The Timeshare Exit Team Guarantee

How Our Guarantee Works.

Timeshare Exit Team by ReedHein & Associates, guarantees our service—we will find a way to get you out of your timeshare or we will give you a complete refund. We stand behind our 100% money back guarantee:

REED HEIN guarantees that if OWNER does not obtain the Services within a reasonable amount of time (which shall not be less than 18 months), REED HEIN shall refund the Fee Amount. REED HEIN’s guarantee obligations are met when REED HEIN obtains an exit even if OWNER does not accept the terms of the Resort’s exit agreement. This Guarantee is contingent upon: (a) all information provided to REED HEIN by OWNER is true, accurate and complete, and (b) full cooperation with OWNER to timely respond to any request for information from REED HEIN or the Resort. This Guarantee is void and unenforceable if OWNER (x) fails to fulfill OWNER’s duties required by this Agreement, including if OWNER stops or delays the exit process, refuses to sign a procured exit offer, (y) does not timely and completely respond to requests by REED HEIN, or (z) fails to disclose a mortgage or other lien encumbrance on OWNER’S Timeshare.

If you are an existing customer, please refer to your signed master services agreement for full details. Since 2012, Timeshare Exit Team has been the industry leader trusted by thousands of individuals interested in how to get out of timeshare obligations. Call us today to learn more! (855) 207-2722

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