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Mexican Timeshare Solutions

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Joe Gonzalez founded Mexican Timeshare Solutions in 2012 as a timeshare exit company with offices in Hayward, California. Despite having only recently begun operations, the fifteen specialists constituting their staff have a combined experience of over 25 years in this field. The company focuses on victims of timeshare deception to aid individuals in evading contracts to which they feel obligated.


Mexican Timeshare Solutions Website Review

According to Mexican Timeshare Solutions, their area of expertise is timeshare cancellation. The material demonstrates the company’s expertise, offerings, and advantages to prospective clients. The header includes Home, About Us, Resort Blacklist, FAQs, Testimonials, Contact Us, and a Whatsapp logo that connects to the Company’s Whatsapp for consultation. The website is divided as follows:



The main page’s background is composed of a solid blue and white color scheme that calms visitors’ emotions. Mexican Timeshare Solution informs its visitors, particularly those who have fallen victim to timeshare schemes, that it can assist them in canceling their timeshare without charging any upfront fees. This is commendable, as most Timeshare Exit companies will ask for a small upfront fee or a money-back guarantee. In addition to providing a link to start a free consultation and a phone number on its homepage, the company also lists its business hours.


Who We Are

This section of the homepage provides an overview of the company’s services. The company briefly describes its accomplishments to demonstrate its ability to assist timeshare proprietors. The following section of the homepage is a video about Timeshare cancellation that customers can view.


What Are the Benefit of Hiring Us

In this homepage section, this Mexican Timeshare Solutions review highlights the advantages of working with it; it includes the following:


No Upfront Payment: Clients are not required to pay a charge if the cancellation of their timeshare is unsuccessful, as the company guarantees they will only request payment if the cancellation is successful.
Recovery of Down Payment: When necessary, the company will work with the Escrow third party to ensure that a refund is issued to you.
Protect Your Credit Score: Mexican Timeshare Solution ensures that as soon as you employ them, the company will take all necessary measures to secure your credit score from timeshare resorts and keep it pure.
Stop Payment Instantly: When you employ their service, the company follows all protocols to immediately ensure you stop paying for unwanted timeshares.


There is a strategic link to access a free consultation service or a phone contact immediately following the list of benefits. The office hours are also noted next to the contact information.


What Clients Have to Say

This section displays a client’s comments regarding their experience with Mexican Timeshare Solution. A link under the feedback leads to the testimonials page, although it does not relate to a credible review website.


Black List of Timeshare Resorts

This homepage section describes the Resort Blacklist page, where timeshare owners can share their personal experiences with resort scams. There is also a link that redirects to a comprehensive blacklist of resorts. Finally, Mexican Timeshare Solution reminds clients they are guaranteed no payment if it fails to produce results on their timeshare cancellation. A Consultation form and contact information follow.
The footer of the homepage contains the following:

  • A menu shortcut.
  • A link to the blog section.
  • Comprehensive contact information for Mexican Timeshare Solution.

About Us

Mexican Timeshare Solutions appears to target timeshare purchasers who claim they were deceived by sales tactics, as explained on the About Us page. The organization nullifies all timeshare contracts. Another advantage is Mexican Timeshare Solutions’ personalized service. The company offers a complimentary consultation to determine the client’s situation and provide cancellation advice. This individualized approach acknowledges that each timeshare transaction is unique and requires specialized assistance. The company specializes in techniques and methods for selling timeshares. With this knowledge, terminating a timeshare contract may be easier.


In addition, Mexican Timeshare Solutions asserts that its case management team consists of attorneys and customer service specialists. Oddly, you can’t find the owner’s name on their website, but if you visit their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, you’ll see that Mr. Joe Gonzales is the company’s president. However, a fast Google search will reveal little about his identity or credentials.


The emphasis on superior customer service demonstrates a commitment to offering customers an exceptional experience throughout the resolution process. Privacy and data protection are essential in any legal proceeding, so knowing that private information is maintained securely is reassuring.


It is essential to observe that the conclusion herein is founded solely on statistics; before utilizing the services of Mexican Timeshare Solutions, or requesting Mexican Timeshare Solutions Cost, prospective customers should conduct their research, read customer reviews, and evaluate the company’s credentials and track record.


Mexican Timeshare Solutions’ positive characteristics include their customized approach, emphasis on skill and knowledge, and commitment to customer service. In addition, this page contains some employees’ LinkedIn profiles and job descriptions. This page also contains a consultation link for Clients to contact the company.



Timeshare General, Timeshare Scams and Fraud, Timeshare Cancellation, and Timeshare Rentals and Resale are subheadings accessible via a drop-down menu on the blog page.


Resort Blacklist

On this page, timeshare owners can discuss their fraud experiences. The website warns against timeshare frauds and shady businesses in Mexico.
On this page, timeshare owners can post complaints, inquiries, and anecdotes about Mexican timeshare fraud. This allows individuals to communicate with others in similar situations and exposes Mexican timeshare fraudsters. The company ranks resorts according to concerns or remarks. Mexican Timeshare Solution asserts that its personnel does not influence the website’s timeshare complaints; This means that the website desires neutrality and objectivity in sharing facts and experiences. On the website, timeshare schemes in Mexico are also discussed. User participation encourages timeshare owner participation and information exchange.


FAQs Analysis

Below are some of the most frequently posed questions by consumers of Mexican Timeshare Solution and their answers according to the company:

  • Will my credit score be affected if Mexican Timeshare Solutions cancels my contract and get my monies back? Your credit score will remain intact.
  • How fast can I stop making payments? You can quit your payments as soon as we have received an agreement and authorization to represent you as our client.
  • How long will it take to resolve my case? Every case depends on various factors, such as the complexity of your problem and the tactics of the timeshare company you purchased from. Your case is also subject to the scheduling of the courts. One aspect is sure: the sooner you file a complaint, the more chances you have of getting your investment back.

All the answers above can only be confirmed from feedback from verified company customers.



This page contains a video and some written reviews, but the written Mexican Timeshare Solutions review is not linked to its source. Owners of timeshares are advised to read reviews from reliable sources. A link to the consultation form is after the testimonials.


Contact Us

On this page, the company encourages clients who are ready to cancel their timeshare to begin their consultation with the company via phone or chat; the page also includes phone contact information and business hours. You may contact the business by filling out the form that can be seen on this page; the firm promises to reply to you as soon as possible.


Mexican Timeshare Solutions Cost

If you need a Mexican Timeshare Solutions Cost, it is not available on its site, It is typical for most Exit companies not to list their price rates on their website; however, it is vital to note that rates may vary based on your specific circumstances. The developer of your timeshare, the presence of mortgage debt, and your ability to stay current on payments are all variables that may impact your cost. Because Mexican Timeshare Solutions’ costs are subject to change, most exit firms do not publish them online.
Depending on the specifics of your timeshare ownership situation, the cancellation of your timeshare will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 on average. You can get a Mexican Timeshare Solutions Cost list that is suited to your requirements by getting in touch with the Mexican Timeshare Solutions team.


Mexican Timeshare Solution Rating

Although there are many positive Mexican Timeshare Solutions reviews on the Mexican Timeshare Solution website, as of this research, the company has an A- rating, 0 reviews, and is not Better Business Bureau-accredited. It has received one review on Trustpilot, resulting in a 3.2 out of 5 rating, and is a verified business on the site. We are still determining if the company has updated its BBB profile because Trustpilot lists it as MxTSolution. There is something suspicious about the evaluations of this company on reputable websites. Given that Mexican Timeshare Solution has been in business for over two decades, the evaluations do not accurately represent the company’s feedback. We anticipate as many responses as feasible.



Suppose you have fallen prey to timeshare scams or are having trouble confirming the legitimacy of a timeshare exit business. In such instances, you may find yourself in need of help in evaluating a timeshare exit firm. You should review our vast list of timeshare exit companies in this situation. You may reach us by phone at 619-354-2362, email, or live chat on the right side of our page.