legal Review

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Craig Musumeci founded Linx Legal in 2009 and received accreditation in 2017. The company is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it is one of the many timeshare exit companies that can assist you in canceling your timeshare. Linx Legal has been in business for approximately 11 years but was not officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau until 2017.


Finding a reputable exit company to terminate your timeshare can appear daunting. Several Timeshare exit companies claim to know precisely how to get you out of your timeshare but fail to live up to their claims and sometimes run off with your money. While examining Linx Legal Inc as a timeshare exit company that claims to be the “Industry’s Premier Timeshare Debt Cancellation Company,” we will determine whether or not the company has lived up to its claims regarding the timeshare exit industry in this Linx Legal review.


Linx Legal Website Review

Professionally optimized, the homepage of Linx Legal’s website features a live video that maintains the homepage vibrant and appealing and is aesthetically and strategically situated to capture your attention. Linx Legal is eager to work with you to find a long-lasting solution to your timeshare exit challenge.

The header of the homepage is a well-organized structure that facilitates site navigation. In addition to the homepage, we see Who We Are, What We Do, Timeshare Statistics, How We Work, Frequently Asked Questions and Contact.



On the homepage, Linx Legal makes inventive use of attention-grabbing wording, claiming to be “The Industry’s Leading Timeshare Debt Cancellation Company,” followed by the slogan “Only the Best is Good Enough.” Linx Legal cannot conceal that the company is the finest in the industry and wants site visitors to contact them promptly for assistance.

Next, Linx Legal provides multiple ways for new and existing clients to contact the company to have their timeshare exit questions answered, including a quiz, toll-free phone numbers, email, and a Contact form. We believe the questionnaire section is inappropriate for the company’s homepage because it needs more professionalism. Linx Legal is devoted to communicating with its clients frequently about their cases and will also keep its clients informed about the timeshare canceling procedure.


Who We Are

The Who We Are page describes what Linx Legal does and who is responsible for a successful Timeshare exit. Linx Legal reassures its clients on this page that the company excels at what it does best and that the entire Linx Legal team has extensive knowledge of the timeshare industry and exit process and can deliver as promised. In addition, the company promises to keep clients informed at every stage of their timeshare exit.

There are pictures and concise descriptions of each staff member and their function, as well as the option to email any of these staff members according to their duties to contact the business. Although it is commendable that this company displays its employees on its website so that clients can become acquainted with staff members and their responsibilities, we find it suspicious why the company’s proprietor is not displayed. According to our findings, the CEO of the company is Rosario Craig Musumeci, a LinkedIn page that is believed to be his, with his past employment history indicating that he was a vice president at Wyndham from 2005 to 2009. For this reason, Mr. Musumeci likely does not want to appear on his website. It is unprofessional to sell people timeshares and then bill them several thousand bucks to get out of them.


On this page, there are logos of various media platforms. One would expect these logos to link to the company’s social media landing pages, but alas, none of the logos are linked to the company’s social media platforms; this makes it challenging for potential clients to learn as much about Linx Legal as the company desires. More is needed for a professional business, as it helps consumers comprehend how active the company is and what people say about it on these platforms.


What We Page

In addition to canceling timeshares, Linx Legal seeks to educate its clients about the potential pitfalls of purchasing a timeshare. The company recognizes that many people will continue to fall victim to these Timeshare Resort Owners; therefore, there is a need to educate clients about Timeshares. This page contains a second instance of the witty questionnaire; a survey sounds more professional, but if the quiz’s purpose is to engage clients playfully, this page, as opposed to the homepage, is ideal.


There are twelve educational and informative Timeshare articles on this page, and they are organized and titled in a way that makes it simple for clients to identify the article that meets their requirements. Clients are reminded once more to contact Linx Legal to terminate their Timeshare. Linx Legal immediately posts a notice informing clients that the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and that no unresolved complaints are on file. Recent negative star ratings on the BBB platform do not match the information on the Linx Legal website. There is a commendable effort because the BBB logo is hyperlinked and directs users directly to the BBB platform. Nevertheless, Linx Legal’s platform has received significant positive feedback. Linx Legal makes provision on this page for clients to contact an expert with any questions. In addition, Linx Legal lists 18 different Timeshare companies on this page so that clients can indicate which timeshare company they are attempting to exit when contacting the company.


Linx Legal mentions at the bottom of this page that it is not a law firm, despite its name, and that it rarely uses attorneys when exiting a client’s timeshare and that if the company does, it will foot the bill. It is still being determined how the company intends to do this or if it is included in the fees being charged to the client. One of Linx Legal’s selling factors is its unwavering assurance that it can effectively dispose of your timeshare.


Timeshare Statistical Information

This section details how the timeshare industry has been managed. There are specific estimates for clients to review, learn about timeshare statistics and the actual cost of ownership, and comprehend why they should sell their timeshare.


Where We Work

On this page, there is a colorful aesthetic view and a notice that Linx Legal serves the entire United States and has three physical office locations described below. We can view the complete street address, phone number, email address, and fax number.


FAQ Analysis

  • Who is Linx Legal Inc?

Who exactly is Linx Legal Inc?

Linx Legal Inc. is a consulting firm with more than ten years of experience in canceling timeshare debt. The company collaborates with seasoned attorneys and other businesses to eliminate timeshare obligations.


  • Does Linx Legal Inc. buy, rent or sell timeshare?

No! Linx Legal Inc. assists families in eliminating their timeshare debt, whether or not they have a mortgage.


  • Is Linx Legal Inc a law firm?

Linx Legal Inc. is not an attorney’s office. Linx Legal Inc. acts as a liaison between you and an attorney if one is used to terminate your timeshare debt. Linx Legal Inc. eliminates all client risk, instead of the client hiring a licensed attorney and paying hourly fees without guaranteeing a successful resolution. If we need an attorney, Linx Legal will foot the bill.


The above responses reflect Linx Legal’s replies to the question as seen on the website; Timeshare owners can contact the company if they still have questions.


Linx Legal Cost

Despite perusing numerous reviews on the web, we could not determine any Linx Legal cost. However, compared to most timeshare exit companies, Linx Legal does not publish Linx Legal cost online; this is common, as termination fees are typically determined following a complimentary consultation with the company. In our experience, however, the standard range for all exit companies is between $2,000 and $15,000. In general, the fees are proportional to the complexity of your case. If an exit company attempts to charge you in advance without knowing your circumstances, flee!, they are almost certainly a fraud. We recommend that you work with only companies with the escrow payment option to safeguard you and your payments.


Linx Legal Ratings

Linx Legal has a Better Business Bureau rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and 89 total reviews, so many customers have rated the company five stars. Very few of their 59 reviews have ratings below 5 stars. 

As we observe prompt responses to all complaints, we believe Linx Legal handles all of its cases professionally; however, it is unknown whether the complaints were resolved, but it is evident that Linx Legal has acknowledged the complaint with a reply. You can find many positive reviews on the BBB’s website, as even their 4, 3, and 2-star reviews are professional and positive. 



In our findings in this Linx Legal review, there is no mention of escrow on the website, but the company guarantees refunds; Timeshare owners ought to be careful of such timeshare exit companies and refrain from working with them. If you want to get out of your timeshare, peruse our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or fill out the contact form or live chat on the right side of this page.