Get Rid of Tahiti Village Timeshare

Get Rid of Tahiti Village Timeshare

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Two miles off the strip in Las Vegas lies a timeshare community named Tahiti Village, inspired by tropical oases. The resort, which has a Tahiti motif, has just suites. It is family-friendly with a spa, famous Lazy River, activity center, pool area with beach entry, and other attractions. Read more on how to get out of Tahiti Village timeshare if you own one but aren’t as happy with it now as you were when you initially bought it.


Tahiti Village Rescission Law

If you recently bought a timeshare, you should move on with your cancellation using state rescission rules. These rules often let timeshare owners cancel a transaction within the first few days after it has been made. The rescission period is between 3-14 days– this may vary depending on the state where your timeshare is located. Tahiti Village will be forced to repay the full amount of your timeshare purchase price if you follow these laws’ regulations.



If you’re a recent Tahiti Village timeshare owner, you should research Nevada’s timeshare rescission period. To receive a full refund, providers must, by law, provide cancellation of timeshare agreements during this period. There is a short window where you can still get a complete refund if you bought a timeshare contract at the Tahiti Village Resort. The rescission period is referred to as this time frame. Most timeshare companies want a formal cancellation notice, but it must be mailed or personally delivered. You risk missing your rescission period if you mail something in.


You could be ineligible to retract if any documents are received outside your window. And the owner of your timeshare will not comply with your request. We like to recommend ordering express or overnight mail. Moreover, we advise using USPS-certified mail. This will prove that you filed your request because the resort must confirm receipt.


The problem is that this time frame is extremely brief. You cannot use the timeshare rescission period if you have held your timeshare for more than a few weeks.


Overview of Timeshare Exit vs. Timeshare Resale

As already mentioned, selling a timeshare on the secondary market can be very challenging. Value is crucial when taking this approach, and it will be considerably more difficult to sell your timeshare if you discover that it isn’t worth much after studying. Even if you consider using a resale agent—which is how some timeshare owners successfully sell their units—likely it’s that you won’t find a qualified buyer (or one who is interested) unless you have a timeshare that is highly valued.


On the other hand, timeshare cancellation can be a better choice; it entails that a third party contacts the timeshare developer on your behalf and takes steps to get you out of your contract. You’ll need to conduct some research before selecting this approach. When it comes to canceling a timeshare, there are a number of businesses out there that are essentially scam operations. Make sure to hire a timeshare exit company with a strong background in the field and a proven track record of cancellations that work.


Tahiti Village Timeshare Deedback Program

You can return your timeshare to the resort through a deed back clause or program. You are still liable to make your regular mortgage payments and the maintenance and special assessment fees up until that point.


Try calling your timeshare developer as one alternative to see if they can help you get out of Tahiti timeshare contract. Unlike other timeshare firms, Tahiti Village does not have information on a “deed-back” scheme online; thus, they will unlikely be very eager to assist you. Even if you might no longer benefit from your contract, you must understand that they are still making money.


Companies That Cancel Timeshares and Escrow Payment Options

Using a timeshare cancellation business that specializes in getting rid of Tahiti Village timeshare is one way to get rid of it. These businesses frequently help timeshare owners who want to cancel their agreement by hiring lawyers or other subject-matter specialists.


Unfortunately, some online timeshare cancellation businesses are not authentic and were created by con artists to rob innocent bystanders of their money by requiring advance payment. Consumer credit and Resort Release, two recently defunct timeshare exit fraud businesses, are some examples of this.


In cases when an escrow payment option is available, we do not recommend paying a timeshare cancellation business in advance. Escrow payments are made into a holding account, and the money is only given to the firm handling the timeshare cancellation once the contract has been terminated. This is the only surefire approach to ensure that you do not become a target of fraud.


Customer Review of Tahiti Village Timeshare

When searching for information about Tahiti Village timeshares, you will find several accounts of unfavorable interactions and complaints:


From TripAdvisor:

  • Timeshare presentation from Hell. We received an email for a 5-day/4 night stay at Tahiti Village for $145 ($100 of which would be “refunded” after a timeshare presentation). Because this isn’t our first timeshare experience, I knew what to expect….a 90-minute sale pitch about the value of spending time and making memories with my family (blah, blah, blah). However, these people take it to a new level (think used car salesman). Holy smokes! The appointment is scheduled for two hours (not 90 minutes like everyone else….they even make you initial the paperwork stating that you realize it’s 2 hours long) So after 30 minutes of the sales rep showing us pictures of her family on her iPad (really?…stop wasting my time) and asking us the same questions multiple times, we get herded in a room to watch a video about Somerpointe Resorts (if you get really bored during this portion of the presentation, count the number of grammatically incorrect statements made on the video, it’s cringeworthy) After the video, we heard about how we can travel the world, at all-inclusive, five-star resorts for just $169 ( I seriously hope that no one believed this), but if buying a timeshare wasn’t for us, they’d still shake our hands when we left (this was not exactly the goodbye we received.) After this, it was back to the table to be asked the same questions (for the third time) by our sales rep.

From Complaints Board:

  • Tahiti Village review: Scam, fraud, ripoff, misrepresentation. The CORRECT answer is – NO BAILOUT! I will make this very simple for everyone to understand. If a company can not make a product that the CONSUMER wants to buy at a PRICE that the consumer wants to pay, then that company, no matter how large, should go out of business. Here in GA, KIA is building a HUGE NEW FACTORY. How can KIA be making money when GM and Ford are not? GM and Ford need to cut costs and build products that people want. Good things happen when OLD NON-PROFITABLE companies are allowed to go out of business. Guess what that is. NEW MORE efficient companies come to be. For example, Eastern Airlines went out of business and then companies like ValuJet, SouthWestern and JetBlue came to be. When Government gets involved, they end up making things worst for everyone!

From TripAdvisor:

  • Tahiti Village SCAM – Las Vegas Time Share Scam. We bought into the overwhelming hype while visiting Las Vegas for our first time. At the time, my husband had lost his job, and the salesperson fudged the paperwork saying he still worked there, saying it was just a technicality (he had been out of that job for two months). I thought he was being helpful…now I know he didn’t give a rat’s ass about whether we could afford this; he had a sales quota to meet. Anyhow, this was in we have been paying the huge maintenance fees and monthly payments. Finally, last month I wrote them and said we could no longer afford this luxury and we were willing to forfeit our financial stake of $5,000 invested so far if they would take it back. We have tried selling it, giving it away, have someone take over payments, all to no avail…I just got a threatening phone call from “the collections department” stating that if I didn’t pay, they would garnish my wages…I said I had no job, so she said they would put a lien against our property; they were adamant that I understood they would take every necessary legal action to make us pay. Automatic phone calls every day, including weekends; a weekly phone call from a real person, too, including letters in the mail. I bought into their game…

Class Action Lawsuit Against Tahiti Village Timeshare

  • Mitchell Reed Sussman, Plaintiff v. Soleil Management, LLC, et al.… case No.: 2:18-cv-02218-JAD-BNW UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF NEVADA Feb 21, 2020

Benefits of Exiting Tahiti Village Timeshare

Timeshares are not worth the hassle they cause. This type of holiday rental never lives up to the hype. Having signed a contract, you may feel let down because of unfulfilled promises. Some benefits of getting out of a timeshare contract are as follows:


Stop Excessive Maintenance Payment.

The timeshare corporation has a complete choice over the liability bill amount, also known as the special assessment cost. For instance, if a natural disaster hits a resort, you might be expected to contribute to the cost of repairs.

Monthly or yearly, they will bill you for annual maintenance. The monthly mortgage payments on a timeshare include these additional expenses. There might be significant interest payments if you borrowed money to buy the timeshare. By selling your timeshare, you can stop paying these recurring fees.


Put a Stop to Unnecessary stress.

It’s possible, after a while, to feel like a timeshare owns you rather than the other way around. It might be frustrating to deal with the constant pressure from timeshare firms to upgrade your package. Timeshare foreclosure is a real risk if you fall behind on your payments. The constant presence of this threat can be very stressful. You can alleviate this burden if one pursues the cancellation of a timeshare contract.



A timeshare exit business can provide legal assistance if you believe Tahiti Village misrepresented its product before you bought it. Even though returning the timeshare to Tahiti Village is generally always the easiest and most cost-effective option. After all, the contract you signed is binding on both parties.


We like to recommend only working with timeshare exit firms that provide an escrow payment option if you decide to hire legal representation. Escrow is crucial since it provides a secure exit strategy from your timeshare and helps you avoid scams. The timeshare departure firm will not be paid until after the timeshare is no longer registered in your name, which is why escrow is used. Your money is safe in escrow until the timeshare exit firm has completed the agreed-upon services.


If you’re looking to get rid of Tahiti timeshare, browse our list of trusted timeshare exit companies, give us a call at 619-354-2362, or submit a contact form or live chat on the right side of the page.



  • Can I Cancel Tahiti Village Timeshare Contract?

Yes, It is more convenient to cancel with the resort directly if you have the right to rescission. If it’s been longer than 3 weeks, however, to exit Tahiti timeshare may be more of a hassle. We like to recommend working with a timeshare exit company that also offers an escrow payment option.


  • Have there been any Class Action Lawsuits against Tahiti Village?

Yes – a simple search online will show that there have been lawsuits and several negative comments involving Tahiti Village Timeshare


  • Can I Give my Timeshare Back to Tahiti Village?

If you’re having trouble selling your timeshare on the secondary market, you may be able to return it to the resort for credit. The resort may reclaim your timeshare if you’ve paid off the mortgage and are in good standing as an owner.


Link to Lawsuit

  • Mitchell Reed Sussman, Plaintiff v. Soleil Management, LLC, et al.