Get Out of Sunset Group Timeshare

Get Out of Sunset Group Timeshare

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Sunset Group is made up of various Gold Crown Resorts. These five-star resorts are in the best parts of Mexico. The Hacienda Tres Rios, set on 326 acres on the Riviera Maya, provides stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. This will be a vacation that everyone can enjoy, with various activities and amenities. The Royal Sunset is situated on the island’s north coast. The Resort has restaurants, bars, a mini-market, and other amenities. Nearby is a Robert Trent Jones golf course. Adventures to Mayan sites, snorkeling, motor boating, and game fishing are all available.


The Sunset Lagoon in Cancun boasts lovely beaches with pure white sand and crystal blue water. Among the amenities are car rentals, boat rentals, direct lake access, medical facilities, scuba and different water sports, restaurant, hot tubs, and beautiful pool rentals. For your convenience, this Gold Crown Resort provides all-inclusive packages.


The Sunset Fisherman resort is nestled amid green mountains and a beautiful private beach. The location provides solitude as well as convenient access to neighboring attractions. Visit the Playa del Carmen markets or take the boat to Cozumel for some wonderful shopping. All of these destinations are breathtaking and will provide you with unforgettable vacation experiences.


Customer’s Review on Sunset Group Resort

Several Sunset Group Timeshare owners have unfavorable experiences with the Resort, with many looking for a way to get out of Sunset Group Timeshare legally without them running into debt; Below is some review from verified timeshare owners.

  • Complaints Board

“Got a bill from Meridian Financial Services, Inc – DEBT COLLECTOR for $26, 307 yesterday.I am currently a victim of SUNSET WORLD RESORTS TIMESHARE fraud. I was there 2 years ago with a friend.First of all the room where we checked into was full of water and we had to pay extra to upgrade to another room .I signed up for their 1 BEDROOM TIMESHARE with a deposit of $5000. When I got home, I wasn’t satisfied with their reviews and some clauses in the information packet, I quickly called the number given to me for early termination & membership cancellation.I made hundreds of call for 3-4 days to both USA &outside the country numbers before I was able to get through and was finally able to express my concern to one of their top managers & request to cancel via phone as directed by the sales /tour officer. I specifically told the sales manager that I might not meet the 7 day cancellation by mail by the time I returned home on Friday being weekend, he gave me a number to call for cancellation by Saturday/Sunday which I did. The top manager now telling me that phone cancellation is not acceptable & was forcing me to keep the Timeshare which I totally refused. After, I kept on receiving various offer to consider & I told them NO, just wanted a refund of my $5000 deposit & membership cancellation with immediate effect .Please, I need help to stop the debt collector from harassing & threatening to mess up my credit.”


  • Trip Advisor

“The Sunset Group is a scam with the lowest ethical standards. They tell you lies to make you buy their packages. I bought their package and regret it very much. I wish I had done some research about them…Ocean Spa Hotel, Laguna Suites Golf and Spa, Premier Cancun Vacations and more are all part of the Sunset Group.
Do not buy timeshare or buy their special vacation package!”


What Are Timeshare Resale and Timeshare Exit?

Timeshare marketers are infamous for providing lavish incentives for attending one of their presentations. There’s a good explanation behind this. When timeshare marketers draw consumers to their sales events, they use aggressive techniques. These strategies are often effective. Getting out of a timeshare might be difficult once purchased. Timeshare buyers are obligated to pay annual dues and unpredictable fees.


A timeshare owner has many options for selling their timeshare. First, they may resell their timeshare to another person. Typically, this is done via a reselling corporation. Second, they may break out of their contract by using a timeshare exit company. There are some excellent timeshare exit companies and those that are less than spectacular. Timeshare exit firms assist people in getting out of timeshare contracts.


Cancellation is significantly less stressful than selling if you engage with a reputable timeshare departure provider. Owners get overwhelmed while attempting to locate a buyer in a small market. Timeshare owners should also avoid scams. Furthermore, there is some confusion when listing your house for sale. What if the transaction isn’t completed successfully, leaving you owing a large sum of money in the future? You may relax knowing that your timeshare exit company canceled your contract lawfully.


Deedback Programs for Timeshare Owners

Owning a timeshare may be costly. Before making a purchase, sales associates often do an excellent job concealing most costs. However, there is no doubt that the high expense of timeshare ownership has prompted many people to contemplate reselling theirs. If you become dissatisfied with your timeshare, your purchase contract may include a deed return provision, or the Resort may provide a deed back program. A deed back provision or program enables you to return your timeshare to the Resort legally, but you are still accountable for paying the maintenance and special assessment fees, as well as your mortgage payments, until then.


However, not every timeshare deal may be resolved via a deedback scheme. Timeshare owners who want to rescind the property or lose it due to financial problems or foreclosure may be provided a warranty deed to sign to remove their ownership status by the Resort or lender officially. A warranty deed is a sort of deed in which the seller ensures that they have a clear title to real estate and the right to sell it to the buyer. In contrast, in a quitclaim deed, the seller does not guarantee they own a piece of real land.


Before seeking to transfer ownership of a timeshare, timeshare owners should exercise extreme caution when signing a warranty deed. It is almost hard to claim unequivocally that the timeshare property is free of burdens without the aid of a timeshare exit company in examining the whole history of the property. By signing a warranty deed to return the timeshare to the Resort or a new buyer, the original timeshare owner may be making legal assertions that they may not be able to back up in court if a title problem occurs. Instead, a timeshare owner might sign a quitclaim deed stating that the old timeshare owner transfers any interest in the property to the new timeshare owner.


Sunset Group Timeshare Rescission Laws

Canceling a timeshare purchase is more difficult than canceling other sorts of agreements. In essence, you are signing an agreement with the property owner. This puts you under a duty to follow the terms of the signed agreement. Timeshare contracts may potentially extend for many years.


Because a timeshare transaction is a contract, you must follow contract laws. Terminating a contract is known as contract rescission in contract law. To withdraw or terminate a contract, you must first comprehend a few key concepts:


Right of Cancellation:

  • Most timeshare firms recognize that timeshare purchases are not as definitive and permanent as other transactions, such as purchasing a house. As a result, they frequently include a right to terminate the timeshare rental in the contract.
  • The right of cancellation permits a person to terminate their timeshare rights within a certain time limit.
  • Cancellation or rescinding must be notified in writing to be effective.
  • Most state laws stipulate that timeshare owners cannot waive the Right of Cancellation. It is sure to the timeshare holder if it is listed as a clause in the contract.

Rescission Period:

  • Timeshare owners may only use the right to cancel within a certain duration. This is normally 3-14 days after the purchase, depending on the state.
  • Typically, the ultimate closure of a timeshare transaction cannot occur until the Rescission Period has ended.
  • State regulations only specify a minimum number of days for the Rescission Period. However, individual contracts may have extended rescission periods.

So, if you want to cancel your resort timeshare purchase, you normally have 3-14 days after purchase to do so legally. You may no longer cancel your purchase without penalty once the rescission time has passed.


Protecting Your Payment via Escrow

While many timeshare exit companies provide money-back guarantees, others will go above and beyond. Clients of reliable timeshare exit companies pay in escrow. An escrow account holds a client’s funds until the service is completed. The timeshare corporation is aware that the funds exist but cannot access them until the timeshare is terminated.


Why You Should Cancel Sunset Group Timeshare

Timeshares drain people. Every year, millions of tourists regret their purchases and intend to get rid of Sunset Group Timeshare. The following are some advantages of canceling your Sunset Group Timeshare:


  1. Eliminating Timeshare Maintenance Costs

The most obvious advantage of canceling Sunset Group Timeshare is eliminating unnecessary maintenance costs and allowing timeshare owners to save for other useful initiatives.


  1. Protection Against Resale Scams

Selling a timeshare is quite difficult. One of the top reasons for this is the abundance of these properties on the market. Buyers are more inclined to purchase a new home than a used one. Because timeshare resales are uncommon, some people exploit the situation by operating scams. Owners may assume they have discovered someone to lessen their financial load when, in fact, the individual is attempting to extract more money from them. Because the resale market is limited and full of gimmicks, it’s preferable to exit Sunset Group Timeshare and spare yourself the trouble of selling it to someone else.


  1. Implications for Taxation

People purchase timeshares because they feel it is a good investment. On the other hand, this assertion could not be farther from the truth. Every year, timeshare owners lose a lot of money on the property. Unfortunately, if you decide to sell, this trend will continue. To attract purchasers, you’ll need to sell the house for a far lower price than you paid. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rarely allows persons to claim failed investments as capital losses on their tax returns.


Unfortunately, timeshares are exempt from this restriction. You cannot deduct the cost of your timeshare from your taxes. When you cancel your Sunset Group Timeshare, you save yourself from significant tax consequences.



  • Can I legally cancel my timeshare?

Yes, with the help of a timeshare exit company, there is a provision for experienced lawyers to help timeshare owners legally cancel their timeshare.


  • How many days do you have to get out of a timeshare contract?

It is important to research the rescission law of the state where you purchased the timeshare. It varies in different states; It is usually between 3-14 days after purchase to terminate a timeshare legally.


  • Is it hard to cancel a timeshare?

It is way easier to purchase a timeshare than it is to cancel. The Resort may not purchase the timeshare from timeshare owners. It may not be easy to resell the timeshare to third parties as its value always diminishes. Still, with the assistance of a credible timeshare exit company, cancellation of the timeshare can be easily done.


If you want to get out of your Sunset Group Timeshare, check out our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, phone us at 619-354-2362, or fill out the inquiry form or live chat on the right side of the page.