Get Out of Occidental Allegro Timeshare

Get Out of Occidental Allegro Timeshare

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The Occidental Vacation Club, formerly Allegro Vacation Club, started selling vacation club memberships in 1993 to provide a distinctive, original product that would attract the most demanding tourist.


The Club’s goal of providing amazing holidays to couples and families has resulted in consistent development and an owner community of over 30,000 members. Being a member of a full-service, all-inclusive resort organization enables the club to provide properties with several restaurants, bars, and entertainment options. Depending on the resort, this enables the club to give a membership with high service levels and facilities such as a fully stocked bar in the hotel, a members club, exclusive restaurants, and special beach sections.


Customer’s Feedback on Occidental Allegro Timeshare

A look at the customer’s feedback about their experience at the resort is something to consider before opting into Timeshare. Here are some Expedia feedbacks from customers looking to cancel Out of Occidental Allegro Timeshare.



“I love the staff at Allegro Cozumel. I love the Beach; it is my favorite on the Island. Unfortunately, we were there on 8/1/22 when the resort caught on fire. There was not a working fire suppression system on the property. There was no water to put out the fire. Buckets of water and wet towels were being used on an out-of-control fire. The resort was untrained for such an incident, and guests were treated terribly. Had this fire been at night, there is no doubt there would have been many fatalities. This is unacceptable for a resort to operate with KNOWN safety issues. Barcelo knew the fire safety equipment didn’t work, yet they allowed occupancy.”


“NIGHTMARE VACATION!!! All services offered through the resort have hidden fees, and staff will brush over these costs. Do not fall for the predatory timeshare they keep saying is not a timeshare. It’s a waste of time, and they will try to trick/ demand you deposit after they force you to meet with them for 90-120 minutes. We were stranded in Playa Del Carmen on our last night when the touring company Vacaciones Barcelo caused us to miss the last ferry from Xcaret. They were supposed to leave at 9:40 PM to make the last ferry at 10 PM. However, they did not leave until 9:47 PM and arrived at the drop-off spot at 9:58 PM, a 5-7 minute walk to the ferry. We missed the ferry, and the ticket agents laughed, and when we explained, they knew we would never make it. According to travelocity staff, the resort refuses to approve a one-night refund because we made the mistake of checking in. therefore, per policy, people who check in can not have a refund.*** the lesson learned is this resort does not care to ensure the safety of guests by guaranteeing the services will return you as promised. Food 0/5 Buffet made me sick. Fruits were not ripe, food was bland, and they did not change food frequently. The cups and silverware were dirty. The specialty restaurants allow one reservation per stay. It was the only place that had decent food on the resort. Staff 4/5 You will have to speak with 5 people to get a complete answer, and no one is ever on the same page. Property 3.5/5 Inviting.”


What Are Timeshare Resale and Timeshare Exit?

One of the first things timeshare owners ask themselves when they decide to get rid of their timeshare property is if they can sell it back to the resort. They can, but it takes some level of expertise to do. The idea of reselling a timeshare is a major selling factor for the industry. This guarantee, however, is not always genuine.


Timeshare exit companies are often an effective exit choice for timeshare owners. Exit teams deal directly with the resort to terminate your timeshare agreement on your behalf.


Find a well-known timeshare exit company with a proven track record of timeshare cancellation. Excellent recommendations and testimonials from previous customers indicate that a company may be trusted to assist you. These organizations make timeshare leaving appear simple even when it isn’t. They use a specific plan developed by industry specialists.


Deedback Programs for Occidental Allegro Timeshare Owners

A deed back program is essentially the return of the title and deed to the company. A deed return scheme will not benefit you, but it will free you of the monthly and yearly expenses you are paying on your timeshare. The conditions of a deed back program vary widely, and many timeshare firms will not participate, particularly if your timeshare property is not in high demand due to the year’s season or location. Certain businesses, particularly popular resort areas, will give you a deedback program. This means you return your timeshare to the firm and are free of any future financial commitments to the corporation.


Suppose you want to cancel your timeshare fast because the maintenance costs are too costly for your financial circumstances, or you no longer use it. In that case, a deed back program may be for you. The fees and payments must be current, and the mortgage must be fully paid, as with buy-back schemes. If you are anxious to sell your timeshare and the business from whom you purchased it is hesitant to buy it back, they may be ready to provide you a deed back. Although you will not make a profit, you will be free of any owner responsibilities.


Occidental Allegro Timeshare Rescission Laws

First and foremost, read your timeshare agreement. There will be information about your right to rescind, the method, and the number of days you have to act hidden in your contract, most likely in the tiniest print. If you wish to exit Occidental Allegro Timeshare, read this section attentively and follow the method outlined in your contract to the letter.


You have 3-14 days if you have a Mexican contract, even if it does not include this information. And remember, they are calendar days, not business days, so the sooner you act, the better. Please be aware that it is not legitimate if the Mexican resort requires you to sign a waiver waiving your right to cancellation. The rescission period cannot be waived under Mexican law, So even if you sign one, you may cancel it, but you may have to fight for it.


Some Simple Tips to Ensure Your Timeshare rescission Go Seamlessly

First and foremost, always adhere to the method outlined in your contract. If it asks to send a certified letter, don’t send it by couriers. Sending an email or making a phone call is not appropriate. Those are not legal methods of rescinding. Here are some suggestions to make the procedure easier.

  • Do it! If you purchased from a developer while on vacation, you probably didn’t conduct much research beforehand. You most likely overpaid. Assume you did and don’t start looking into it right now. Rescind, then do research.
  • Don’t go into detail. You don’t owe the resort details about why you’re rescinding in your letter. Every day, the developers get these messages. Just keep it brief.
  • Some contracts let you cancel via hand delivery. I believe you should avoid returning to the crime site since this will give them a chance to persuade you of your choice by giving you more compelling offers. Handle everything in writing.
  • If you need to contact the timeshare company regarding the rescission, do not contact the sales site or speak with the sales agent; they are no longer involved and cannot assist you. The sales representative will attempt to persuade you of it. Contact the headquarters and only speak with them. Keep it short. Don’t go into details regarding your change of heart. Inform them that you have reconsidered and will be terminating the contract. Get the information you need, and then hang up the phone. Remember that you cannot rescind during a phone conversation; timeshare owners must do it in writing.
  • Make numerous copies of every piece of paper right away. Don’t put off acting until the conclusion of your rescission period. Do it right now.
  • Contact your timeshare exit company with your certified Mail, including Return Signature and Invoice; if it is not needed, You will submit your rescission request by certified mail. It’s extra documentation to back up your legal position if anything goes wrong.

Protecting Your Funds via Escrow

You’re not alone in asking how much timeshare exit companies charge. The answer is dependent on your specific timeshare contract and buying conditions.


The timeshare exit company also determines it. Some timeshare exit providers offer a fixed price, while others charge a cash amount depending on your circumstances. However, the safest transaction method to work with any timeshare exit company is the Escrow payment, and Timeshare owners are advised to shun upfront payments to avoid being scammed.


Why You Should Cancel Occidental Allegro Timeshare

There are numerous benefits you stand to gain when you relieve yourself from the hassle of a timeshare; below are some benefits:

  1. Financial Priorities Have Changed

You may have been financially stable when you purchased your timeshare, but financial strength can change like everything else in our lives. You may have lost your job or depleted your savings due to the current pandemic.

Perhaps you have a lot of medical bills to pay. There could be a slew of reasons you should reconsider taking a vacation every year. Assume you’re having financial difficulties. In such a scenario, getting out of your timeshare is the greatest thing you can do since it will save you money. You may use that money toward something more significant than an annual trip.

  1. No Longer Meets Your Requirements

Who doesn’t appreciate having a fixed holiday every year and being able to fulfill it? However, other timeshare companies might mislead you into accepting their attractive offers. You can find yourself returning to the same resort with the same timeshare every time you plan a vacation, which can be discouraging after a while.


This is why some individuals want to cancel their timeshare contracts. They like to go to new nations or locations and create new experiences rather than returning to the same location yearly.


  1. Boredom

Because timeshare contracts are perpetual, they may outlive your desire to visit the areas given by them. One of the major disadvantages of timeshares is that there aren’t enough alternatives to keep you occupied. Even if your resort alternatives are amazing and have numerous locations to offer you, you may get bored and have exhausted all possibilities after the first 10 years.



  • How can I legally get out of my timeshare?

Understand the rescission term in your contract, call the timeshare operator to opt-out, and then visit a reputable timeshare exit company for assistance with legal papers to quit the timeshare.


  • Can you deed a timeshare back to the resort?

Yes, however, it is advisable to opt-out of the timeshare system to avoid timeshare fraud. When deeding back a timeshare, most resorts demand the same basic documentation. You must complete the resort’s timeshare transfer form to begin the procedure. Most resorts will take a quitclaim deed to transfer ownership lawfully.


  • Can you abandon a timeshare?

When you breach a timeshare agreement, you lose your vacation ownership rights and expose yourself to legal liability. Abandoning your property violates a contract and puts you in danger of foreclosure. It may potentially lower your credit score for up to seven years.


Visit our directory of reliable timeshare exit companies. Call us at 619-354-2362 fill out the contact form, or start a live chat on the right side of the page if you want to get rid of Occidental Allegro Timeshare.