Get Rid of Interval International Timeshare

Get Rid of Interval International Timeshare

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Timeshare owners can use the holiday exchange network Interval International to swap their timeshare for a different destination.


They might have persuaded you to buy a timeshare to use Interval International because the company has resorts on every continent and resorts that provide top-notch amenities to their visitors. Interval International is not a timeshare, which is the issue with Interval International’s timeshare cancellation. It is a network of exchanges.


Therefore, it is impossible to own an Interval International timeshare, so if you’re asking how to get rid of it, the first step would be to determine what timeshare you own.


Customer Review of Interval International Timeshare

Several testimonials have discussed why Bluegreen timeshare owners are considering terminating their contracts. Many customers have left one-star evaluations on the company’s TripAdvisor and Trustpilot pages, including the ones below:


  • I don’t recommend anyone to buy…I don’t recommend anyone to buy Interval International membership. I am stuck with them paying thousands of $dollars each year with no great service. This timeshare has many problems.1) They are expensive, and you never get to book the location of your choice. 2) The Interval International timeshare has no proper website showing your pending points to book reservations. 3) They sent you confirmation about your reservation, and later after a few weeks, when I booked my travel, They said your reservation was not confirmed. Then why did you send me the confirmation you show pending confirmation? 4) When you call customer service, you must spend the entire day as they will keep transferring you from one place to another. There are many things they need to improve…In short, don’t buy, don’t get stuck like me. I am very sad and dissatisfied with them. (TrustPilot)
  • Interval makes a lot of marketing effort to sell you their membership and get you to deposit your valuable weeks with them. Once that is done, the service I am getting has been getting from bad to TERRIBLE over the years. 1-Interval tells you to deposit your week early to increase your chance of getting want you want. I noticed today that my week ending in August 2019 would only show one page of results while the same week in Paris ending in 2020 will give me 3 pages of results: the customer rep explained to me that the longer a week sits in a request, the less is value is! My bad for agreeing to release my weeks so early. ( By now, I gave Interval 2 summer weeks in Paris a year and a half ago, but when I want to use the equivalent week credited, their value is gone ! 2 pending requests for about 10 locations on three different dates and NOTHING to get in return unless I settle for a cheap hotel that’s not even worth the cost of membership and exchange fees). 2- Because my weeks are in Paris, a location with very high demand, Interval offers me a bonus week for each week I deposit, except that they keep adding limitations to how (time & place) I can use those weeks. As a result, I haven’t been able to use any of those bonus weeks for years. Interval keeps increasing the fees and giving you LESS AND LESS FOR YOUR MONEY. A real rip-off, but … they are nearly the only one, so sadly, they can afford to treat us like that. (Complaints Board)

Plausible Class Action Lawsuit Against Interval International Timeshare

  • Flagship Resort Development Corporation, Appellant, v. Interval International, INC., Appellee. No. 3D09-334. January 27, 2010
  • C.I.N.D.Y. J. H.E.I.D.L.E., Plaintiff, -vs.- Interval International U.S.A. CORPORATION… 01-CV-0663E(Sr) (W.D.N.Y. September 9, 2003): United States District Court, W.D. New York: September 9, 2003

Interval International Timeshare Resale vs. Exit

Many timeshare owners once thought their property would appreciate over time, much like real estate. Unfortunately, these owners are seriously in error. Most timeshares lose 50% of their value after being bought from a resort developer. Timeshares are available on eBay for $1 with no bids or buyers. This is due to the desire of timeshare owners to cancel their purchases and move past this error. Owners of timeshares selling them for $1 have realized they were given an unrealistic travel schedule, but they don’t know what to do next with their Interval International timeshare.


Working with a timeshare cancellation business is probably your best option if you want to eliminate your timeshare. To assist timeshare owners in achieving timeshare freedom legally and permanently; timeshare cancellation businesses hire legal specialists or experts on timeshares. But before you start dealing with one of these companies, you should be aware that the timeshare cancellation sector is filled with con artists who game the system to milk unwary timeshare owners out of their money.


Timeshare Rescission Law

If it hasn’t been too long, you might be able to use the timeshare rescission period, which is a period during which timeshare companies are required by law to permit timeshare owners who haven’t been members for very long to leave their membership with no questions asked. The timeshare rescission period is short—just 3-14 days—and varies from state to state. You will receive a complete refund from this procedure, but not cash back. If you can, this is the wisest course of action because most timeshares lose value by about 50% after being bought directly.


For precisely this reason, timeshare exit companies are a thing. When you can’t sell your timeshare, and your resort won’t accept it back, they can help you go. To prevent scams, we like to recommend selecting a timeshare exit business that accepts payments through escrow.


Interval International Deedback program

There can be a deed return clause in your purchase agreement, or the resort might have a deed back program if you want to sell your timeshare. You can return your timeshare to the resort through a deed back clause or program. You are still liable to make your regular mortgage payments and the maintenance and special assessment fees up until that point.


Check to see if the timeshare company that sold you your timeshare offers a “buy-back” program or something similar to help their disgruntled timeshare owners get out of their timeshare before the contract is officially up if you’ve owned it longer than the timeshare rescission period in the state in which you bought it. These programs are often only available to timeshare owners who have paid off their mortgage; however, this isn’t always the case. Although many timeshare firms do not want to do this because they would lose money on your maintenance payments, it is worthwhile to call them directly to see if they are willing to work with you.


Deed Back Clause in a Contract

If your contract contains a deed back clause and you meet the requirements, you may give up all ownership interests in the resort. Most resorts won’t accept a deed back if you have a mortgage on the property or are overdue on your maintenance payments. No money exchanges hands because you are essentially returning the property.


Although you will lose any equity you have accrued in the property, there will be no other financial obligations.


Deed Back Documents

Timeshare deed-backs often call for the same basic paperwork at most resorts. To initiate a timeshare transfer, you must complete a form provided by the resort. Resorts typically recognize quitclaim deeds as a valid method of transferring ownership. A copy of the original deed from when you bought the timeshare will also be required. You will include a waiver of the right of first refusal if the resort offers a repurchase scheme. Please include the transfer fees with the deed-back documentation you are returning. Some hotels also necessitate that you show documentation that your mortgage is paid off.


If Possible, You Should Avoid Making Large, Upfront Payments.

If a business asks for money upfront, we advise avoiding them. However, just because they promise a return if they are unsuccessful does not mean they will truly pay out. To add insult to injury, it does little to ensure that organizations helping you get out of Interval International timeshare live up to their promises. We recommend that you only do business with exit companies offering secure payment through an escrow service.


Benefits of Putting Money in Escrow

When you use an escrow service, your money is held in a separate account by a neutral party while the corporation carries out the timeshare cancellation process. That they would refund your money straight if they fail to deliver the promised service. This is crucial since it gives you financial stability and gives the timeshare exit firm a reason to cancel your timeshare.


Too many timeshare owners have paid a resale or cancellation business up front only to find out months later that their property is still in their name and was never canceled. We implore you not to become that person! If there are any large upfront costs, that should raise red flags about a company.


Benefits of Exiting Your Timeshare with Interval International

Timeshares are appealing because they provide a fixed location where you and your family may have yearly vacations. However, there are a variety of variables that can cause this happiness to fade over time. Here are some benefits of canceling a timeshare, some of which you may already be aware of:


End the Practice of Charging Excessive Amounts for Maintenance.

The timeshare business can send out liability bills, often called special assessment fees, for any amount it sees fit. For instance, you might have to chip in for the cleanup and restoration expenditures if a natural disaster hits a resort.


Monthly or yearly, they’ll additionally bill you for annual maintenance. These costs are in addition to the regular mortgage payments on a timeshare. There might be significant interest payments if you borrowed money to buy the timeshare. When you cancel Interval International timeshare, you get relief from these costs.



Hiring a timeshare exit company is probably your best chance if you want out of your timeshare. To aid their clients in getting out of their timeshare contracts in a way that is both legal and irreversible, cancellation companies often staff their staff with attorneys and other experts in the field of timeshares. You should be aware that the timeshare cancellation sector is filled with scammers that take advantage of the system to steal money from naive timeshare owners. Before you start working with any of these companies, be sure to do detailed research on your own.


If you would like to ensure that your money is safe, you should only hire a timeshare exit firm that offers an escrow payment option. Your payment for their service will be held in escrow until they have successfully terminated your timeshare contract.


If you’re looking to get rid of Interval International timeshare, browse our list of trusted timeshare exit companies, give us a call at 619-354-2362, or submit a contact form or live chat on the right side of the page.



  • Can I Give My Timeshare Back to Interval International?

If you’re having trouble selling your timeshare on the secondary market, you may be able to return it to the resort for credit. Assuming you have no outstanding debts against the resort and are otherwise in good standing as an owner, the resort may choose to reclaim the unit from you.


  • Is There a Legitimate Way to Exit Interval International Timeshare?

In regular circumstances, you can cancel your timeshare in three ways: Donate it, sell it or use a trustworthy timeshare exit company . We built our site to connect you with timeshare exit companies who offer inexpensive or no-cost exit strategies and timeshare-focused registered real estate agents.


  • Can I Walk Away From a Timeshare?

You cannot simply abandon their timeshare. They usually come with a lifetime commitment to paying maintenance fees. We like to recommend hiring a trustworthy timeshare exit company to cancel your timeshare contract.