Get Out of Reef Playacar Resorts Spa Timeshare

Get Out of Reef Playacar Resorts Spa Timeshare

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The Reef Resorts, of which Reef Playacar Resort & Spa is a part, operates three hotels in Mexico. Like many other hotels in its category, the Reef Playacar Resort & Spa in Playacar, Playa del Carmen, has its timeshare program. The name “Leading Vacation Club” describes this service perfectly.


Maybe you are one of the several people who purchased a timeshare with Reef Playacar Resort & Spa and now want to get out of it. Perhaps the sales tactics didn’t work, or the resort wasn’t what you expected. You are not alone if you want to get out of Reef Playacar Resort & Spa timeshare for several reasons.


Customers’ Review of Reef Playacar Resorts Spa Timeshare

In our web investigation of Reef Playacar Resort & Spa, we came across various concerns and unfavorable reviews, such as 1 and 2-star TripAdvisor reviews and several embarrassingly poor scores on Orbitz and Travelocity. Neither the Reef Playacar Resort & Spa nor the Leading Vacation Club have official Better Business Bureau pages. Inadequate maintenance, high-pressure sales methods, broken promises, hidden costs, and rude staff were some of the most common complaints from guests and timeshare buyers.


Below you’ll find excerpts from a few of the most insightful testimonials we discovered on the web:

From TripAdvisor:

  • “Worst service ever!!I stayed there with my boyfriend for a couple of nights and it was a bad experience. I have to tell facilities are good but service is terrible as hell. I’ve been working in customer service for some years and I think I’ve never experienced anything like this before. There are no servers at the pool, only a bar open with one bartender for all the guests, I totally understand it’s a hard time but I only saw some managers yelling at the employees instead of help them. We couldn’t have dinner at any restaurant cause when we got there they only told us there was a waiting list of 50 minutes but not even asking our room number. The only person who helped us was Mushe the concierge. But it was a hard experience for us.”

From Orbitz:

  • “I will never stay here again. I expected better. When we got there the concierge was trying to have us commit to a meeting to sell us a timeshare or something around those lines, he was very insistent. We told them ok, but didn’t show up to the meeting. The guy came looking for us to ask us why we didn’t show up. We were trying to relax without any compromises nor wanted any commitments. We told him that and he got bothered. For crying out loud… We’re on vacation!”

Plausible Class Action Lawsuit Against Reef Playacar Resort Spa Timeshare

After searching the web, we were unable to find any lawsuit against Reef Playacar Resort Spa Timeshare online.


Resale vs. Exit of Reef Playacar Resort Spa Timeshare

It’s been established that the resale market for timeshares may be a treacherous place for sellers. There is no use in pursuing this method if you discover that your timeshare is not worth very much. Some timeshare owners have luck selling their properties through resale agents, but unless your timeshare is valuable, you probably won’t be able to locate one who is interested in buying it.


As an alternative, timeshare exit firms may be preferable, as it involves a third party contacting the timeshare developer on your behalf and working to cancel your contract. Doing research is necessary if you choose this approach. When canceling a timeshare, countless businesses out there are nothing more than scams. It would be good if you are looking for an exit company with extensive experience in the field and a proven record of successfully canceling contracts.


Timeshare Rescission Period

Canceling your Reef Playacar Resort Spa timeshare may be possible, depending on the specifics of your case. If you just bought a timeshare, you have three to fourteen days to rescind it under state rescission laws. Most states provide timeshare buyers the option to rescind their contracts within the first week and have no other choice but to give you a full refund on your timeshare purchase if you comply with the regulations surrounding these statutes. Your refund will be in the form of a check rather than cash. Since the value of most timeshares drops by half or more after they are bought outright, this is the best option if you can afford it.


It would help if you realized that you have the right to withdraw your purchase from the timeshare developer within five days. According to Mexican law protecting consumers, you have five days from the date of purchase to get your money back if you decide you don’t want the timeshare or vacation club. The paperwork you got with your Reef Playacar Resorts Spa timeshare purchase should have additional details on the resale process.


Dangers of Upfront Payments and Why You Should Use Escrow

There have been too many accounts of timeshare owners paying a resale or cancellation business up front to find out months later that the timeshare is still in their name and was never canceled. Avoid becoming the person who reads this! Make sure your company doesn’t charge you a lot of money upfront.


We like to advise against paying any money upfront to a corporation. Even though they have a money-back guarantee, this in no way ensures that you will get a refund in the event they aren’t successful. In addition, it doesn’t ensure that your timeshare exit company will do a good job of helping you cancel your contract. We like to recommend finding a timeshare exit business that accepts payments through an escrow service instead.


When you use an escrow service, your timeshare cancellation fee and any other payments you make to the corporation will be held in a separate account until the cancellation is complete. That they would refund your money straight if they fail to deliver the promised service. Your financial stability is paramount, and the timeshare exit firm needs this as an incentive to cancel your timeshare.


Timeshare Developer DeedBack Program

If you own a timeshare, you have the “right” to take a vacation at a resort once a year, but you also have the “right” to pay the yearly maintenance fees to keep that “right” intact. There may be a deed return clause in your purchase agreement, or the resort may provide a deed back program if you wish to sell your timeshare. If the resort has a deed-back provision or program, you can relinquish your timeshare to them. Until then, you’ll have to keep up with your mortgage payments and special assessment costs.


Deedback Paperwork

The paperwork necessary to transfer back a timeshare at most resorts follows a uniform set of guidelines. The first step in transferring your timeshare is completing the appropriate paperwork the resort provides. Most resorts will recognize a quitclaim deed as a valid means of transferring ownership. If you bought the timeshare outright, you’d also need to produce a copy of the original deed. You will include a waiver of the right of first refusal if the resort offers a buyback program. You must include the transfer costs with the returned deed and associated paperwork. Some resorts require documentation that all mortgages on the property have been paid off.


DeedBack Alternative

You have options if the resort you own a timeshare at won’t take it back. The maintenance expenses for timeshares can often be covered by having the resort rent out your unit on your behalf. You can sell the timeshare privately or through a timeshare real estate agent. Please don’t sign the listing agreement until you’ve read it. You should be wary if a business wants money up front to sell your timeshare. Companies posing as timeshare resellers may be crooks looking to part you with your money. Ensure the person conducting the sale is a licensed realtor in good standing by checking with the real estate commission in your state.


Advantages of Canceling Your Timeshare with Reef Playacar Resort Spa

Put an End to Paying High Maintenance Fees

Bills for liability, also known as special assessment fees, can be issued by the timeshare business for any amount they see fit. If a natural disaster hits a resort, you might have to pay for the cleanup and restoration expenditures.


Monthly or yearly, we will bill you for annual maintenance. These costs are in addition to the monthly timeshare mortgage payments. There might be significant interest payments if you borrowed money to buy the timeshare. You can stop paying high maintenance fees when you sell your timeshare


Vacation Flexibility

There are often strict timeframes that timeshare owners must use their units for vacation. During the off-season, when local businesses are closed, or your children cannot be absent from school, these few choices may be less than ideal.


Also, They may not maintain the place you plan to spend your vacation as well as it should, making it less appealing to you over time.


Last but not least, after several years of visiting the area, you may have seen everything there is to see, yet you still feel forced to return because of the timeshare.


Cease allowing yourself to get stressed out for no reason.

A timeshare can start to feel like it owns you rather than the other way around after a while. There is a lot of pressure from timeshare firms to buy more expensive plans, which can get annoying. Timeshare foreclosure is a real risk if you fall behind on your payments. Anxiety levels can rise quickly when this threat is always there. If you pursue the cancellation of your timeshare and are successful, you will feel relieved.



However, the Reef Playacar Resort & Spa is not alone in its unethical business methods. Scams involving timeshares happen all the time. The good news is that you can avoid these problems. There are, like with every firm, warning signs to look out for at the beginning that will help you decide whether or not to invest further. Doing so, you’ll save both time and money.


To protect yourself from timeshare scams, look out for the following red flags:

  • Initial purchase incentives that seem to contain no fine print or other catches are an example of a promise that seems too good to be true (because, in all likelihood, they do)
  • High deposits or “administrative” costs far more than normal are charged upfront.
  • Sales pitches force you to make a quick decision without giving you enough time to think it through or offering incentives like freebies or drinks to soften your resolve.

Always read the fine print, carefully consider all your options, and ask questions before purchasing, especially when buying a vacation home.


If you’re looking to get rid of Reef Playacar Resort Spa timeshare, browse our list of trusted timeshare exit companies, call at 619-354-2362, or submit a contact form or live chat on the right side of the page.



  • Can I Cancel Reef Playacar Resort Spa Timeshare Contract?

Yes, It is more convenient to cancel with the resort directly if you have the right to rescission. If it’s been longer than 3 weeks, however, to exit Reef Playacar Resort & Spa timeshare may be more of a hassle. We like to recommend hiring with a timeshare exit company that also offers an escrow payment option.


  • Can I Walk Away From a Timeshare?

You have no option but to finish out your time there. You’ll probably have to pay annual or monthly fees if you buy one. For assistance in getting out of your timeshare contract, we like to recommend using the services of a reputable timeshare exit firm.


  • Why Do Individuals Want to Get Rid of Their Timeshares?

One of the main reasons why a timeshare owner might want to terminate their agreement is the rising expense of upkeep and the mounting annual maintenance fees. You likely overlooked the maintenance fees because they are usually mentioned in the small print of timeshare agreements.