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“Timeshare Exit Team is a fantastic company. When we were looking at our options for getting out of our timeshares (we owned two), we were frustrated and intimidated by the amount of small print. We were worried if we sold them, we would still be liable for the maintenance fees. Timeshare Exit Team solved all of our problems. It was a relief to know we were legally free with no strings attached. We even got a small discount on our second timeshare exit because we did them both at the same time.” 

Kathy D.

Alberta, Canada

“Timeshare Exit Team knew the process and set expectations with me from the beginning that the process would be long, but that in 18 months they were sure we would be complete. They gave updates once a month, even if there was nothing to update. Now I can say that we are timeshare free with no marks on our credit report!”

Casey Y.

Atlanta, GA

“I really appreciated the work, cooperation, and information Timeshare Exit provided when helping me exit out of my timeshare commitment. They were very knowledgeable and kept me in the loop of what was going on. Thank you for all your help. Great Team.” 

Linda S.

Chula Vista, CA

“I heard of Timeshare Exit Team through a friend and was skeptical at the beginning, but after my case concluded I couldn’t be happier. The team was professional, friendly, and kept me posted about my case throughout the entire process. I’m a soon to be retired veteran and to have this huge weight off my back is extremely worth every cent that I spent. I highly recommend Timeshare Exit Team.” 

Rick C.

Oceanside, CA

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