Montgomery and Newcomb Review

Montgomery and Newcomb Review

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Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC was established in 2018 by Scott Montgomery in Springfield, Missouri. The law firm focuses on timeshare cancellations and other practice areas like litigation, real estate, and pharmaceuticals. A Montgomery and Newcomb Review will give us closure on the company’s effectiveness and a clue to its cost and ratings.


Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC Website Review

A professional appearance provides the website with a perception of professionalism. The website’s header is well-organized, containing the company’s name and logo, followed by the menu, which includes Home, About, Why Our Firm, Timeshare Cost, Testimonials, Other Practice Area, and Contact. 



Legally terminating your timeshare is one of the most secure ways to regain your independence, as stated on the homepage, which every timeshare owner desires to see. On its homepage, Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC guarantee to help timeshare owners legally terminate their contracts. The link for Clients to request a free consultation leads to the Contact page, where the consultation form is located.


Over 75 years of combined legal experience demonstrates Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC’s knowledge and ability to manage various legal matters. Their emphasis on assisting clients with timeshare-related issues and their dedication and passion for advocating for victims exemplify their commitment to achieving positive results. It strives to provide effective client representation and obtain favorable results by employing various case-specific legal strategies and approaches. The company encourages timeshare owners and victims of timeshare fraud to contact them to escape their contracts.


There is also a Testimonials section on the homepage; however, there is no link to a credible source, so we cannot verify the source of these testimonials.


About Us

On its About Us page, Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC, a law firm that defends victims of timeshare schemes, released a statement. The organization claims it has been sued by major timeshare corporations, including Wyndham and Bluegreen, for allegedly aiding consumers who were allegedly misled. The statement emphasizes the company’s dedication to consumer rights despite legal conflicts and financial risks. The company’s tenacity in the face of multibillion-dollar lawsuits against timeshare companies demonstrates that it has struck a nerve and has an effect. The organization represents victims who cannot take on large timeshare corporations alone. The written statement also includes an assurance from the timeshare company that it will withdraw the litigation if it ceases to fight them and defend its consumers against their practices. Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC decline the offer, demonstrating its commitment to assisting consumers and holding timeshare companies accountable despite the personal costs and risks. The statement conveys the company’s unwavering commitment to its customers and its resolve to make significant efforts to combat the timeshare industry, portraying them as advocates for justice in the face of formidable adversaries. The About Us page is divided into the Team and Process pages.



The company lists only two key personnel, including the chief executive officer. This section provides brief biographical information about the staff members.



Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC perform similar responsibilities to attorneys, such as filing complaints, initiating disputes, and negotiating settlements. In addition, it stresses their desire to avoid litigation whenever possible. The process includes the following:

  1. Free Consultation: The company provides prospective clients with a no-cost consultation in which they can discuss their timeshare status and receive initial direction.
  2. Case Evaluation: Once a client decides to proceed, the client intake department of the company examines their file. If permitted, the client becomes the organization’s client.
  3. Account Termination: The company’s legal team endeavors to permanently eliminate the client’s timeshare debts. Throughout the process, the client can access a client account and communicate with the legal team for any questions or assistance.

Maintenance Fee

On the About page, the company informs its clients about Maintenance Fees and the consequences of not paying, which could increase your Montgomery and Newcomb costs.


Why Our Firm?

Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC put its best foot forward on this page, stating why clients should hire the company for the job. The company also adds 22 common lies told to timeshare owners during presentation sales.


Timeshare Cost

This page contains a maintenance fee calculator. Timeshare owners can calculate and view the costs associated with sustaining timeshare fees and the amount of money they will save once they begin terminating their contracts.



All of the Montgomery and Newcomb reviews on this page are not linked to any credible source; these testimonies need to link to a credible site where feedback on the company can be found. The testimonials are positive, but we cannot verify their integrity.


Other Practice Area

This page provides an overview of additional services provided by Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC.

Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC know that other consumer-related issues may also arise. The deception of purchasers into purchasing defective timeshares is a significant issue. These unscrupulous practices include high-pressure sales tactics, deceptive investment returns, hidden fees, and misrepresenting property features or availability. Some companies make it difficult to sell or terminate contracts for timeshares. Numerous clients seek legal counsel to comprehend timeshare contracts and their available exit strategies.


According to Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC, real estate transactions require planning and expertise. Property ownership, zoning and land use issues, border disputes, contract violations, financial concerns, and title insurance concerns may arise at various stages. Judicial intervention is typically required to safeguard the parties’ rights and interests in these disputes. Real estate attorneys can help clients navigate transactions, negotiate favorable terms, and resolve disputes through litigation, mediation, or arbitration.

The pharmaceutical industry provides essential medications and treatments to the public. Nonetheless, defective drug development and marketing continue to be a challenge. When drugs cause injury, legal recourse is necessary. Attorneys specializing in pharmaceutical lawsuits, such as Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC, can assess the situation, gather evidence, and assist victims in seeking compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, and other losses. These lawsuits may involve complex legal and medical issues; therefore, specialized representation is necessary to protect victims’ rights and hold the guilty accountable.


People may need legal counsel for cases involving, among other things, timeshares, real estate, and medications. Accidents, medical misconduct, and product liability cases seek compensation for injuries or losses caused by another party’s negligence or misconduct. Claims for worker’s compensation guarantee that injured employees receive medical treatment and compensation for lost wages. Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC advocate for their client’s rights and a fair trial. In these areas, seasoned attorneys at Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC can advise, represent, and manage clients.



The contact page includes the following:

  • The company’s office address.
  • Phone number.
  • A link to a map with driving directions.
  • A consultation form.

Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC Cost

There needs to be more information available regarding Montgomery and Newcomb Cost, LLC. The company does not disclose information about a money-back guarantee, which may initially appear advantageous because it implies that no upfront payment is required. The average Montgomery and Newcomb cost to exit a timeshare should range from $2,000 to $15,000, But you can consult the company to assess your timeshare and provide you with a Montgomery and Newcomb cost that reflects your timeshare status. Even though the company offers free consultations, common among law firms and providers of timeshare exits, this is neither a recommendation nor a guarantee that their services will be reasonable or inexpensive.

As discussed previously on this website, hiring an experienced counsel to help you get out of your timeshare may be advantageous, but it can also be exorbitant, especially if you have a mortgage on the property. There is no mention of Escrow payment, We recommend that timeshare owners opt for the escrow payment method and shun every money-back guarantee promise.


Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC Rating

The Better Business Bureau of the Eastern & Southwest Missouri and Southern Illinois issues a warning about the Springfield, Missouri timeshare exit law firm Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC. Consumers informed the Better Business Bureau that the company failed to terminate timeshare contracts, contact customers, issue refunds, conduct deceptive sales presentations, and provide inadequate customer service. 


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Montgomery & Newcomb, LLC an “F” grade for numerous unresolved complaints, the lowest grade possible. The company has multiple negative ratings. Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC’s website states, “We assist consumers in legally terminating timeshare contracts.” Complaints to the Better Business Bureau indicate substandard service.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers against doing business with Montgomery & Newcomb, LLC. BBB has a history of Montgomery & Newcomb, LLC consumer complaints. Examples of BBB complaints include contract violations, contract termination, customer contact, refunds, misrepresentation of sales presentations, and poor customer service. These complaints indicate that Montgomery & Newcomb, LLC has caused consumer problems.


The BBB addressed these concerns. The BBB contacted Montgomery & Newcomb, LLC on January 26, 2023, to resolve customer complaints. The business ignored the BBB’s letter.

On April 26, 2023, the BBB issued a press release regarding Montgomery & Newcomb, LLC. This press release informs and raises awareness about the company’s business practices. This press release is issued by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to warn consumers against doing business with Montgomery & Newcomb, LLC.



Montgomery and Newcomb reviews, according to our analysis of its operation, has yet to prove the credibility of all its website information and promises. We urge owners of timeshares to tread carefully when interacting with Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC. If you need assistance in finding more timeshare exit companies, visit our list of timeshare exit companies, give us a call at 619-354-2362, complete the contact form, or initiate a live conversation on the website’s right side, and we will assist you on locating the ideal timeshare exit company.