Can You Get Rid of Manhattan Club Timeshare?

Can You Get Rid of Manhattan Club Timeshare?

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In the heart of it all, the Manhattan Club of New York offers its timeshare guests luxurious rooms. The Manhattan Club is well-known among business and leisure tourists thanks to its long history. Suppose you are a customer of Manhattan Club timeshare but no longer frequently visit New York or utilize your timeshare.


This article will give you well-researched recommendations on how to get rid of your timeshare.


Manhattan Timeshare Rescission Period

To begin, if you are a new member of Manhattan Club, you may be able to make use of the timeshare rescission period in your state and cancel your membership without any financial repercussions. Recent buyers of Manhattan Club timeshares have the legal right to cancel their purchase. The standard rescission period is 3-14 days; however, it can go up to 30 days in specific cases. But that would be conditional on the cancellation policies of the state where you made the transaction.


Check the paperwork you provided when joining the Manhattan Club to see if you qualify. This is especially important if it has not been too long since you purchased a timeshare there. In this case, the better option is to get in touch with Manhattan Club and try to draw out a payment plan with them.


Most resorts demand that you write a written notice if you decide to cancel. To prevent problems, we like to recommend purchasing expedited mail. The letter is best mailed overnight via certified or registered mail so the timeshare developer has to sign when they receive the mail. This prevents the timeshare developer from saying they never got the letter. Also, remember to attach any relevant materials or information.


Doing so is recommended since some timeshare firms will work with dissatisfied customers to allow them to terminate their contracts early. However, since it is not in their financial interest to do so, most timeshare businesses will not.


Resale Vs. Exit of Manhattan Club Timeshare

If you’ve tried to cancel your Manhattan Club timeshare by calling but were rejected, you’ll need to look into other options. You might consider reselling your timeshare if you’re running out of ideas, but it’s important to know that most timeshares, including those from Manhattan Club, can be challenging to sell or even give away for free.


To see for yourself, look at the number of timeshares in the Manhattan Club on eBay that are listed but have no bids, even when the price is reduced to a single dollar.


To assist timeshare owners in ending their undesired contracts, timeshare exit businesses consult with attorneys. But beware—many businesses that make this claim are con artists. You must, therefore, thoroughly study timeshare departure firms before choosing one to cooperate with and only do so if it offers a low upfront charge or escrow payment alternative. This enables you to make a payment deposit to an escrow account held by a third party, which only releases monies after the timeshare contract has been fully terminated.


Manhattan Club Timeshare Deed Back Program

You can return your timeshare to the resort if it has a deed back clause or program. Until then, you’ll need to keep up with your mortgage payments and any necessary maintenance or special assessment fees.


Give them a call to see if Manhattan Club will assist you in breaking your timeshare agreement. A “take back” scheme that allowed owners to leave their timeshare was once offered by Manhattan Club, although this service may have now ended. You must understand that timeshare firms primarily profit from keeping you bound to your contract; therefore, they have no reason to help you terminate it.


Deedback Document

The paperwork needed to give back a timeshare is typically standard across properties. You can only initiate timeshare transfers if completed paperwork is submitted to the resort. Most vacation spots recognize quitclaim deeds as a valid method of transferring ownership. A copy of the original deed from when you bought the timeshare will also be required. You will include a waiver of the right of first refusal if the resort offers a repurchase scheme. You must include payment for the transfer costs with the returned deed and associated paperwork. For some hotels, you may also need to show documentation that you’ve paid off any mortgages on the property.


Customer Review of Manhattan Club Timeshare

Numerous reviews of the Manhattan Club show how the hotel rejected all requests made beyond the cancellation deadline, including these:

From BBB:

  • “The Manhattan Club misrepresented the facts about their purchase contract.They kept repeating that the property would increase in value and could easily be rented or sold.This is impossible. The ever increasing fees were not mentioned, nor was the perpetuity clause or lack of cancellation option. They created a deal that traps owners for life and then their heirs! Management and Manhattan Club owners do not respond to our letters.DO NOT PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP.”

From Consumer Affairs:

  • “When attending the Manhattan Food and Wine Festival when we were approached by Manhattan Club reps offering us a free visit if we attended a 30-minute presentation, they assured us there would be no obligation to make a purchase. This could not be further from the truth! We were in that meeting for over 6 hours and only gave in and made a purchase because it was the only way they would let us leave. They told us that this was a real estate investment that would save us money on future vacations and that we could always sell it if we wanted. None of this was true. We have not received any tax benefits from this purchase, we cannot resell it or rent it out, and the cost continues to increase astronomically. We have tried to reach out to their staff to get our questions answered or resolve our issues, but their customer service is appalling. Do not do business with them!”

Class Action Lawsuit Against Manhattan Club Timeshare

  • Bisk v. Manhattan Club Timeshare Ass’n, Inc., 118 A.D.3d 585, 2014 NY Slip Op. 4574, 987 N.Y.S.2d 164 (N.Y. App. Div. 2014) Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department, New York.
  • Sheppard v. Manhattan Club Timeshare Ass’n, Inc., 11 Civ. 4362 (PKC) (SDNY May. 23, 2012) UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK.

Escrow Payment Options and the Dangers of Upfront Payment

To assist unhappy timeshare owners as they get out of their timeshare contracts, timeshare cancellation businesses use the legal knowledge of attorneys.


When you pay in advance, you cannot know if the timeshare exit firm will carry out what it promises. Even after receiving your payment, the firm might not cancel your timeshare. For this reason, we like to recommend choosing timeshare exit firms that provide an escrow payment alternative.


Regrettably, the timeshare cancellation sector is infested with fraud. It is usual for timeshare cancellation businesses to promise their clients freedom from their contracts in exchange for a down payment before taking off with cash. As a result, we like to recommend that you select a timeshare exit company that enables you to pay through an escrow payment option, in which you deposit money into a holding account and release it to the company only when they successfully cancel your timeshare and fulfill their obligation to you.


Your money is kept secure in escrow, a third-party holding account, while the timeshare exit service is carried out. You can get your money returned immediately from the escrow account business if the timeshare exit service is not done as promised. This is significant since it ensures accountability for the timeshare exit company. Before payment is made, the corporation must successfully cancel your timeshare. This encourages the timeshare exit firm to carry out the work for which it was appointed.


Benefits of Canceling Your Timeshare with Manhattan Club

At first, owning a timeshare may seem like a good idea because it gives you and your family a reliable place to go on vacation. But this enjoyment can change over time because of many things. Here are some benefits of getting rid of your timeshare, some of which you may have thought of and some of which you may not have:


  • Avoid Unexpected and High Maintenance Costs

The timeshare business can send out liability bills, often called special assessment fees, for any amount it sees fit. If a natural disaster hits a resort, you might have to chip in for the cleanup and restoration expenditures.

On top of that, you’ll have to pay a yearly maintenance cost, which could be billed monthly or annually. These costs are in addition to the monthly mortgage payments required for a timeshare. There might be significant interest payments if you borrowed money to buy the timeshare. Leaving the timeshare allows you to stop paying these fees.


  • Vacation Flexibility

Timeshares often stipulate that customers take their trips during specific times of the year. When local businesses are closed for the off-season or your children cannot be absent from school, the few available choices can be less than ideal.
You also risk your vacation site deteriorating over time since management isn’t doing as good a job as they should be at maintaining it.


After several years, you may have seen everything, but you still feel obligated to keep paying for that timeshare.


  • Stop Worrying About Pointless Things

A timeshare can start to feel like it owns you rather than the other way around after a while. Aggressive methods used by timeshare businesses to urge owners to upgrade their packages can wear anyone down. It’s possible to lose your timeshare to foreclosure if you fall behind on your payments. The constant presence of this threat can be very stressful. You can lighten this burden if one pursues cancellation of a timeshare contract and successfully does so.



The Manhattan Club has made quite a splash in terms of the timeshare market. It’s also possible that timeshare exit companies will try to slap you with a hefty upfront price due to the industry’s notoriety. It is always good to check with the timeshare’s developer first to determine if they will accept a return, in this case, Bluegreen Vacations. If that doesn’t work, we like to recommend working with a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow payment option.


Remember to always look around for the best price when working with an exit firm. There is no risk in trying to negotiate a lower price.


If you’re looking to get rid of Manhattan Club timeshare, browse our list of trusted timeshare exit companies, give us a call at 619-354-2362, or submit a contact form or live chat on the right side of the page.



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