How does your timeshare pencil out?


We Did the Math…

So you bought a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas. Fast forward 5 years and you wonder if you made the right decision. Let’s do the math.

First there was the upfront cost to purchase your timeshare. You paid $7,000 for your mortgage with yearly maintenance fees that started out at $865 a year. Now, ARDA, the American Resort and Development Association, estimates an average increase in maintenance fees 8% per year… but let’s say you got a deal and your maintenance fees ONLY increased an average of 6% each year… woohoo! So after 5 years, your fees went from $865 to $1,124… OUCH! 

Throw in that unexpected special assessment fee when a pipe broke on the 3rd floor of the timeshare… in someone else’s unit. And don’t forget to include the cost of your flights, car rental, food, and entertainment while you were there.

Add it up and you have spent a total of $32,950 on 5 vacations at the SAME resort, on the SAME week every year. An average of $6950 per vacation. …assuming you’ve USED your timeshare every year… have you?

Let’s compare this to the cost of booking a vacation at the same resort through a popular travel site.

A vacation package that includes flights, rental car, room, and the added bonus of being all-inclusive with food drinks, activities, tips, and taxes will cost you about $3368.

Which means that over 5 years you will have spent $16,841 on your vacations.

The convenience of NOT being locked into a timeshare contract saves you 50% a year, all while improving your access, upgrading your resort status and your experience.

This method also gives you the freedom to schedule your vacations when you want, where you want, without restricting you to one location. Hit the slopes of Whistler one year and sunbathe on the beaches of Maui the next.

Does your timeshare pencil out? If not, contact Timeshare Exit Team. Timeshare Exit Team doesn’t buy, list, donate, or offer non-guaranteed timeshare contract cancellation –those are all methods that still leave YOU liable.

Instead, they negotiate with the resorts to end your timeshare obligations. Get out safely, legitimately, and forever.  Timeshare Exit Team has a 100% guarantee. They will get you out, or they will give you every penny back. Period.

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