Tradebloc Review

Tradebloc Review

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Tradebloc is a capital company that provides solutions for debt management, cancellation of contracts, and discounted travel. The headquarters of Tradebloc is in Dallas, Texas, United States. Trade Bloc employs at least 25 people. Established in 2018 under the leadership of Timothy Clark.


Tradebloc Website Review

The main page of the Tradebloc website is compact but comprehensive, very organized, professional, and simple to access. The header and footer remain the same on every page, while the header contains the company’s phone contact, the email address that redirects you to your email inbox, the office location that redirects you to a Google map and its Attorney logo, which redirects you to its Attorney Page. Meanwhile, the footer has 3 active social media platform logos of the company that redirects you to their respective profiles. The menu on this website includes Home, About Us, Our Team, Press Releases, and Contact Us.



Although the website design tries to embody all the company’s services, It is a perfect design for a cryptocurrency site; however, Tradebloc Attorney Firm also renders cryptocurrency services. Tradebloc has several companies under it; they include Trade Credit and Debit, Trade Capital, Trade Travel, Trade Marketing and Trade Music; However, some pages need to be more responsive (ALT market direct under Tradebloc Capital and Tradebloc Marketing).  


About Us Page

The About Us page is the primary location to locate the precise information you need to know about the company. This page content provides concise but useful information about the various services, making it simple to understand what to expect; Tradebloc explains that its services include contract cancellation, debt settlement, credit monitoring, and credit and identity theft protection, and All of this, based on their ratings, which also apply to timeshare exit shall be reviewed below.


Our Team Page

Seeing that their entire staff is listed on the Our Team page is encouraging. It demonstrates a degree of integrity that is uncommon in timeshare exit operations. The Tradebloc website is a well-organized, useful resource for connecting with this business.


Press Releases Page

The Press Releases Page, Is a page that contains news and blog articles of Tradebloc. Clients could also get enlightened about updates on services rendered by Tradebloc.


Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page has the company’s contact information, including email address, phone contact and office location. Then there is a request for clients to call the company immediately.


Tradebloc companies

The followings are Tradebloc companies and the services they render:


The Tradebloc Credit and Debt

Under Tradebloc Credit and debt, the following appears:

  1. Credit Monitoring: It assists you in identifying any suspicious changes to your credit report, such as new inquiries, new account information, name changes, new addresses and new delinquencies. You will receive a notification if the Tradebloc system identifies any of these items. Additionally, Tradebloc closely monitors your credit activity. Since everyone is susceptible to identity theft, Tradebloc guarantees that you will receive protection alerts whenever Dark Web activity involving your SSN, financial account numbers, credit card numbers, health insurance number, and more are detected.
  2. Credit Accuracy: Tradebloc has developed an enhanced method of credit repair for companies in the industry to secure and improve their clients’ credit. Tradebloc’s reasonably priced services offer the highest standard of credit repair assistance to companies that wish to offer it to their clients. Tradebloc is the only credit repair company in the industry that focuses exclusively on the clients of different companies and does not offer its services openly to the general public. Tradebloc provides nearly 90% effective methods at halting negative items that most credit repair companies are either oblivious of or completely disregard because they cannot generate revenue using them.
  3. Debt Management: Tradebloc has assisted over 6,189 clients in renegotiating their contracts with creditors, incurring no out-of-pocket expenses. Tradebloc provides attorneys who can bargain with your creditors to reduce the balance you owe or release you from the debt entirely; this is quite distinct from debt consolidation or credit counseling, the goals of which are to reduce interest rates or monthly payments. The company’s legal staff works tirelessly to discharge you from all contractual obligations. The legal team at Tradebloc is skilled in bankruptcy and debt negotiation. Unlike other law firms, you will be informed of the benefits and distinctions of both services during consultations instead of pressuring you to choose one or the other. Do not consult a counsel who only handles bankruptcy cases. Get all the options available. Tradebloc manages all negotiations and correspondence with your creditors and debt collectors. The company manages all arbitration cases and will tailor a strategy to your circumstances. Consider debt settlement if you have substantial debt, such as credit card debt, medical expenses, payday loans, unresolved timeshare contracts, and personal loans. You can rest assured that Tradebloc will steer you toward the optimal solution.

Tradebloc Capital

Under Tradebloc Capital, the following appears:


Even though the content is sparse, Travelclub IQ allowed us to learn more about the company’s proprietor and CEO, Tim Clark. We discovered he has a history of making such options available to consumers. travelclubIQ, an additional website managed by Clark and Tradebloc, contains some resources for locating discounted flights and hotels. 


Overall, there is a sincere investment in providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to make prudent financial decisions, particularly concerning travel; It would appear that Tradebloc not only assists individuals in resolving long-standing disputes with resorts and timeshare companies but also offers an intriguing alternative to timeshare programs, this is a promising option to see, given that many timeshares take advantage of people’s desire for discounted travel as well as their desire to revisit a favored destination multiple times.

Notably, Tradebloc has a distinct website for its travel-related services. It provides comparable information to the Travel subpage of the main website and serves primarily as a center for contacting the company.


Tradebloc Travel

Under Tradebloc Travel, the following appears:

Members of Tradebloc Travel never have to be concerned about not receiving the best price on every excursion. Tradebloc ensures that you and your family will continue to take luxurious vacations for the remainder of your lifetimes. There is a provision for a members-only travel team that assures you of specially negotiated members-only rates that are so excellent that they cannot be displayed to the general public.


Tradebloc claims to have created the best travel fulfillment technology to provide its members with the world’s best, authentic, discounted travel, utilizing big data and custom algorithms to get travelers across the world on their terms. The company’s mission is to support a movement of travelers who wish to engage with people and cultures that are vastly different from their own.


Tradebloc Music

Under Tradebloc Music, the following appears:

We are informed that Tim Clark is an entertainment enthusiast, DJ, and music producer whose songs can be found on Spotify and whose music is distributed globally by Warner Music Group. In 2023, TIM CLARK delegated the day-to-day operations of Tracebloc to a group of seasoned professionals; this has enabled CLARK to devote all of his time and substantial energy to his genuine joy and passion: music and DJing. Tradebloc promotes Tim Clark’s music on its music platform.


Tradebloc Attorney

Tradebloc, Inc. announced on February 1, 2023, that it had hired attorney Adam J. Wax, Esq. and the Wax Law Firm. They are an independent law firm that will provide effective representation to clients’ advantage. 


Adam Wax received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and Juris Doctorate from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law. He has extensive experience in various legal disciplines, such as business/contract law, criminal defense, personal injury, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Mr. Adam Wax will manage a wide range of legal issues pertinent to client requirements by assisting in resolving disputes, negotiating settlements, and drafting contracts.


Tradebloc Cost

 The Tradebloc cost will likely vary depending on your circumstances, but the average cost of selling a timeshare is between $2,000 and $15,000. It is always a good idea to take advantage of any complimentary consultations that Tradebloc may offer to obtain an accurate Tradebloc cost estimate; Keeping this in mind, ensuring that whoever you work with does not charge upfront fees is also prudent. Regarding exiting a timeshare, we recommend working with the company that employs escrow for payment; this means that the company assisting you will only be compensated once your contract has been effectively terminated.


Tradebloc Review

Sadly, Tradebloc is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, many positive reviews can be found on the BBB website. Most notably, Tradebloc’s rapid response to customer reviews on the BBB website stands out.

The following are evaluations from the BBB’s website.

  • “Finally free. Tradebloc worked with us to be out of the timeshare trap. Took about 8 months. Timeshare should be illegal. It was such a waste of money. They just kept sending us extra bills and the payments got higher and higher. Having to pay to get out just added insult to injury. NEVER buy a timeshare”.


  • “Tradebloc was a lifesaver. We were just so tired of never being able to get in after we paid thousands of dollars to them. We had several that we need to get out of. It took a bit to get out of all of them but Tradebloc did a great job and the communication from them was very helpful. Well worth the money to be finally rid of it all. Thanks, everyone”.

In addition to these evaluations, we discovered that Tradebloc review is a 4.3-star rating and a B- rating on Better Business Bureau and a good number of five-star reviews on both Google and Facebook. The company is also active on Facebook, routinely providing information about preventing identity fraud and obtaining assistance with financial and credit issues; this indicates that the company has a long history of being trustworthy with its clients and effectively assisting individuals in terminating their timeshare contracts.



This Tradebloc review shows that Tradebloc is involved in many services. The website needs to include all the information any frustrated Timeshare owner desperately looking to exit their timeshare would like to see. There is no mention of how long it takes them to exit from timeshare contracts, how payment would be done, or mention of a refund, money-back guarantee or escrow payment. New clients only have feedback from clients to confirm the company’s capability. Search our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, or use the contact form or live chat on the right side of this page to escape your timeshare obligation.