J&T Solutions Review

J&T Solutions Review

Mr. Tyler Soutee is the Owner and Director of J&T Solutions, a company founded in 2016 and operated for seven years in Destin, Florida. The company aims to offer solutions to Timeshare owners attempting to eliminate their timeshare and seek alternative affordable vacation options.   J&T Solutions LLC is a proud business partner of MSG, an elite private travel agency. The company is also involved in Timeshare Cancellation; J&T Solutions LLC offers timeshare owners a complimentary consultation with no obligations.

J&T Solutions Website Review

The website for J & T Solutions has a straightforward layout. Although the design is not particularly remarkable, it is responsive. The content is concise and well-written. The website’s header is well-arranged and organized; it is clear. The company’s logo and slogan are displayed on one end of the header, claiming that J&T is the gateway for timeshare owners to escape their timeshares. This website’s menu consists of The Homepage, About, Timeshare Cancellation, and Contact, with a ‘Call for Help’ icon to initiate Consultations at the header’s opposite end. There are no frequently asked questions on this website. It would be advantageous if the company, with its years of experience, provided answers to questions that timeshare owners have been asking them for years.


The homepage provides an overview of the site’s menus. J&T Solutions’ homepage immediately conveys that the company specializes in Timeshare Cancellations. The company shows that it is the gateway through which timeshare owners can effectively abandon their timeshare. The ‘Learn More’ icon leads to the Timeshare Cancellation page. J&T Solutions provides insight into the company’s mission and objectives. It then describes all the services the company has in store for timeshare owners and its advantageous partnerships and efforts to provide timeshare owners with alternative options. A ‘Learn More’ link leads to the ‘About Us’ page, where you can view a comprehensive list of the services J&T Solutions provides.

These channels include the company’s office address, phone number, and email address, which are accessible by scrolling down the homepage. Next to the contact information, we can also see the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation logo. It is commendable that J&T Solutions has linked this logo to the source so that potential customers can easily access the BBB website to research what others have said about the company on a reputable website. The footer of the J&T Solutions website contains an organized menu, followed by a privacy statement. A link at the footer will redirect you to a form to determine eligibility for your timeshare. There is a link to contact the company for assistance also. The footer is repeated on every page of the website.

About Us

J&T Solutions, as a business, employs a staff with extensive experience in timeshare cancellations. Each member of its staff has spent at least a decade working in the timeshare industry. Putting people’s requirements first is fundamental to its operations. The organization maintains that there should never be a circumstance in which a consumer purchases something that they are subsequently unable to dispose of. This is only sometimes the case with timeshares, which is unfortunate. People purchase them because they want to travel more frequently and in better conditions while maintaining a reasonable budget.

Nevertheless, these same individuals frequently find themselves unable to use their timeshares as anticipated. J&T Solutions is concerned and committed to assisting timeshare proprietors who no longer wish to use their timeshares to terminate their memberships. These timeshare owners are strongly encouraged to contact J&T to schedule a consultation at their office as soon as possible. We cannot say with absolute certainty whether or not this consultation is provided at no cost because it needs to be defined.
Because the ‘About Us’ page does not display employee photos or names, clients cannot become acquainted with these workers and their duties.

Timeshare Cancellation

Regardless of whether or not the clients’ mortgages have been paid off, J&T Solutions is oriented on aiding timeshare owners in exploring exit options to leave their timeshares. Even if clients who own timeshares need to catch up on their payments and fees, the company offers a variety of solutions to help them deal with the issues associated with their ownership of timeshares. The legal staff at J&T Solution is knowledgeable and has extensive expertise in timeshare exits. In addition to a promise of a complete refund if the customer cancels their order, the firm provides a range of options according to the nature of the problem. In addition, it states that it only handles some resort properties and that timeshare owners need to complete a form or contact J&T Solutions to assess whether or not the company can help them. As soon as you confirm that the firm can fulfil your needs, fill out the consultation form that can be found on the Timeshare Cancellation website.

Contact Page

According to the information on the contact page, many different methods exist to contact the firm. Customers can initiate their consultation by the most time-efficient means, which may include sending an email, making a phone call, or sending a message. Prospective customers may start their path to freedom by filling out a consultation form, which can be found on the website contact page.

J&T Solution Travels

ensure that timeshare owners get everything after selling their timeshare. JT Solutions Travel is a travel club membership that is valid for life. Due to an exclusive agreement with Member Services Group Inc., only JT Solutions Travel can offer these benefits directly to its members. Why would timeshare owners spend tens of thousands on luxury vacation packages and retail travel when the same accommodations could be booked at wholesale prices? Members of J&T Solutions have access to various excursions each year, including Day excursions, Caribbean vacations, and expeditions to the most remote corners of the globe. They offer exclusive and convenient travel packages for nearly every conceivable vacation experience.

Suppose you are seeking a tranquil environment for vacation and will require accommodations. In that case, you can make a reservation in advance for any specific destination and date, or you can select from their extensive list of last-minute deals on condo vacations, known as “short notice specials.” Note that their condo rates are lower than the average discount rates offered by other sites; they also mentioned that their properties are luxurious and include some of the world’s finest resorts.
Proud to be the largest wholesaler of resort vacation accommodations in the United States, specializing in providing quality, hassle-free vacations throughout the United States and the globe. The enterprise has provided excursions for over 25,000 individuals annually. They offer free one-, two-, and three-bedroom accommodations in the world’s most renowned resort destinations. There is also no mention of the J&T Solutions cost for the traveling agency; clients are expected to contact the company for its cost list.

J&T Solutions Cost

On the website, there is no mention of a J&T Solutions cost fee. It is typical for timeshare proprietors to omit the rate from their website. You must submit all the necessary paperwork before receiving a quote from most timeshare exit companies. It is essential to note that the J&T Solutions cost fee will vary based on the severity of your timeshare dispute. Exiting a timeshare typically costs between $2,000 and $15,000. While J&T did not specify a ‘Money-Back Guarantee,’ ‘Upfront Payment,’ and the use of ‘Escrow’ on its website, there is a mention of ‘Refunds.’ It is still being determined how this refund will be made, whether by the company or an escrow company, if the job still needs to be completed. We recommend that timeshare owners secure their funds by working with timeshare exit companies that utilize Escrow payment. The Escrow payment allows you to release funds only after you have approved that the timeshare exit company has been compensated for a job well done.

J&T Solutions Rating

J&T Solutions review has a 4.9-star rating based on 43 Google reviews and a 3.9-star rating based on 11 BBB reviews. On its BBB page, the company receives both timeshare-related and travel-related evaluations, and J&T Solutions responds to a significant amount of feedback. Surprisingly, we observe the CEO’s responses to complex negative evaluations, and it is evident that the CEO believes that some of the company’s negative feedback was unjustified. J&T Solutions Review has a 5-star rating on Facebook based on 12 reviews.


Based on this J&T Solutions Review, the company seems to be a company that is intentional about the plight of its customers, who are mostly timeshare owners and goes the extra mile to provide traveling logistics and accommodation provisions for timeshare owners who, in the bid to seek luxury vacations, became victims to Timeshare resort developers scam. However, J & T needed to state its mode of payment clearly; we advise timeshare owners to contact the company to confirm its mode of payment. Browse our list of reputable timeshare exit companies; if you want to get out of your timeshare, call us at 619-354-2362, or use the contact form or live chat on the right side of the page.