Cancel a timeshare.

You bought your timeshare a handful of years ago. The entire thing is paid off, the only thing you now pay are the annual maintenance fees, the HOA dues, property taxes, and the occasional special assessment fee. If you don’t want it anymore, why won’t the resort just take it back? The timeshare developer knows full well when you were sitting in the timeshare presentation that you were being sold a dream… a pipe-dream.

Timeshares Are Not Investments

When you sat through your presentation, did your salesperson ever position the timeshare as “an investment”? They love to call timeshares investments: investments in your family, in vacationing, in happiness. But the timeshare salespeople, their managers and developers know deep down that timeshares are NOT investments. They have no value to you or other consumers. That’s why there are thousands of them right now listed for $1 on Craigslist, eBay, or dozens of timeshare specific listing sites that no one is buying. That is exactly why the resort will not simply let you cancel your timeshare. By forcing you to keep it, they’re guaranteed your maintenance fees every single year. Maintenance fees that they can increase whenever they want to. When you’re unable to use your timeshare, or points, that’s actually BETTER for them, because they rent that out to the public, allowing them to double dip on your property.

A PR Nightmare

Did you know there are over 9.5 Million timeshare owners in the US? That’s over 8 Million unhappy timeshare owners. The industry has a big problem on their hands, and because of that, the process of cancelling a timeshare is extremely difficult. As the leader in getting consumers out of unwanted timeshares, Timeshare Exit Team has partnerships with multiple B2B transfer companies. By understanding what timeshare you own, and what the terms of your contract are, Timeshare Exit Team can find the best and most expedient avenue to safely and legally offload your timeshare.