How to Get Rid of Massanutten Timeshare

How to Get Rid of Massanutten Timeshare

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The town of Massanutten can be found in Virginia’s Rockingham County. You can go snow skiing, ice fishing, golfing, or even horseback riding without ever leaving the area. It can be found in a valley at the base of Massanutten Mountain to the south.


If you have previously purchased a timeshare and are now looking to get out of Massanutten timeshare, you are in the right place!


Massanutten Timeshare Customers Review

The reasons why people desire to cancel Massanutten timeshares are discussed in several reviews. You can find numerous one-star ratings of the business on its Consumer Affairs and TripAdvisor pages, including the following:

    • “Timeshare Tour Nightmare!!! I’ll first start off by saying that my family had an okay time. The waterpark was exceptionally fun for me and my family, but it got old after an hour. Food options were limited. We had to google places where we could get food that was at least 5+ miles away from the resort. I asked a timeshare salesman where we get a decent breakfast, and he told me Mcdonalds. So, when you arrive they will ask you if you want to participate in a tour in which you’ll receive a $200 gift card. You will have to put down a $50 deposit to make sure that you’ll show up. They said that they will provide breakfast (donuts and bagels) as well. Our tour started at 8:30 am and was suppose to end at 10:30 am. We where they until 11:30 am and we were starving by then! The salesman are pushy and will try to get you to make a life changing decision in 5 minutes after the tour is over. That was the worst 3 hours of my life! Yes, you’ll get a debit card with $250 (includes your deposit) on it, but they will ask you to put it towards the timeshare that they’re trying to get you to purchase. We denied several times and they just kept coming. I just walked away and asked where can I pick up my deposit and $200. My advice DONT DO IT!” (TripAdvisor)
  • “I am writing this regarding my timeshare with Massanutten! Stay far away from this group, as they are indeed a timeshare scam and want nothing more than to take your money! It is impossible to book a reservation, and upon sending multiple letters to try to come to some amicable resolution, Michael Owens, the “Hospitality Director,” ignores all requests and sends you to collections or worse, submits a warrant in debt and brings you to court, even if you’ve told them you couldn’t afford it!! This company does not care about anything other than money and could care less about their “owners”! If you ever go to a Massanutten timeshare presentation, say NO a thousand times!!!! They are also under the management of Great Eastern Resort Management which Michael Owens is associated with! Timeshare is a waste of money, and I’m not sure how it is still legal as it is not real property!!!!!! Trust me when I say Massanutten is the worst of the worst, and I have made this thread so everyone who has had Massanutten can share their awful experiences; that way, everyone knows how horrible this company is; that everyone stays far, far away!” ( tugbbs)

Class Action Lawsuit Against Massanutten Timeshare

  • Lisa S. NELSON v. GREAT EASTERN RESORT MANAGEMENT, INC. t/a Massanutten Ski Lodge, et al. Record No. 020680. January 10, 2003, Supreme Court of Virginia.
  • Caroline B. EMSWILER, Plaintiff, v. GREAT EASTERN RESORT CORP., et al.…602 F. Supp. 2d 737 (W.D. Va. 2009) United States District Court, W.D. Virginia, Harrisonburg Division

Massanutten Timeshare Resale Vs Exit

Timeshare owners mistakenly believe that their property is a wise investment while, in most cases, the opposite is true. Selling a timeshare can be extremely difficult; some don’t even get $1 on eBay. In the end, why would someone else want the timeshare if you don’t want it and are prepared to give it away for a dollar? Nobody wants to be saddled with a timeshare with excessive debt or escalating maintenance bills.


Identifying how much of your Massanutten Timeshare you own is the first step to taking action if you’re wondering how to sell it (season, week, points, etc.). Once you have it figured out, you ought to check to see if you may provide your resort directly. The majority of timeshare resorts do not provide this as a choice, but some do. In some cases, resorts may be open to working with your cancellation, so they may increase the number of timeshares they have available to sell to new timeshare owners, but this is usually only possible if you do not have a mortgage.


Therefore, timeshare exit businesses are available to assist. When you have used all of your alternatives, they might be able to get rid of your timeshare ownership.


Rescission Law

Depending on your circumstance, you may have options for rescinding your Massanutten timeshare. If you recently bought a timeshare, you should proceed with your rescission using state rescission rules. These rules often let timeshare owners cancel a transaction within the first few days after it has been made. The rescission period is always between 3-14 days after purchase. The period may vary depending on where your timeshare is located. Your timeshare developer can accept your rescission letter in person. You can also mail it in; however, we advise purchasing overnight shipping. Because you didn’t pay a few extra dollars, you don’t want to take the chance that the resort will receive your letter after the cancelation period has passed. Massanutten will be forced to reimburse the full amount of your timeshare purchase if you follow the regulations around these laws. You will receive a complete refund from this procedure, but not cash back. If you can, this is the wisest course of action because most timeshares lose value by about 50% after being bought directly.


Massanutten Timeshare Deedback


You can sell your timeshare interest back to the resort developer through a deed-back program. A deed back technically results in no monetary compensation for you, but it can save your future mortgage payment and maintenance costs. Finding out if it is possible is the first step in deeding the property back to the hotel.


Your timeshare contract likely lacks a deed-back provision, and you might not be eligible for your resort’s buyback program. When that is the situation, it is still worthwhile to get in touch with the resort management to see if you have any options.


It’s time to consider other options if they won’t take your timeshare back.


Deedback Options

It can be difficult to locate trustworthy assistance when the timeshare company declines to help you. Resorts typically offer two different choices to owners. Owners can rent out their timeshare to pay their yearly maintenance fees to other vacationers. Or they could try to sell the timeshare on the secondary market by themselves or with real estate brokers.


The resorts omit to mention how challenging obtaining either of these options is. Owners of timeshares have consistently had trouble renting out their properties. It’s easier said than done, despite the salespeople’s boasts about how simple renting out the timeshare unit would be. Renting is unlikely to generate enough revenue to pay the yearly fees.


Unfortunately, it is not any simpler to sell your timeshare. Due to the ever-increasing number of owners wishing to sell their timeshare, the resale market is flooded with listings. Exercise utmost caution when navigating the resale market. Many timeshare resale frauds exist, and many resellers are not who they claim to be.


Escrow Payment for Timeshare Exit Service

We like to recommend that you work with a timeshare exit company that provides escrow as a method of payment. This ensures that the business cannot take your money because they won’t receive the whole amount until after you have terminated your timeshare.

We’ve heard far too many tales of timeshare owners who paid a corporation for resale or cancellation services upfront only to discover months later that the timeshare is still in their name and was never canceled. Avoid being this person! Make sure the business you choose doesn’t charge exorbitant up-front costs.


Escrow is a secure payment method that you can use to cancel Massanutten timeshare since you don’t have to clear the whole amount up front; you can place some of it in an escrow account. Until the cancellation is finalized, the timeshare exit firm is unable to access this escrow account. The main thing to be on the lookout for when picking a timeshare exit company is this if you want protection for both yourself and the timeshare exit company.


Benefits of Exiting Massanutten Timeshare

Getting Rid of Hidden Fees
The timeshare firm has the right to issue liability invoices, also known as special assessment fees, for any sum. For instance, you might be liable for contributing to the cost of repairs if a natural disaster occurred at a resort.


They will also add a monthly or annual maintenance cost to your bill. These costs are in addition to the timeshare mortgage installments made each month. Additionally, you can be charged exorbitant interest rates if you borrowed money to buy the timeshare. You can cancel the timeshare to get away from these financial burdens.


Vacation at Your Own Pace
Owners of timeshares are frequently required to take vacations during specific times. When local businesses are closed during the off-season or when your children cannot take a vacation, these few options are frequently less than ideal.


Additionally, management might not perform the necessary upkeep on their homes, resulting in your vacation area eventually becoming neglected.


Finally, even if you’ve had a chance to explore the area to your satisfaction over several years, you can still feel forced to go back because of the money you keep investing in the timeshare.


Stop the Stress That Isn’t Necessary

It may feel like a timeshare is owning you after a while rather than the other way around. It can get tiresome when timeshare businesses aggressively try to convince owners to upgrade their packages. If you don’t make the timeshare payments, you can be subject to foreclosure.


Being concerned about this risk can make you feel increasingly stressed. You can lift this burden by seeking timeshare cancellation successfully.



Massanutten timeshare owners should know that there are numerous tactics and exit scams in the timeshare business.


The excellent news is that our crew knows the scams many timeshare owners seem to fall for. Additionally, we are here to prevent it from happening to you.


To protect yourself when exiting your Massanutten timeshare, we like to recommend using the escrow method. You can be fully protected if you avoid paying the exit company’s upfront fees directly. An escrow payment option is something that the greatest timeshare exit firms provide because it shows how much they appreciate their clients. How? If it means they are offering their customers a piece of mind, it demonstrates the company’s willingness to work for free for what may last one year.


If you’re looking to get rid of Massanutten timeshare, browse our list of trusted timeshare exit companies, give us a call at 619-354-2362, or submit a contact form or live chat on the right side of the page.



  • How Can I Exit Massanutten Timeshare?

Using the rescission period is the first choice for people looking to get out of their timeshare with Massanutten. You can rescind your contract when it is annulled effectively. The second option is hiring a trusted timeshare exit provider that offers escrow payment options.


  • Why do People want to Cancel Massanutten Timeshare?

A lot of people decide to cancel their timeshare with Massanutten because of the high maintenance cost being enforced on timeshare owners annually.


  • When Can I Begin my Cancellation Process for Massanutten Timeshare?

The earlier you begin the cancellation of your timeshare, the sooner you can be free of debts and unnecessary costs associated with owning a timeshare. We like to recommend hiring a trustworthy timeshare exit company that offers an escrow payment option to assist you in your cancelation process.


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