Get Out of Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare

Get Out of Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare

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Raintree Vacation Club is a special fusion of club, resort, and hotel services. A few of its resorts in the US, Mexico, and Canada primarily provide condominium-style rental and membership accommodations. A Raintree Vacation Club membership offers a variety of membership levels, multiple week opportunities, preferred rental rates at Raintree Vacation Club resorts, guest privileges, and automatic yearly RCI membership, some of which are the most frequently used advantages.


Customer’s Report on Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare

Customers’ experiences are proof of legit and scam timeshares. According to Better Business Bureau and Trip Advisor, below are some testimonies shared by some customers.


Better Business Bureau

“I have been a Raintree member through my parents inheritance (membership number**). The membership was acquired in 2001 and has been paid diligently every year ever since. The quality of the properties has been diminishing every year but payment has not. Even more, due to profesional reasons I had to relocate to Spain hoping to continue to use my membership overseas. To my surprise, whatever resorts they run in Europe are in even worse condition than in the Americas, and if i want to trade my points for hotel stays, I only get an 8% discount on rack rate. I can get better pricing on specialized webpages without having to pay for a membership. after so many years of paying without missing a beat, I was hoping I could get my membership canceled. I wrote to the company and all they always say, this is non-cancellable. Can you please help me cancel my membership and let me forget about this nightmare of a company.”


Trip Advisor

“They have hidden fees, and won’t provide invoices for those (which is against the federal law). They also charge you for the parking lot and an extra if you want ballet parking (but if you happen to don’t want it, you will need to walk at least 10 min from the parking lot to the hotel). The beach is awful, it even has signs that say that it’s forbidden to swim in the area (it is really dangerous and is just not worth it to have an ocean view and not being able to go into the sea, especially in a city where they have so many good beaches for you to swim).”


What Are Timeshare Resale and Timeshare Exit?

A timeshare exit company’s primary purpose is to get you out of your timeshare contract legally. These businesses provide a vital service to timeshare owners who no longer want to own their timeshare. True, timeshares may be an excellent way to spend a vacation. However, they may cost hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for annual maintenance costs, causing many to desire to sell them.


Deedback Programs for Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare Owners

You may be tempted to return your timeshare to the resort by signing a quit claim deed and transferring ownership of the unit. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer a property to an unwilling receiver.


You may return your timeshare to the resort through a deedback or program. Until then, you must pay the maintenance and special assessment costs in addition to your mortgage installments.


Deedbacks With Permission from your developer can let you deed your timeshare back if you want to get rid of it. In a deedback, you give the owner the deed to your property or interest. With the help of a reliable timeshare exit company, You can legally get rid of Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare.


Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare Rescission Laws

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to cancel your timeshare contract, you have the legal right to do so. Many regulations safeguard timeshare cooling-off periods, which enable purchasers to alter their minds. Do not allow anybody to convince you that you cannot cancel your timeshare purchase. Even if you are unsure about the time, proceed with caution.


You will need to locate your new contract number and all of the enclosures in your timeshare papers. Some timeshare businesses have grown devious, placing these papers on a flash drive or emailing you the information, adding additional hurdles to get your contract information.


Check your rescission period for the state you live in and the state you bought in; it is generally between 3-14 days in most circumstances. Laws are always changing, and you do not want to wait and take a risk. The jurisdictional rescission period for your timeshare contract will be highlighted in large letters on your closing documentation from your timeshare transaction.


Put your rescind request in writing, and locate the address to which you should submit your rescission letter. Check your contract for the right place where you should mail your timeshare revocation letter. An online search for the resort address is insufficient and may result in the cancellation letter being sent to the wrong department.
It is recommended that the rescission letter be sent through Certified Mail with a Return Receipt.


The Lawsuit Against Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare

  • Berrien, et al. v. New Raintree Resorts, LLC, et al., No. CV-10-03125 CW (N.D. Cal.).

Safeguarding Your Transactions via Escrow

An Escrow account is where timeshare owners’ funds are put in a client account controlled by a solicitor, bank, or trustee and are only released upon timeshare termination.


Timeshare owners pay directly to the attorney, bank, or trustee in an Escrow account, so there is no temptation for timeshare exit companies to spend clients’ funds as cash flow. Once in Escrow, the timeshare exit company cannot withdraw funds until the service is completed.


Why You Should Cancel Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare

If you need to know what you stand to gain when you cancel your timeshare, below are some benefits:


  1. Harassing, High-Pressure Sales of Timeshare Upgrades.

Aside from the aggravations, many timeshare owners cannot cope with the continual push to upgrade their packages. Many people are unaware that the timeshare sales funnel never stops. Like other successful sales organizations, timeshare firms understand that signing a contract is the first step.


  1. Recognizing That Timeshares Have No Resale Value.

One of the most upsetting elements of terminating a timeshare contract is when the owner attempts to sell. While certain properties in specific locations may be desirable, practically all timeshares have little resale potential. Many customers are persuaded to assume that they can sell the property if they no longer desire it.


Trying to sell the timeshare might lead owners down various expensive paths if they do not act quickly. After exhausting all other options, they feel they have no alternative but to call a timeshare exit company. Unfortunately, it’s not worth it to waste additional money trying to get rid of something no one wants.


Many amenities, upgrades, entertainment choices, and excursions are employed to entice you to pay more. While this may initially seem exhilarating, many timeshare owners rapidly get overwhelmed. They become frustrated with being compelled to attend seminars or incurring unexpected costs. It may be eye-opening to go from being treated like royalty to being treated like a number. This irritates some people, and terminating the arrangement becomes a top concern.


  1. Resort Sales Teams’ Failed or Broken Promises.

It may be frustrating for people who succumb to pressure techniques and have their expectations not realized. Being distracted by the reward may lead them to disregard the techniques used. Broken promises are common when timeshare owners upgrade to address issues, such as availability or inconvenience. Some even abandon it when they believe it is impossible to get rid of the timeshare. At this point, making the most of it seemed to be their only choice. Otherwise, they’ll keep spending thousands of dollars every year.


The problem is that many timeshare salespeople are on commission. In other words, they’ll tell you anything to earn a cut of the action. While we appreciate that this is their career, we can’t imagine it’s very lucrative to trick and switch folks. Nonetheless, being burnt repeatedly is a sufficient justification for fractional owners to abandon timeshare arrangements.


  1. Timeshare Owners Do Not Want Their Heirs to Carry the Burden.

Unfortunately, many of our timeshare cancellations are due to aging parents. After coping with a timeshare they don’t want for years, many want to avoid passing the burden on to their children – or heirs. This is one aspect of ownership that not all parties completely comprehend. What aggravates issues is when timeshare owners cannot represent themselves owing to advanced age or disease.


Even if children or caregivers are aware of the impending transfer, they may be unable to assist. When authorized users discover they cannot reach an agreement with the resort, it may be quite frustrating. In any case, many timeshare agreements are terminated because the owner is ready to go to any length to guarantee that someone else is not trapped in a timeshare that has become a burden to them.



  • How do I cancel my timeshare vacation club?

Consulting a trusted Timeshare exit company remains the safest way to cancel your timeshare without hidden charges.


  • Can I give my timeshare back to the resort?

Yes, but only in certain situations. But if they wish to get out of their undesired timeshare, most people are on their own. Receiving assistance from a reputable timeshare exit company is your best choice.


  • Can you legally get out of a timeshare contract?

The good news is that you may legally terminate your timeshare agreement if you believe you may have been duped into purchasing them. You can challenge the contract if there has been a breach or violation of your consumer rights according to regulations protecting consumers. Engaging a trusted timeshare exit company can help make the process easy for you.


Check out our directory of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at (619-354-2362), or get in touch with us using the contact form or live chat on the right-hand side of this page if you want to exit Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare.


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