Lonestar Transfer Review

Lonestar Transfer Review

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Lonestar Transfer is a Texas-based timeshare exit company. Karen and Bryan Holloway established their family-run business in 2012. Before founding Lonestar Transfer, the Holloways assisted timeshare owners in canceling their mortgages and transferring property ownership. Since founding the company nearly a decade ago, the Holloways claim to have assisted over 14,000 individuals in obtaining timeshare exits. The business provides a money-back guarantee for those it is unable to assist.


Lonestar Transfer describes itself on its website as “Your #1 timeshare exit company.” if you pay close attention to its service details, you’ll discover that despite what its name may imply. Lonestar Transfer offers more than just timeshare transfer services. 


Lonestar Transfer is distinguished from other timeshare exit companies by providing clients two options for selling their timeshares. It offers timeshare transfer services to clients who are the sole owners of their timeshare, and the company also offers mortgage cancellation services to clients who still owe their timeshare mortgage. In numerous situations, a consumer may be able to terminate their mortgage. Lonestar Transfer assists clients in identifying these instances and determining whether or not they are pertinent to their situation.


Lonestar Transfer Website Review

The Lonestar Transfer website has detailed landing pages with information about Timeshare cancellations, Timeshare transfers, FAQs, Reviews, About Us, News, and Contact. 



The Lonestar Transfer homepage is open about its accomplishments to date, as the company has canceled over 18,000 timeshares and eliminated over $300,000,000 in timeshare mortgage and maintenance fee debt for its clients. This information is enthusiastically displayed on the homepage. And on the opposing side is a form to fill out and submit for a free consultation. A 100% achievement guarantee and a money-back guarantee are also displayed for timeshare owners.


Additionally featured on the homepage are proprietors Bryan and Karen Holloway on the set of “Good Morning Texas.” Here, they had the chance to explain how they assist proprietors in terminating their contracts. In addition, they explain what inspired them to establish Lonestar Transfer in the first place. The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce has awarded “Emerging Business” status to Lonestar Transfer. Bill O’Reilly has endorsed the company. We also observe that Lonestar’s primary service is its title transfer services; we will explain how Lonestar’s services work in this article.


Endorsements and Features


Next, we’ll examine some celebrities who have endorsed Lonestar Transfer, including Charlie Kirk, Sean Hannity, Jesse Kelly, etc., and appearances on Fox News, News Max, and the Dan Bongino Show, among others.


FAQs Analysis

  • How long does your process usually take?

Because every client’s situation is different, there are differences in process timelines. You will receive a written, guaranteed schedule for your specific situation after the appointment.


  • Do you sell my timeshare?

You won’t find Lonestar Transfer on any listing company. Owners of timeshares may be certain that we would never make false promises to them. A common example is the claim of many companies that they can find a buyer for your timeshare; avoid dealing with scam companies. After all, if timeshares were simple to sell, you wouldn’t be researching options to get rid of yours.


  • How much does it cost to exit a timeshare?

The fees depend on the specifics of each client’s situation. After consultation, you will receive a written estimate of the total cost and a guaranteed completion date.


We agree that resolving timeshare issues will differ from timeshare owner to timeshare owner, but we recommend using Escrow to safeguard yourself from fraud. Never rely on any money-back guarantee assurances, as they are invalid.



On this page, you will also find client reviews of the company; however, although they are portrayed as coming from a reliable source, they are not hyperlinked for reference purposes. You should visit credible sources to read real-time reviews of the company.



The News page is a page that serves as a blog with informative and educational articles on how to get rid of your timeshare effectively.



On the Contact page, we can find the free consultation form, phone number, and social media handles for Lonestar.


How Lonestar Transfer Works

Lonestar Transfer provides its customers two services: Timeshare Transfer and Timeshare Cancellation. The principal service offered is timeshare transfer.

The timeshare transfer service is for clients with paid-in-full timeshares who wish to avoid paying maintenance fees and other expenses associated with timeshare ownership. The company lists several reasons why a person might contemplate transferring ownership of their timeshare, which include: Not getting a return on investment, Being tricked into buying the timeshare in the first place, Not having the time to travel or use the timeshare, Feeling confused about the timeshare process.


According to Lonestar Transfer, it assists timeshare owners with the transfer procedure. Suppose the owner already has a buyer or someone who wishes to assume property ownership; In that case, Lonestar Transfer will assist them in drafting the transfer documents. Additionally, the company can assist timeshare owners who do not have a buyer lined up; In this case, Lonestar Transfer could assist the owner in transferring the timeshare to a third-party acceptance party. Once the third party acquires the timeshare, it rents it to vacationers looking for a week-long getaway.


Since not all timeshare owners are completely free and clear, Lonestar Transfer provides timeshare mortgage cancellation as a secondary service. The company is forthright about how mortgage cancellation works and the legal grounds for a timeshare owner to cancel their mortgage, including the following: The timeshare owner should have been informed of the 3-14 days rescission period after their mortgage closed. Certain loan applicants have a three-day right of rescission following the closing date. The timeshare owner may cancel the loan if the timeshare company fails to provide this information, The timeshare owner was misinformed about the tax benefits of purchasing a timeshare, the timeshare company used fear tactics and intimidation during the sales presentation, and the timeshare company misrepresented the fees and costs associated with timeshare ownership.


Lonestar Transfer does not define the specific measures to assist timeshare owners in escaping their mortgages. It does state that the procedure can be protracted and typically begins with a letter to the timeshare company. Lonestar Transfer states upfront that it cannot assist every timeshare owner. Additionally, it is stated that an individualized approach is taken with each client. Potential clients are advised to arrange a free consultation with the company, which can take place over the phone or in person at the company’s Texas office.


A company representative will ask the timeshare owner for additional property information during the consultation. Lonestar Transfer will determine if it can assist the client based on the ownership status, nature of property, and location. Suppose it believes that a client would benefit from its service. In that case, it will inform the client of the optimal option and initiate the process. In addition to assisting clients in selling their timeshares, Lonestar Transfer claims it can also assist clients in terminating their vacation club contracts.


Lonestar Transfer Lawsuits


Lawsuits against timeshare exit companies are common, and Lonestar Transfer is not an exemption. In this instance, Lonestar Transfer sued a third party. The company filed a lawsuit against Nashville Tennessee Ventures in 2019. Lonestar has contracted with Nashville Tennessee Ventures for mortgage cancellation services. Lonestar accused Nashville of contract violation.


Lonestar Transfers Cost

On its website, Lonestar Transfer does not provide specific pricing information. Lonestar Transfers costs vary, depending on whether customers choose the timeshare transfer or cancellation option. The procedure duration influences the total Lonestar Transfers Cost; the initial consultation is provided at no cost.


In general, a client of Lonestar Transfer can anticipate spending several thousand dollars on the company’s services. The company offers its money-back guarantee in writing and provides a 100% money-back guarantee. It promises to assist individuals in getting clear of their timeshares and to reimburse any money paid if it cannot do so. Notably, it does not specify a deadline for transferring or terminating a timeshare mortgage.


When working with clients, certain timeshare exit companies employ an escrow system. When a client funds the company, the payment is not made directly to the company. Instead, it is stored in a third-party account. The timeshare company is only compensated if it fulfills its obligations. Escrow provides clients with a further measure of security. They know that their money is secure and that the timeshare company cannot spend it if it fails to fulfill its obligations. Lonestar Transfer does not use an escrow service.


Lonestar Transfer Rating

The proprietors of Lonestar Transfer have promoted their service in the media. Some personalities, including Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, have endorsed the company. But endorsements only convey part of the narrative, namely that the business has sufficient funds to pay individuals to advertise it.


Online testimonials from past and present customers can provide a more precise assessment of the company’s value and whether or not it lives up to its claims. It is essential to maintain caution when perusing online evaluations; however, some evaluations could have been compensated monetarily or in other ways. When reviewing reviews, those published on neutral, third-party websites like Google, Better Business Bureau,  and Trustpilot are more likely to be reliable and authentic. There will be no negative or critical evaluations of a company’s service on its website.


Many individuals check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before deciding whether a company is legitimate. The BBB’s website presents Lonestar Transfer reviews in a favorable light.

The average review score for the company is 4.95 stars out of 5. It additionally holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Lonestar Transfer does not currently have BBB accreditation. What do these scores indicate? The average rating of 4.95 stars indicates that most BBB website reviewers had positive things to say about the company. The majority of the over 730 reviews the company received were five-star ratings. Numerous five-star evaluations on the BBB’s website express the same views. They observe that Lonestar Transfer provided the service it purported to provide and assisted individuals in selling their timeshares. Typically, between 6-9 months is mentioned in most reviews. BBB gives Lonestar Transfer an A+ rating. The Better Business Bureau has received three complaints against Lonestar Transfer in the past three years. Each of these complaints has been resolved, with the most recent complaint dating back to 2019. The BBB’s website does not list any government actions against Lonestar Transfer.


The circumstance is comparable to Google, where the business has an average rating of 4.9% out of 5. Lonestar Transfer has an overall score of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, with over 100 five-star reviews.

The majority of reviews for Lonestar Transfer are extremely positive. The company’s high ratings on sites that vet and verify reviewers provide some assurance that it’s not the result of paid endorsements. The BBB’s A+ rating also indicates that Lonestar Transfer lives up to its claims.



While at this Lonestar Transfer Review, we discovered that Lonestar Transfer does not offer an escrow payment option; therefore, all fees must be paid upfront. We never recommend paying upfront fees for a timeshare, leading to innumerable fraud.

In addition, there needs to be a mention of whether the company employs timeshare attorneys, which is important to know when dealing with exiting a timeshare contract. We only recommend exit companies with no upfront fees and escrow payment options so that you remain protected. Search our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or use the contact form or live chat on the right side of the page to contact us.


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