If you like to stay current on timeshare news, you’ve probably had a lot of reading to do lately. Some of the country’s largest resorts, like Diamond Resorts and Welk Resorts, are pushing aggressive legal and media campaigns against timeshare cancellation firms. Given our success rate in helping consumers exit unwanted timeshares and disrupting the resorts’ multi-billion-dollar industry, Timeshare Exit Team is an obvious target.

The current lawsuit bonanza isn’t a coincidence. When Timeshare Exit Team was founded in 2012, the timeshare exit industry didn’t really exist for consumers – that’s why we started the company. We want to be an ally for consumers who are navigating the industry – which can often be complex and misleading. Fast forward just six years to 2018, and we have helped customers like Pete and Ramona, Mike and Maureen, Joanne, and many more, successfully gain financial freedom form their timeshares.

The reality behind the recent litigation is that resorts are leaving millions of consumers with no other options. Timeshare Exit Team exists because the resorts have created a problem without providing a solution. We hear countless stories from customers who were unable to even give back their ownership. Others have found that their timeshare investment was actually worthless when it they tried to resell it. Owners must have a way to safely and legally end their ownership when it no longer fits their lifestyle. Until that happens, we want to make it clear that we will not be dissuaded from continuing to advocate for consumers.

Our team of consumer advocates review individual timeshare agreements and assess the current status of ownership. There are thousands of different timeshares in the US alone, and many different types of ownership agreements, each with its own specific clauses & loopholes. Understanding the ins-and-outs of a particular agreement allows our team to facilitate the most effective and efficient exit strategy for each case.

While resorts continue to protect their own interests, Timeshare Exit Team is dedicated to helping unhappy timeshare owners find solutions.

Brandon Reed, CEO, Timeshare Exit Team