Vistana Timeshare Cancellation

Vistana Timeshare Cancellation

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Vistana Signature Experiences was established in 1980 when vacation ownership sales began flourishing. The establishment’s location was strategically chosen in Orlando, Florida, due to its proximity to Disney, which proved advantageous. Vistana’s initial timeshare property was situated at this location. Vistana Signature Experiences is a program developed by Vistana, a timeshare company that provides high-end luxury resorts and exceptional vacation ownership opportunities. The program provides unique advantages and privileges, including VIP experiences, priority access to Vistana’s high-end properties and resorts, reduced dining and spa treatments, and additional benefits. Members of Vistana Signature Experiences have exclusive access to special events and travel opportunities that are not accessible to the general public. The program aims to enhance the timeshare ownership experience and offer members exceptional access to some of the most elegant vacation spots globally.


The individuals responsible for expanding the company were Raymond Gellein Jr. and Jeffrey Adler, both bankers from Chicago. Raymond was promoted to CEO, while Jeffery was appointed Executive Vice President. There were multiple marketing strategies employed for their timeshare. One significant contribution that propelled the organization was its proposal to organize a PGA-branded championship golf tournament in 1996.
A complete Vistana World Golf Village was established, which includes a Golf Hall of Fame and a PGA Tour Golf Academy. The resort was then equipped with various attractions for the golfing community. A purchase would be required to obtain the vacation package offered by Vistana.


Vistana issued a public offer to the New York Stock Exchange in 1997. After two years, Resorts Worldwide and Starwood Hotels bought Vistana for $400 million. Raymond Gellien held the position of director at the company until his retirement in 2008. At this juncture, it is noteworthy that Vistana’s timeshare sector amassed a valuation of $1 billion. The insight concerning Vistana’s Resorts gives one an idea of how individuals were compelled to purchase timeshares to access the PGA Tour Golf.


Customer’s Feedback on Vistana Resort Timeshare

There are numerous legit complaints among Vistana owners who wish to exit Vistana Timeshare. Firstly, high-pressure sales practices persuade customers into pricey timeshares and poor customer service. Below are some reviews :



  • “Facilities are ok. The apartments are in good shape and the place is well situated for shopping and theme parks. The reason why I’m not rating them higher is the unhelpful unfriendly and non caring staff. It was quite disappointing to experience so little care and service mentality. Reception, bell men and some ladies directing people all seemed to have no sense of wanting to help or hospitality mindset. Would not go there again!”

Better Business Bureau

  • “I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with my experience as a timeshare owner with Harborside Resorts, which is managed by Vistana. My family and I were initially drawn in by the convenience of the timeshare booth located in the main hotel during our vacation at Atlantis in 2009. We were promised incentives such as a $200 credit, tote bag, t-shirt. All we had to do was attend a 90-minute presentation. However, this meeting was actually hours of being pressured to make a purchase. Year after year, we have been pressured to attend mandatory meetings while on our vacations, spending several hours in the office trying to convince us to buy more as an investment in our future and our children’s future. We purchased an every-other-year week in 2014 under the guidance and suggestion of the sales representative, who assured us that we could rent one week or enjoy two back-to-back weeks in Harborside, which to date we have never received. We were also told that the fees would stay low, which was not the case. When we tried to enlist Harborside’s help in renting our week, we were told that they didn’t offer that service, and we have had issues trying to get our odd-year back-to-back weeks in Atlantis. In 2021, we confirmed back-to-back weeks with Harborside for approximately two minutes before the representative came back online and told us she had lost the confirmation/reservation. As a result, we had to take one week in Florida and one week in HarborsideI would also like to address the huge financial strain this is putting on us. This is all much more expensive than how it was presented to us. We deserve to break all ties with Vistanta moving forward and need someone to reach out to us with the cancellation option we deserve.”

What Are Timeshare Resale and Timeshare Exit?

A timeshare resale is sometimes known as a used timeshare. However, it would help if you don’t think these timeshares differ from those resorts or developers offer. Timeshare resales are common, but finding them has often been challenging. There are currently multiple places where people may list their timeshares for sale and several timeshare resale agents to help with the process.
Timeshare Exit companies help owners get rid of Vistana Timeshare. Typically, they will dedicate a team of lawyers to your case. The cost of interventions and their results may vary substantially.


Lawsuits Against Vistana Timeshare Developer


Deedback for Timeshare Owners at Vistana Resort

Suppose you have been deceived into purchasing a timeshare with Vistana. In that case, there are various ways to seek remedies, such as a timeshare contract cancellation.
It is important to consider various options when selling a timeshare property. One common question that arises is whether the resort offers a buyback option. It is possible for them to; however, the process can be quite complex. It is common for timeshare sales associates to highlight the possibility of resale as a persuasive tactic when approaching potential buyers; it is vital to note that this guarantee may only sometimes be reliable.


One option is to return your timeshare to the resort developer through a deedback arrangement. It is essential to note that returning a deed does not result in receiving any monetary compensation. However, it can lead to potential savings in the future concerning your mortgage payments and maintenance fees. To begin the process of returning the property to the resort, we must first ascertain whether it is feasible to do so


Vistana Timeshare Rescission Laws

It’s important to note that rescission laws allow canceling a contract within a few days of purchase. The rescission period typically lasts between 3 to 14 days. The variation in certain cases is contingent upon the location of your purchase and other complex issues like mortgage fees. You should contact Vistana Signature Experiences immediately, in case you have bought your timeshare within that particular duration, to determine the rescission period mentioned in your contract.


Usually, timeshare developers require you to provide a written cancellation letter via mail. You should promptly submit all necessary documents if you still meet the eligibility criteria. Remember, if you submit any documents after the deadline, you will be disqualified automatically. Carefully review your contract and locate the Vistana Timeshare Cancellation Policy. Typically, this location is either at the beginning or end of your contract. However, if you discover that what you thought you were signing up for was different from what you received, speak with a professional timeshare exit company to see if they may assist you in getting out of your Vistana Timeshare.


Safeguarding Your Payment Using Escrow

When searching for a timeshare exit company, it may be beneficial to consider companies using escrow services. Escrow is when a third-party company holds your money while the timeshare exit procedure occurs. Assuming everything proceeds according to the plan, the escrow enterprise will disburse your payments to the timeshare exit firm.
Note that escrow can help alleviate any uncertainties a timeshare owner may have regarding terminating their contract. As a clarification, the payment process involves submitting funds beforehand through an escrow system. However, the funds are then securely held by a neutral third party, specifically an attorney trust account in our case. Escrow is a process that protects both the client and the firm involved in a transaction.


Advantages of Canceling Timeshare

Exiting a timeshare is like getting needles out of your sole. It is a good idea to quit a timeshare that isn’t functioning, particularly if you bought it and are no longer interested; you may not feel at peace fulfilling timeshare agreements. Examining the benefits if you want to get out of Vistana Timeshare:

i. Costly Maintenance Charges

The high maintenance costs are also another significant justification for canceling your timeshare. The owners are still responsible for maintenance even when not using the area. Additionally, there is no assurance that expenses will remain stable; thus, prices might rise over time. Timeshares are shared properties; therefore, you can be liable for harm done by others. You don’t end up with the image that sales associates portray throughout their presentations. Your expenses will increase, and creditors will harass you if you can’t make your payments. Increased maintenance costs ought to be sufficient justification for terminating your contract.

ii. They Are Not Important

Timeshare values seldom ever rise with time. To begin with, the market for purchasing timeshares is quite tiny. Additionally, those about to sign a contract will probably desire a new house; as a result, owners of used properties need help to sell them. Some individuals attempt to rent them out, but resort businesses make this practically hard since they don’t want dependable owners who make regular payments to leave. Selling your timeshare and giving the earnings to charity is an additional option. However, the properties seldom appreciate well, so you’ll ultimately lose a sizable sum of money. You should consider exit strategies since they are not a good long-term investment.

iii. They Extend To Survivors

Sadly, most timeshare agreements don’t expire with the owner’s demise. They transfer instead to their loved ones. You are strongly advised to terminate your timeshare to avoid burdening your family. It is difficult to reject a timeshare inheritance since future owners only have a little window of opportunity to do so. In addition, they must pay expensive legal expenses for the assistance of attorneys during the procedure. Foreclosure is one of the worse things that may happen to someone who inherits but cannot make the payments. A timeshare foreclosure severely harms a person’s credit and impairs their future ability to get credit. Try to terminate the contract while you can unless you want to involve your loved ones in a difficult situation after your passing.



  • How do I get out of Vistana timeshare?

Reach out to a professional timeshare exit company to help exit Vistana Timeshare legally.


  • What is the average cost to cancel a timeshare?

Averagely, it costs between $2,000 and $15,000 to get out of a Timeshare. However, consulting a reputable Timeshare exit company will give you a definite amount depending on your case.


  • How long can you cancel a timeshare?

The rescission period is a brief period after a sales show at a resort, giving people a chance to back out of a purchase deal. Depending on where the property is, buyers have anywhere from three to fourteen days to officially get out of buying a timeshare.


If you wish to cancel your Vistana Timeshare, go through our database of trustworthy timeshare exit companies, call us at 619-354-2362, complete the contact form on the right side of the page, or start a live chat with us.

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